Chapter 54:

Ch.18 Moving Forwards (5/5)

Sleeping Princess

“W-What?”Bookmark here

"It was you who was looking at my butt the other day, right Nakagawa-san?"Bookmark here

My mind was blown by the question. A rage of confusion blasted about in my head. I'm sure all kinds of crazy neurons were scattering around trying to piece together her words. I had no idea what she was talking about. And what she was saying was quite vulgar….Staring at her butt? When had I ever done something like that...Well, excluding what I was just thinking about a moment ago...Bookmark here

“Oh-Oh my gosh!”Bookmark here

Like a sledgehammer that hit me upside the head, I was suddenly reminded of my past sin. This woman right in front of me...out of all the people in Hiroshima Japan...Could it be that she was...There's no way it was her, right? Was she that woman from the train a few weeks ago that saw? Bookmark here

“Don’t deny it, Nakagawa-san. You were crying that day on the train that day too. I remember it like it was yesterday."Bookmark here

The devil in a suit exclaimed as she fluttered her straight hair.Bookmark here

"You seemed a little out of it too because you just looked out of the window without moving much at all. I only remember it because I have an exceptionally good memory.”Bookmark here

The businesswoman giggled as she tapped her forehead with her slender fingers.Bookmark here

“You were staring pretty hard too after I left the train... I could feel your gaze stripping me down as I walked towards my next stop. I’m sure you had a good look at my butt that day. Don't tell me you don't remember?”Bookmark here

Like a hurricane, the memories of that businesswoman flooded back into my mind. Her shapely body as she swung her smaller hips about in the crowd of regulars on their way to work. She stuck out in the sands of people as a gem...but it wasn't just that...Bookmark here

That day...I was questioning my feelings and because so I groped her with my eyes.Bookmark here

I watched her model-like body wash along the sea of people as I...stared at her butt.Bookmark here

I looked at her butt...Bookmark here

Why would you look at her butt, Madoka?!Bookmark here

Suddenly, she stood up to my surprise. With a confident figure, the beauty gave me a twirl not once but twice. It threw me off to what she was doing. Still in shock over this sudden turn of events she put her arms around her back and leaned up closer to me. The heat of my face was like someone placed hot coal on my cheeks. Even my body began to warm up to the point that it felt like I was running a fearsome fever. Our chest nearly touched as I tasted the sweet scent of mint on her tongue as she spoke softly to me. Those beautiful gemlike eyes entranced me further now.Bookmark here

"Doesn't my butt look better up close to you, Nakagawa-san?"Bookmark here

She winked at me cutely… This made my heart twist maddingly. Was this a dream or was a stranger flirting with me? No, this is all my imagination, right? She must be angry at me for doing that to her and this is her way of exacting righteous judgment upon me!Bookmark here

“Ah, is the little chick shy? Loosen you up a little and admit it, Nakagawa-san. You were you staring at my butt right?”Bookmark here

She smiled a tad innocently. But her gaze was a fierce as a wolf, ready to tare into me if I said the wrong thing. So, instead of confessing to my wrongdoings, I opted for a more professional approach...Bookmark here

“Y-Your order ma’am?”Bookmark here

That was all I could muster. I went back to my lackluster day one training from Okabe-san. My mind was racing faster than I could even register by this point. But instead of sinking her teeth into me, she leaned back somewhat dejectedly and sat back in her seat. With a calming sigh, the businesswoman gave me a sharp giggle and turned back to me. Bookmark here

“How about a massage after a long day of work? I really need one of those. Would you offer that for little ol' me, Nakagawa-san?"Bookmark here

“Ehhhh...ahh.?!”Bookmark here

I looked at the floorboards now. They stared back at me stubbornly. Bookmark here

"Ah...we don't have massages on the menu..."Bookmark here

That's when she spat air from her thin lips. Holding her stomach she kicked her feet about for a moment. This was never-ending. My face must be as bright as a cherry right now. I…couldn’t control it any longer. With that, she put the menu up to her lips.Bookmark here

“Your so painfully innocent, aren’t you Nakagawa-san? If you were looking at my butt I’m not mad about it. So you don't need to hide it."Bookmark here

