Chapter 8:

The Escape and Battle

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

Elusia put the plan she had been toying with into action. 

First, she made sure that the other numbers had already left with their guide. Then she snuck along the hallways to the armory. She rummaged through it for some equipment. 

She took a reinforced metal bat, a bulletproof energy armour generating device which activated when she wore it on her wrist, and a navigational device which displayed a holographic display of the city and her current location. She then carefully snuck into the tourist area of the temple. 

Dozens of different people were passing through. She carefully looked around for a suitable target.

She didn’t have to wait long.

A tall man who dressed like a punk rocker passed through.

“Outta the way!”

He pushed some of the other tourists aside. She had seen this man previously, in fact multiple times. She often saw him while she was acquiring items from the gift shop.

He walked into the gift shop.

“I’m here for the usual.”

“Yes. Here you go.”

The cashier handed him a small envelope. Elusia had seen this enough times for her to understand what just occurred. You see, the man who came in was part of a large gang that controlled territory on the outskirts of Necropolis. Apparently they considered the temple as part of their jurisdiction and demanded a frequent payoff for their ‘protection’.

‘Yup. He’ll do.‘ she thought.

“Time to show him crime doesn’t pay.”

Said the girl who was about to commit some major crimes herself.

She followed him to where he parked his car. 

It was a black opened roofed vehicle with only two seats. She had seen this type of car in an old catalog she stole from the gift shop. Unlike more modern versions of the vehicle this one was land-based and couldn’t fly. It was very uncommon for anyone to even use these types of vehicles anymore except for hobbyists or people who wanted to avoid being detected by the police, as they tended to focus on controlling air traffic these days. 

She waited until she was sure no one was watching and quickly got behind him. She activated a mist card and put her bat in front of the man’s throat. She held both ends of the bat and pulled him down, putting him into a choke hold.


“Just sleep for a while.”

He struggled for a bit, but eventually stopped moving and fainted. She dragged his body to the trunk of his car and opened it up. She took the keys out of his pocket and dumped him into the car. She quickly shut the trunk and hopped over it to get into the driver’s seat. She activated the key and put the car into drive.

“Here we go!”

She pushed the pedal down and the car started accelerating towards the distant cityscape.


The roads leading into the inner city were surprisingly devoid of any traffic. This was because most of the population were in the sky instead. Flying cars were the most frequently used mode of transportation in Necropolis and the city had been adapted to accommodate that. The city used holographic lanes broadcast directly into the vehicle’s windshield display to control and monitor traffic. Most of the police force were also frequently called to monitor the skies. As such the highway Elusia was on was nearly completely empty, save for a few passing vehicles.

Elusia took the navigational device out of her pocket and activated it. The holographic display that popped out showed her current location in the city.

“Show me where the last destination they put in is.”

The holographic display now showed a red light on the display, on the other side of the city.

“This is gonna take a while…oh well.”

She input the destination into the car’s GPS and activated the auto-pilot.

“Now to sit back and chillax…Oh shit.”

She noticed a group of black hoverbikers headed towards her in the rear view mirror. They were wearing black armored suits and wore masks with green visors built in. Elusia recognized them as the temple’s secret security team.

“Crap! They came a lot faster than I thought they would.”

She pulled out her bat and activated the energy armour wristband. The bikers accelerated and formed a circle perimeter around the car.

“…Any chance we can talk this out?”

The bikers didn’t respond. The one at her side took out an automatic laser rifle. The other 4 took out batons which sparked with electricity.

“Yup, that’s what I thought. Mist.”

She activated a mist card. The biker with the rifle started showering the car with laser fire. The energy armour managed to block the shots, but Elusia still felt the searing pain each time they landed a hit. She knew she didn’t have long until the effect wore off. She gripped her bat and swung at the rider beside her. The gun was temporarily knocked away as the biker lost his balance. Quicly, she switched the car to manual control and floored it.

“Gah. That really hurt!”

She broke through the encirclement and accelerated even further. The bikers however reacted quickly to the sudden action. They sped up and continued to trail her while the one with the rifle continued to fire at her.

“Ok. Let’s try this!”

She drifted the car 180 degrees and switched to reverse.


She closed her eyes and activated a light card over her head. However the bikers didn’t even react to the blinding light and kept coming at her.

“Damn it! Those visors gotta be keeping their eyesight clear!”

She realized that stalling wouldn’t work and changed her tactics. She quickly changed the car to auto-pilot and stood up on her seat.

“Take this!”

She activated and threw 3 blast cards at the road in front of her. The riders swerved to avoid the explosion. One of them got hit by the stone shrapnel created by the blast and tumbled off his bike, causing it to crash and explode.

“Yes! Gotcha!”

But the others kept coming.

“1 down,4 to go!”

The biker with the rifle was gaining speed and shot at her again.

“Grmmph! That really burns!”

The energy armour she had activated was starting to fade. She could now feel the shots burning through the spots they hit. Elusia estimated that she would probably only survive one more barrage before the armour stopped functioning entirely.

“I gotta get rid of you first!”

She climbed out onto the hood of the car before they had time to reload. She threw out her last 2 blast cards on the right and left sides of the road. The riders swerved into middle lane.

“Ha! Gotcha!”

She activated a stasis card and tossed it into the middle of the road. The rider with the rifle drove over it. Suddenly they went flying headfirst at Elusia.

“Batter up!”

Elusia quickly gripped her bat with both hands and took a strong swing at the rider with all her might.

The result?

The biker’s head got smashed in as the bat impacted and they got thrown into the ground, their body contorting as it continued to bounce off the pavement. His rifle was also thrown through the air and landed quite far behind him.


Elusia felt giddy for a second as she took down the source of her problems, but soon calmed down as soon as she realized that it wasn’t over.

The final 3 bikers were still on her tail.

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