Chapter 34:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"Your carriage is ready!"

"Finally!" Renjii says and sighs

"Let's head back and start our training." Roy says

They then get in the carriage.



They all get back to the capital of Avalaine, the most beautiful capital in the world, Xira.

The Trio and Isobe come back to the castle.

Isobe opens the door to Jin's office.

The room includes two massive doors as an entrance, two bookshelves on the opposite side of the doors, a sofa, and a table nearby. There are various books, a flower vase, and a bottle of water on the table. Jin is sitting behind the table in a chair.

Isobe opens the door and enters the room with Roy, Mio, and a guard who is carrying Renjii.

"Congratulation on defeating your first dungeon in Avalaine!" Jin congratulates them

"Thank you, I shall take all the credits" Isobe says with a smile

Renjii and Roy looks at Isobe with an angry expression

Jin looks at Isobe and asks, "What happened?"

"He left us in the dungeon to DIE!" Roy and Renjii says in sync

"I was simply testing their abilities. They are weak, even a child can beat them up."

"You son of a-"

"I told you to protect them if anything happened. Why didn't you help?" Jin asks

"As I said before I was merely testing their abilities." Isobe says

"I see… you can go now."

"Huh?! You are not going to do anything to him?!" Roy and Renjii yells

As Isobe walks out of the room, he throws a mocking smile to Renjii and Roy.

"Who is he?" Mio asks

"His nature and personality isn't ideal but he is good at what he does." Jin says

"Is he powerful? I saw him kill the dungeon boss without any trouble…" Mio says

"He is strong! He is in 'Chief Sargent' rank." Jin says

"You are joking, right?" Renjii says

"No, he has been a Chief Sargent for three years now." Jin says

"What's his origin?" Renjii asks

"I don't know much about him." Jin replies

"Just tell us things you do know about him." Roy says

" As I previously stated, I know very little about him and his abilities, but where Isobe truly shines is his genius level intellect. It can be tough to reconcile this man's knowledge at times. Firstly, since he is prone to acting exclusively on fundamental needs. Isobe is also capable of outthinking all of the world's highest-ranking strategists." – Jin

"Seriously? Isn't he way too powerful?" The Trio says

"You said he became a Chief Sergeant three years ago, right? Then how do you not know anything about him?" Mio asks

"He has a mystique about him. He also keeps a lot of personal information to himself. Anyway, enough about him; I'm going to summon a healer for you." Jin says

"Thanks." The Trio says

Then Jin calls for a healer to heal them all.

A few minutes later a healer comes by and heals them.

"You guys go and take some rest. Your main training will start soon." Jin says

"Okay" The Trio says and leaves the room



At night,

Roy lies on the bed. He starts remembering the time when he left Deylan

[Flash Back Starts]

Roy and the others arrived at Avalaine one week ago. When he arrived he went to see the capital with Renjii and Mio. They explored the city, did some shopping, etc.

6 Days went by,

Jin wanted to see what they were capable of, so he sent them to a dungeon.

"Make sure to stay safe. And there will be someone who will be joining you guys." Jin said

"Who is it?" Renjii asked

"You guys will see. He will be your supervisor." Jin said

"Where is he?" Mio asked

"He will be near the dungeon. You guys will find him on the road." Jin said

"Okay, let's leave guys." Mio said

Mio was their team leader. Mio is good at observing situations and finding an answer to the problem. That's why Jin chose her as their team leader.

They left the castle and got on a carriage.

An hour or two went by,

The carriage driver stopped the carriage on the side of the road.

"What happened? Why did you stop?" Mio asked

Mio popped her head out of the carriage to see what happened. She saw a man wearing a trench coat, the trench coat was draped around his shoulders, and beneath the trench coat, he was wearing a white shirt, black dress pants, and a pair of black shoes.

Mio got off the carriage.

"Are you the person who Jin sent?" Mio asked

"Yeah, the name is Isobe."

"Nice to meet you Isobe. I am M-" Mio said

"Let's go." Isobe interrupted Mio

Isobe got in the carriage.

"Who is he?" Roy and Renjii asked

"He is the person who Jin sent. His name is Isobe." Mio said

"Oh." Roy and Renjii said

The carriage started moving again.



They reached the dungeon.

[Flash Back Ends]

Roy falls asleep while remembering the past week.

*Knock* *Knock*

"Are you awake, Roy?" Mio says


"Come downstairs for breakfast" Mio says

"Okayy!" Roy replies

To Be Continued…

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