Chapter 33:

Dungeon Boss!

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Roy, Renjii, and Mio keep on walking.

Finally, they reach the boss's room.

They see a big door, there are some ancient designs drawn on the door. There is also a scene drawn, where a big monster is killing people

They open the door and the atmosphere inside the room is very heavy!

They see a monster with grayish skin, coarse hair, stooped posture, a low forehead, a large muscular body, and a porcine face that features lower canines that resembles boar tusks.

"Looks like we finally made it to the boss." Mio says

"Alright! Let's do this, guys!" Renjii says excitedly

"On m-" Renjii casts his magic on the beast before Mio can continue speaking. As a result, the monster becomes enraged.


It then charges towards The Trio.

"Ugh, Renjii! Listen to me for once!" Mio yells

"Get ready to fight guys!" Roy says

They prepare their weapons as the monster charges toward them.

"Don't underestimate this monster!" Mio says

"Roy, watch out!" Renjii shouts

Roy then turns around and sees the monster approaching from behind.


The monster then swings towards Roy with his long sword.

Roy blocks the long sword with his own blade before it can deliver a lethal strike.


Roy then flies off in the other direction from the force.

"Ugh." Roy spits out some blood.


Roy hits the cave's wall.

Roy is unable to stand. Despite the fact that he blocked the swing, it was still a lethal strike.

"Roy! Are you okay?"

The monster then charged toward Renjii.


"Renjii watch out!" Mio warns Renjii

The monster has already closed the gap before Renjii can react.

"It's fast!" Renjii says before getting kicked


Renjii gets kicked in the chest by the monster. Renjii then flies off in the opposite direction, colliding with a wall. Blood begins to pour out of his mouth. Renjii then becomes unconscious.

*Step* *Step*

The monster starts to walk toward Mio.

Mio loses all hope. She falls to her knees.

"How…How can we defeat this?" Mio asks as her whole body trembles

The monster raised its sword. It then swings the sword towards Mio's head.

Mio squints her eyes shut.


But suddenly the monster's head falls to the ground. Blood starts to gush out of the monster's body.


The monster's body falls to the ground.

"W-Who-" Mio says and passes out

"Good grief. You guys are weak as hell!"



After some time,

Roy wakes up. He is covered in bandages. When he stands up, he notices that Renjii still unconscious. Mio and Isobe are standing beside him.

"Wh-What happened back there? Damn it hurts like hell!" Roy says and looks at Isobe.

"Where were you? You son of a-"

"Calm down now. I was just seeing how strong you guys are. It turns out you guys are weak as a kid." Isobe says while shaking his head.

"Why you-" Roy says with an angry face

"Stop it, he saved us! Be grateful." Mio says

"Grateful my ass. We were in that situation in the first place because of him." – Roy

Renjii starts to wake up.

"Wh... Where are we? What happened?" Renjii asks as he tries to get up

"We are in a tent near the dungeon." Mio replies

"How did we get here? And what happened to the dungeon bos-" while asking questions Renjii sees Isobe standing beside Roy.

"You!! Where were you!? We could have died back there." Renjii says with an angry face

"He is the one who saved us." Mio says

"Save us? Is this what you call saving? We are covered up in bandages!" Renjii yells

"Just leave it…When are we going back anyway?" Roy asks

"They are preparing the carriage right now. It should be done any minute now." Isobe replies



A few minutes pass by.

"Your carriage is ready!"

"Finally!" Renjii says and sighs

"Let's head back and start our training." Roy says

To Be Continued…

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