I couldn't even look at her now. I'm sure she figured that was the case so instead she continued...Bookmark here

"It’s actually quite the compliment that such a young attractive girl found my body..well you know, attractive too.”Bookmark here

"B-Beauty...but..."Bookmark here

I shielded my face in my hands as I tried my best to regain my composure. It's embarrassing hearing these words from a complete stranger. It's one thing coming from Hana-chan the other day. In the end, she's my stepsister, and saying praises like that are special but...more expected. To be outwardly praised about my looks by someone other than my family, or a friend close to me...It had its own kind of air to it that I could only describe as...electrifying.Bookmark here

But I couldn't get caught up in these strange emotions now. I had to defend my honor not only as a proper person but a mature, humble woman!Bookmark here

“I-I wasn’t looking at your butt that day!”Bookmark here

I stated clearly, concisely. Now I stood properly with my back straight. There's no way she'd see me as nothing less than an honest woman who wouldn't be caught doing something as vile as that!Bookmark here

"Is that so? Then what were you looking at, Nakagawa-san? You just admitted that you were looking at me, didn't you?"Bookmark here

Her expression brightened as she skillfully caught me in a trap. The brisk smell of temping amber came about my nose as she leaned in closer to me. It was certainly a mature perfume kind that easily reflected her essence. I was outclassed by her and she knew it by this point, didn't she? Bookmark here

"Call me Risa, Nakakawa-san. I mean, if we're already on the level of groping each other with our tender eyes, what's family names by that point?"Bookmark here

Her hips curved in a way that reminded me of an hourglass. Her dark violet eyes stoned me like looking into the eyes of a medusa. I had to do my best to make sure I wasn't unconsciously dancing my eyes around her as I began losing this embarrassing battle between us.Bookmark here

“So…tell me, Nakagawa-san. Was my butt that tantalizing that you couldn’t look away?”Bookmark here

“Eh…for the last time...I wasn’t looking at your butt!”Bookmark here

How did I get into this situation? I scorned my past self, feeling up and down a stranger’s body and now it was karma all in the end.Bookmark here

“Nobody is here…just admit it...I won't drop it until you do...”Bookmark here

Her tone was slow and slightly seductive if I had to admit. My nerves were sparking like wildfire. Admitting defeat, I caved and confessed.Bookmark here

“…Okay…I admit it. I…was watching you that day…but it’s not like you think!”Bookmark here

I was still in denial...Bookmark here

“Hey, it’s okay to admit it. I mean, I already love your sapphire blue eyes. Oh, and you have quite the nice figure too. But I’m sure you have a boyfriend, don’t you Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

“Eh…”Bookmark here

“I mean, your boyfriend must be the one who gave you just a beautiful necklace, right?"Bookmark here

“Ehhh?!”Bookmark here

I touched Mari-san’s gift now. How it made my heart swing thinking that someone assumed it was from a…lover of some kind.Bookmark here

“Oh…it’s from a...friend.”Bookmark here

A friend was all I could find the words for. It'll be strange saying my stepmother gave it to me...or something of the same variety.Bookmark here

“A friend? Does that mean that you’re single, Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

She beamed at me now. I was a bit taken aback by how open she was about flirting with me now.Bookmark here

“Ah…Ma’am are you going to order anything? I-I'm a little busy.”Bookmark here

Even though the establishment was clearly empty by this point, I tried to make an escape. The wolf giggled and whispered to the side.Bookmark here

“Scored today! I get such beauty as my waitress, don't I?”Bookmark here

Finally, she lifted the menu briefly before setting it to the side haphazardly. Bookmark here

“I would like two cups and a pitcher of coffee, black.”Bookmark here

Even though my hands were shaking, I wrote the order down diligently.Bookmark here

“Would that be all, ma'am?”Bookmark here

“Then I would love if you pulled up a seat a crossed from me so we could chat, Nakagawa-san. A steaming hot coffee with my super hot waitress. <3”Bookmark here

My heart nearly escaped from my chest. My mind raced as I cried out the only words that would escape my mouth now...Bookmark here

