Chapter 7:

The Plan

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

Elusia snuck into the gift shop and stole a card deck. She was now sitting on the floor in her room with a set of cards on the floor in front of her.

“This’ll work. They’re laminated so they won’t be destroyed easily.”

She took out the brush and started drawing magic circles on each card. She ended up with a deck of 52 spells. She made 5 ‘stasis’ cards, 5 ‘float’ cards, 5 ‘blast’ cards, 5 ‘fog’ cards, 5 ‘ice shard’ cards, 5 chained fire cards, 5 chained water cards, 5 chained light cards, and 5 chained life cards. She left 7 cards blank in case she needed to use them later. She looked at her hard work and basked in the satisfaction for a while.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

“Elusia?! What the heck are you doing in there! I’ve been hearing things coming from your room for hours!”

Elusia quickly gathered the deck and placed it in her pocket.

“Come in.”

Amity opened the door and walked inside. Her eyes popped open in surprise when she saw the state of the room. She glared at her with concern.

“What happened. Don’t try to run.”

Elusia averted her eyes and stopped inching towards the doorway. She nervously replied.

“Uh…I was training with explosives.”

Well…she wasn’t exactly lying.

“Wait what?! Why?! How did you even get something like that?!”

Elusia felt a bit guilty, but she decided to keep the brush and her magic cards a secret. She and Amity had grown up together and had been close as sisters, but recently there had been some tension between them recently. Amity had started to distance herself from her and started fawning over Frank Whinners. She was extremely confused by this development and tried to question her about it, but Amity refused to answer her questions and started getting colder to her.

That really annoyed her.

She started to think that Frank had something to do with it and started aggressively attacking him at every training session. However, she couldn’t figure out why or how. It was for these reasons she decided that she couldn’t tell her the truth. She had to divert her attention somehow.

“I stole some from the gift shop! You know like usual.”

“Why would they even have something like that!? Also, I keep telling you to stop doing that! You’re going to get caught eventually!”

“Yeah,yeah. You worry too much Amy.”

“You’re the one not worrying enough you dolt!”

Elusia crossed her arms behind her head and grinned while her sister glared at her with her hands crossed and an expression that made it clear she was looking at someone who was an idiot.

‘This is why I can’t tell her what I need to do’ Amity thought to herself.

Amity was worried that if she told her, she’d react badly, or worse get herself injured or in serious trouble trying to help her.

Elusia was the type of person who’d use explosives in her own room after all.

She sighed and told Elusia the reason she was there.

“Anyways, the head priest just gave us our first Assignment.”


Elusia was positively beaming with excitement. You could practically see it in her eyes. That made what came next a crushing blow.

“You’re not coming.”


Elusia’s excitement quickly turned into rage and she grasped the collar of her sister’s clothes.

“You can’t even use a single spell. You’re basically useless.”

Amity looks at her with a cold gaze. She felt horrible, but she couldn’t let this opportunity to get rid of Frank just slip by her, and more importantly she didn’t want her sister to get hurt fighting without magic.

“No, I can…never mind. Just go already.”

Elusia let’s go of her sister and turns her back to the door. She had almost let it slip she could use magic now, but managed to keep it from slipping out.

Amity looked a bit regretful as she walked away.

Elusia sat on her bed, sprawled back, and stared at the ceiling.


After a while she sat up.

“Well I guess I just have to escape.”

Elusia decided to finally put her escape plan in motion and follow the others into the city.