Chapter 0:

Transfer student

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist

The Morning bell went off and everyone got back into their seats. The teacher got into the room while everyone was still getting into their seats.

“Morning class,” Miss Amisaki called out from behind her desk.

She is our teacher for the English Language class as well as our homeroom teacher. She is usually pretty kind and gives us more freedom but to an extent, she can get pretty aggressive if you get on her bad side. She is quite young still so she probably isn’t always confident on what is the best way to be a teacher, considering she only started teaching a year ago during my second year.

“Morning Miss,” everyone replied dreadfully

“We have a new transfer student coming in today, she should be here soon. So please try to be nice to them.” She told everyone.

The moment she stopped talking everyone began chattering about the new transfer student.

“Taji, do you think she’s gonna be cute?” Asked Kingo.

Ouchi Kingo, my best friend since middle school. He’s always got his mind on women, he never thinks about anything else. However, he has helped me out a lot since I met him, probably why I have stayed with him for so long now.

“I don’t know nor do I care about it,” I replied

“Man, you’re such a boring person. Loosen up and get an eye out for some ladies, some have their eyes set out for you, you know.” Kingo kept talking.

I tried giving him a sign that I didn’t want to listen by looking out the window but it was no use, he wouldn’t stop even if I told him directly, just the type of person he is.

“Alright, alrighty class. Calm down. Don’t want to scare away the transfer student before they even get into the room.” Said Miss Amisaki

“When is she going to come?” Asked one of our classmates.

“She is at the headmaster's office, she should be here soon.” Replied Miss Amisaki.

A few moments have passed and the classroom door opened up. A strictly dressed girl walked in and stood at the front of the room. Her hair was pure black; tied in a ponytail, she wore thin round glasses and had her shirt nicely tucked under her skirt. She bowed down and began introducing herself.

“Good morning classmates. My name is Lei Mei, I am originally from Beijing, China. Hope we will all get along without any issues.” she said in a broken yet posh voice.

She wasn’t Japanese, which she did indeed mention. Quite surprising to see a Chinese transfer student at this time of the year.

“Yo, Taji. She seems like a total loser don't you think?” Kingo whispered to me.

I kept quiet and didn’t respond, though she does seem like the quiet type who would snitch to the teacher which wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the class, which happens to be a bit more active than the average class.

“Great, thank you for the lovely introduction, I am Miss Amisaki and I will be your homeroom teacher for the rest of the year, if you ever need anything, feel free to speak to me.” Miss Amisaki kindly told the transfer student.

Lei Mei kindly bowed down as a response. She seems to be an extremely well-mannered person, who might come from an influential family in China.

“There’s a space in front of Aguni, you can take that seat, Lei,” said Miss Amisaki.

She again bowed down and slowly walked to her seat in front of me. She looked straight forward and didn’t even look around the room. This will be quite an interesting year, it might not be what I expected to deal with but something that I’ll have to deal with. 

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