“I-I'll have your order out in a moment!”Bookmark here

I turned around and began rushing towards the kitchen.Bookmark here

“Oh, Nakagawa-san! Something before you go!”Bookmark here

“Y-yes, ma’am?”Bookmark here

With a sly smile she teased.Bookmark here

Nice butt. <3”Bookmark here

She added with a wink.Bookmark here

“I-I will be back with your coffee, ma'am!”Bookmark here

“Okay, Risa will be here waiting for you~. Don't keep me too long, cutie!”Bookmark here

Once I made my way through the doors, my hand touched the wall as I released a sigh. My face was burning up by the sudden turn of the evening. wasn't as though I found her advances all that unappealing. No, she was super beautiful and her charm was off the charts. This one named Risa...was on a different level than I was. The maturity she has around her brought out her flirts all the more strongly. She didn't feel like a guy on a movie hitting on the run-in-the-mill waitress who would be sharply rejected. No, she felt more like royalty that was courting the commander...and in this case, that would be me. Bookmark here

“How's it going ou there, Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

Okabe-san, now with a chef's coat on walked towards me. She looked out the back door windows that shined into the establishment. With a scowl, she stared at the burgundy-haired wolf from the safety of the employee-only door.Bookmark here

“Is she always that flirty, Okabe-san?”Bookmark here

“Hm? What the hell are you talking about, Nakagawa-san? She usually orders a coffee and just sits there alone all night. Sometimes until the restaurant closes. The reason why I hate waiting for her is that she doesn’t leave a big tip...sometimes she doesn't tip at all. To be honest...she's weird."Bookmark here

“…Huh?”Bookmark here

Our experiences seemed to be on completely different levels. Unless this was a different person than Okabe-san was aware of. She certainly didn't show the traits of someone who'd wait around all night alone. No, she reminded me of a person who shined in the nightlife. Someone who could easily attract all the attention to herself with that charm-like personality she has.Bookmark here

With a spew of hot air from her lips, Okabe-san turned back to me.Bookmark here

“Well, what did she order?”Bookmark here

“Oh…two cups and a pitcher of coffee.”Bookmark here

“Nothing new there...You can get that yourself, can’t you?”Bookmark here

My coworker tilted her head to the side.Bookmark here

“Or did you forget where the coffee machine was, Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

“O-Oh…no, I can get it, Okabe-san.”Bookmark here

“Well after you do that, go take your break. You’re nearly 3 hours into your shift and you can’t go without one. It’s illegal.”Bookmark here

With that Okabe-san made her way back into the kitchen. She spoke like a true senpai if I had to admit. And to be honest…I didn’t have the courage to go back out there just yet. As I peeked out the small window from the back, I could see that Risa woman humming to herself while writing on that notepad of hers. As if feeling my gaze, she then looked up and around. That's when we caught eyes with one another. Her eyes lowered as she lipped sweet words to me...Bookmark here

"I'm waiting for you~"Bookmark here

She waved at me with her pinky. It made my stomach warm up slightly as I leaned away from the window. Bookmark here

“I have to get her that coffee and soon…”Bookmark here

I had to come to terms with one thing...She was an attractive woman that would easily turn the heads of any guy that graced her in passing. But here she was, shooting romantic lines like something out of a romance novel to a girl as average like me. I contemplated all of her words as I brewed the black coffee now. Once it was finished, I cooled my mind as I stepped out of the back with the pitcher in hand. There she sat, humming and writing in that notebook of hers again as if nothing happened between us.Bookmark here

“Oh, you’re back. Couldn’t stay away from me too long, huh Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

“Hehe…”Bookmark here

I warily laughed. She was aggressive and I wasn’t ready or even knew how to approach this kind of person. So instead, I shyly set her drink down and poured her first cup.Bookmark here

“What time did you start, Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

“Oh…around 2, almost 3 hours ago.”Bookmark here

“It’s your break time, isn’t it? How about you take that extra cup of coffee right there and we chat a little?”Bookmark here

Now the reason for the extra cup was apparent. But even if I wanted to sit down with her and have a nice cup of it too, I was working at the moment and It would be wrong me to do something like that while on the clock.Bookmark here

