Chapter 1:

The worthy one.

god slayer's

Before the beginning of time that humanity knows as their history, was the time when heaven, underworld, and the realm of humanity was the same. Humans gods and all the other races lived together in absolute harmony. 

This time of peace was not accepted by some gods and angels. They did not accept the peace and wanted revolution in the way things worked. The one in front of the revolution was Lucifer. 

He waged a dreadful war against the gods to take the place of Zeus as the head of Greek pantheon. That was the first step for him to take total control, the other gods of the other pantheons recognized Lucifer as a threat. the Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Norse and the Indian pantheons banded together to fight him.   

Many gods from the pantheons sided with Lucifer, some species that were not considered equal by the humans also sided with Lucifer. The war was brutal for both sides. In the end Lucifer was beaten by Zeus and sealed in the underworld.

No god could kill him in entirety. He always got back no matter what method or weapon they used. Knowing the impending threat that he may return, a weapon was forged with the souls of the thunder gods from each of the major pantheon. Lightning being the element he is weakest to.  Zeus, lei gong, Raijin, Thor and Indra were chosen.  

The weapon was hidden on the moon, on the side not visible from earth, many charms were infused into its core so that on the event that it was needed, it could chose its wielder and grant the power to kill Lucifer. 

In the present time, Jake was struggling against an impending threat. the entrance exam of the Yale university. his dream was to become a programmer, but currently he is racking his brain, unaware of the event that will change his life.