Chapter 1:


My pretty fairy

"My dear! Would you like to meet this pretty lady?" An old man asked as he looked at the 10 year old

The 8 year old girl beside him looked at her grandfather in confusion

"she's really pretty! I would love to be her friend!"

At first he was overjoyed with people wanting to be his 'friend'.. but the 10 year old was too naive

As he grew older

"Uh.. of course I would love to get to know you..?"


"I-im sorry but I-"


And older..

"Sorry but I'm not interested"

He understood that all they wanted to do was become his bride.. not his friend

Hyunjin sighs as he looks at the retreating figure of another woman he rejected

He never understood the meaning of why all of them wanted to marry him when there are alot of other great men and women in the world..

"I hate this" he whispered as he looked around the garden

Hyunjin started walking around while admiring the trees and flowers

He didn't realize that he walked in the forest

Hyunjin started feeling thirsty.. he started looking around before spotting a lake nearby

He walked to the lake and was amazed by it's beauty

Near the lake.. there were different kind of flowers.. they looked really healthy as they swayed gently with the wind.. birds were sitting on the tree branches singing their little songs

It was like a magical fantasy..

Hyunjin walked up to the lake and still admiring the beauty it beholds

As he bent down to look at his appearance.. he was shocked to the core

The lake didn't show his reflection but instead it showed a young man with a youthful face.. face adorned with freckles that hyunjin wanted to caress so badly.. his beautiful hazel eyes.. his beautiful shoulder length silver hair.. everything about this man screamed ethereal..

Hyunjin wanted to find this man.. he needed to find this man.. just to caress his face and tell him how ethereal he looks everyday.. to hold him in his arms forever.. to protect him from this cruel world..


My pretty fairy

My pretty fairy