“I can’t do that...Miss Risa-san. It’s too unprofessional…”Bookmark here

With a shrug, she probably came to the same conclusion as she nodded with acceptance.Bookmark here

“Yeah…I guess it could get you in trouble. I wouldn't want to do something like that to you, Nakagawa-san."Bookmark here

She sipped on the coffee, causing her seemingly soft lips to turn pinkish from the heat.Bookmark here

“Sorry if I came off as a bit aggressive there…Nakagawa-san. I...didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable if that's what happened.”Bookmark here

“ not at all?”Bookmark here

She smiled brightly as she admitted to her wild behavior.Bookmark here

“You were just so cute that I couldn’t help it. Thought I give you a hard time as soon as I noticed who you were.”Bookmark here

“So, you were just teasing me all this time, Miss Risa-san?”Bookmark here

She shook her head from side to side. That sweet scent of her wafted about the room around us. It was certainly different and would likely only remind me of her if I caught wind of it outside of work.Bookmark here

“Of course not. I do think you’re quite beautiful and I was charmed that you were looking at me like that a while back...let's just say it stuck with me for a while...”Bookmark here

With her tender gaze, she stared back at me.Bookmark here

"You...stayed in my mind for a while after seeing you on the train that day."Bookmark here

I could hear my heart pump in my ears now. I bet even my earlobes were tinted read as I leaned away from her, trying my best to hide my embarrassment. Bookmark here

“Hey…what was your name again, miss Risa?”Bookmark here

“As I said, just call me Risa.”Bookmark here

“Ah…Risa-sama…”Bookmark here

Trying my best to stay professional, I concluded with -sama as my safety word. Now that she was coming clean to her behavior...I needed to say this…Bookmark here

The reason why this entire thing started between us came on a pretty dirty foot if I had to be honest. So, to clear up any misconceptions and hopefully toss away this bad first impression, I confessed. Bookmark here

“I’m…sorry for gawking at you like that. It was...inappropriate of me.Bookmark here

Would you please forgive me, Risa-sama?”Bookmark here

I sat down across from her now. Apologizing was the least I could do for using her body as a way to explore my own feelings. Well…just putting it like that felt wrong too.Bookmark here

“Oh, that’s fine. As I said, it was nice to know that such a gorgeous looking girl was interested in me in some way or another.”Bookmark here

“O-Oh, don’t get me wrong…Risa-sama...”Bookmark here

She lowered her gaze a tad dejectedly. With her sly tone, she teased.Bookmark here

“Oh, you don’t think I’m attractive or maybe even sexy?”Bookmark here

She mused as she leaned her hand on her cheek. The businesswoman exploded with charm as if all her movements were tailor-made to draw me into her world.Bookmark here

“Eh…that’s not…”Bookmark here

What was I supposed to say here? This stranger who clearly caught me gawking at her body was pressing me for answers? My fingers curled into a fist as if trying to hide my embarrassment. With a light chuckle, her tender eyes softened up to me.Bookmark here

“…Nakagawa-san, I forgive you for looking at my butt.”Bookmark here

I covered my face now, I was so humiliated that there was nothing else I could do. She was driving me mad with emotions, pulling me the way she felt as if she was a puppet master and I, her toy to play with. Bookmark here

“Will you please stop saying that…please…”Bookmark here

“But it’s the truth…why lie about it? Listen, I don’t know your true reasons for looking at my butt, but I hope it burned in your mind and you don't forget it anytime soon. You know, just like I will with your butt. It’s a fair trade, Nakagawa-san.”Bookmark here

“Eh?!”Bookmark here

“I’m joking…hehe. You can relax a little around me you know?”Bookmark here

She was wearing me out…I couldn’t keep up with this one any longer. I don't know how long the blood in my body could rise for but she was seriously breaking its limits. So, I turned to the side hoping to cool off my racing chest.Bookmark here

“Well anyway…your name is Nakagawa old are you?”Bookmark here

“Oh…I turn 17 this weekend.”Bookmark here

“Oh, is that right? That’s good to know, good to know! So, why are you working at your age?”Bookmark here

I turned to the traffic below us out of sheer embarrassment. The nightlife danced about the world reminding me that this was the lasted I've ever been out alone. A true testament to growing up I assumed.Bookmark here

“I…want to buy a return gift for someone…and I just figured I could work for it.”Bookmark here

"A return gift? Could it be for the friend that bought you that necklace?"Bookmark here

I nodded softly.Bookmark here

“And as you said before, this is your first job and your first day, Nakagawa-san?”Bookmark here

I nodded shyly. Risa-sama nodded as if coming to a conclusion on something in her heart.Bookmark here

“It must be fate that we met today…”Bookmark here

“Huh?”Bookmark here

Her eyes shined a bit as she chuckled.Bookmark here

“Let’s just say I had my fortune read this morning and it stated that I will have an unexpected meeting with fate today.”Bookmark here

She brushed her long hair back with her hand and tenderly smiled at me. Searching my eyes, we faded into a world only made for the two of us. With the establishment being empty and the lack of people showing up for a while now...we only had each other to focus on.Bookmark here

“I’ve been looking all day for that unexpected meeting with fate and I just about gave up by this point. But like the psychic she is, she was right about my fortune again. She's so good at her readings that it scares me."Bookmark here

Was Risa-sama another believer in that horoscope con? I wouldn't have guessed with how she looks. Her air reminded me of a stern businesswoman who'd easily lay down the law if the wrong person stood in her way. I guess looks can be deceiving. But that in no way diminished the way I felt around her so far. But, I stated my feelings on the matter as clearly as I could...Bookmark here

“I don’t believe in fated meetings and all of that, Risa-sama.”Bookmark here

Like a mature woman I aimed to be, I stated calmly.Bookmark here

“Oh, you don’t have to believe in it…for it to come true, Nakagawa-san.”Bookmark here

My mind raced back to a certain con artist whom I've recently met. The one named Saitou Saya-san. The Fine Arts club leader and seeming lover of the occult-like practices.Bookmark here

…Could it be or was all that a coincidence?Bookmark here

“Ah…is Risa-san your family name?”Bookmark here

She giggled almost manically now. As if she'd already come to the same conclusion I had. Maybe she wanted to keep that a secret for the time being but it's been exposed now.Bookmark here

“Oh, why would you want to know?”Bookmark here

She was being vague on purpose, wasn’t she? But after settling down she nodded slightly.Bookmark here

“Hm, my name is Saitou Risa…my little sister Saitou Saya goes to your school, Nakagawa-san.”Bookmark here

I was taken aback by this. So she was the older sister of that con artist that took my 100 yen from me during the cultural festival?! Bookmark here

“Ah…how do you know I attend to Jinda High School?”Bookmark here

She finished her first cup. Skillfully she refilled it and turned her gaze back at me.Bookmark here

“Your school uniform, remember? I saw you on the train that day going to school.”Bookmark here

“Oh…yeah.”Bookmark here

“I have a sharp memory…it’s almost criminal sometimes. A lot of people hate me for it because I can recall the smallest of details about pretty much anything. So, I can replay that day I saw you like a movie in my head."Bookmark here

"You were crying on the train…like you were lost, Nakagawa-san. It sat with me for a while…”Bookmark here

She looked out the window briefly then turned back to me.Bookmark here

"I asked myself...who would make a sweet-looking girl like that cry?"Bookmark here

“Sweet...looking girl?”Bookmark here

That day I had just been questioning my feelings for Mari-san. I couldn’t recall the majority of the morning as I was in my own head thinking about Mari-san and me. But this woman…was eyeing me the entire time. It…was a little strange knowing that now...Bookmark here

“Hm…well, you must have work to do. I shouldn’t keep you too long anymore, Nakagawa-san.”Bookmark here

With a sigh, she chuckled, clearing away any somber mood.Bookmark here

“But Nakagawa-san…you truly are a sweet girl and I would love to have a longer…more intimate chat with you soon.”Bookmark here

That’s when she set down the payment for her meal and in on a separate pile, a 5000-yen tip as she raised to her feet.Bookmark here

“S-Saitou-san…can’t take this. This is way too much for a tip!”Bookmark here

Shamefully, I admit.Bookmark here

“Oh please, I harassed you long enough. Take this as my apology gift to you, Nakagawa-san!" Bookmark here

Refusing to take no for an answer, she began walking to the door. But before leaving she turned back to me with a soft grin.Bookmark here

“Oh, Nakagawa-san…”Bookmark here

“Hm?”Bookmark here

“What days are you working? I would love for you to be my personal waitress from now on. I...get the feeling that Okabe Kasumi-san girl doesn't like me very much."Bookmark here

My face grew warm. The tone in her voice didn't feel playful or even flirty to me. No, she came off a genuine with her words. With an air of maturity, the kind I wished to become one day she continued to stir my emotions, aggressively.Bookmark here

“I-I don’t know yet, Saitou-san.”Bookmark here

I honestly admitted. I wasn't given a schedule yet and I don't believe they even wrote one out for me. I would have to come back in and figure that out.Bookmark here

“I guess I’ll just have to keep coming back and find out, won’t I then?”Bookmark here

" don't have to do that, Saitou-san."Bookmark here

"Of course I don't have to, but I want to."Bookmark here

She smiled at me as she tilted her head and gave me a wave.Bookmark here

"I look forward to seeing you, Nakagawa-san."Bookmark here

With that she walked away, swaying her slender backside as she made her way out the door. Before she left, she swung her head back at me, catching me once again…looking at her backside...Bookmark here

“Eh?!”Bookmark here

With a sharp crackle, she turned back around and left the establishment. She got it wrong though, I wasn’t looking at her butt…I was a little entranced by her hair flow…if I was being honest. It swam across her slender back like honey shining on a tree in the forest. Would it be strange to say I found that it looked...tasty? No, that wasn't the word I wanted to use. It was more like it moved flawlessly.Bookmark here

“So…she’s Saitou Saya-san’s older sister?”Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and imagined the two side by side. They lack similarities that usually stand out between family members. Saitou Saya-san's hair is darker than her older sister's. But certainly in my eyes...Saitou Risa a way more attractive...not in any way doubting Saitou Saya-san's looks. Her little sister just had more of an occultist vibe going for her. But Saitou Risa reminded me of bright light, like a princess in a suit and tie.Bookmark here

I lowered my shoulders.Bookmark here

“What a strange family…Ones a grifter and the other’s is a flirt? I can't imagine talking with the two of them at once...”Bookmark here

I diligently took care of the leftover cups and made my way to finish out my shift.Bookmark here

Now with the day over, I took the train home...well, to the stop anyway because Mari-san would be picking me up from the station. The night was in full bloom and it was a bit strange if I had to be honest. I never rode the train this late, and the feeling caused me to consider that I was in fact growing up now.Bookmark here

Okabe-san works later into the night…it made me wonder why she started working. But, to not pry into my classmates…no, my coworkers’ life, I shrugged it aside as my stop came.Bookmark here

Once I made it out, I saw Mari-san’s bright car lights waiting to pick me up. So, I rushed over and jumped inside. There she was...the woman I was working for in order to buy the gift she had no idea about yet. She patiently waited for me to get off work to drive me home safely...Bookmark here

“How was your first day, Madoka-san.”Bookmark here

“Oh, let me tell you all about it, Mari-san!”Bookmark here

I was excited to tell her every bit of detail…excluding a certain customer that is, Saitou Risa-san. As we drove home alone together in the night the question raised back in my heart…Is this how it would feel to be picked up by my lover after a long day at work? So many new sensations were flooding my world and it made me happy. I'll have to have my chat with Taylor-sensei once I get home...Time was moving faster now. My birthday will be soon, I’ll finally be able to see Uncle Ryuji after all this time.Bookmark here

Despite the craziness of feelings within me for the woman at my side…and all the questions I still have to explore about her and my mom...Bookmark here

I won’t lie that today was one of my favorite days since I woke up from my coma…Bookmark here

But why? It was simple…Bookmark here

Because I was becoming the person I wanted to become.Bookmark here

My life was slowly changing for the better...Bookmark here


Sleeping Princess

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