Chapter 0:

The Encounter of Fate

The Weirdest Relationship

Evan was kind of depressed. He got rejected again.
    “What's wrong with me?" he said as he walked aimlessly in the courtyard of the school. At some point, he found himself in front of a vending machine.
    Even today capitalism will make up for my sadness, heh.

    And he bought a can of black coffee by mistake.
    "AH, DAMMIT! I don't even like black coffee!" He wanted a latte, so he checked his wallet, frustrated, and there was just air. He was broke. And there he goes, sad, broke and with a drink he didn't like.
    He's tired. Then he remembered a bench he saw somewhere nearby once. He started looking for it, which took around 5 minutes but, in the end, he found it. There was already someone sitting on it. Still, there was some space and he didn't really want to go home yet, so he sat down next to the stranger.
    The stranger was a girl. She was wearing his school’s uniform, she must be around the same age as him.

Evan was feeling empty, loudly sighing every now and then. He’d probably been there for hours since the sun was setting, while the streetlights lit up a little while ago. Yet they’d already become objects of attention of the boy’s blank mind.
    His gaze casually switched from the sunset to the flashing street lamp. It must have been defective.
    Sometimes he looked to his left to see if the only human being who was present all along was still there. And she was. She had been reading all this time.
    Since Evan had been there for quite a lot, he had enough time to notice some things about her, like how her hair seemed black at first, but they’re actually dark brown, really dark.
    "...What's the problem?"
    "...What?" Evan hadn't talked to anyone for a while. That voice suddenly broke the silence, leaving him stunned.
    "What's your problem?" The voice was coming from the girl who’d been there until now.
    "What do you mean?"
    "You've been sighing all the time, and it's kinda annoying, so I'm asking you what's wrong..." She coldly said as she pointed her finger at him, as if she was asking his name.
    "It's Evan." Evan replied, a bit of irritation seeping into his tone. What was wrong with this girl? She could be more gentle. Even though she may be right about him being too loud.
    "Evan, as I was saying, you’re being annoying."
    “Mhm.", Evan didn't say anymore. He didn't have the energy to deal with her.
    What a pain.

    “What do you want again? I’m not sighing anymore.”
    “Won't you respond to my question?"
    “Why would I?” Evan was honestly confused. Why did she want to know?
    “Your presence is annoying. I guess your sighing wasn’t the only problem here. I imagine I need to help you with your problem to remove you from here.”
    “You’re rude, you know?” This girl was indeed rude. Evan was wondering if this girl was even human. Was she a demon? That might be the case.
    “Tell me. What’s wrong? I need to know to help properly.” Her eyes were ice-cold. They’re piercing through his soul.
    "Fine, fine! I'll tell you!"
    The girl kept staring at him, apparently emotionless. She nodded.
    "I got rejected.” Again. he added, as a thought.
    “Mhm, and?”
    Do I need to say everything?

    “It’s the umpteenth time. They always treat me like I’m a nuisance, as if my confession is something unlucky to happen… What’s wrong with me? Am I that bad?” Evan was honestly suffering, but he felt a bit better saying it aloud.
    "...The fault is yours."
    “Well, thank you, really useful. That’s what I’ve been saying."
    "That’s not what I meant.”
    “Then what?”
    “How can you even know that there's something wrong with you? You're presuming it without any proof."
    "That's... true, I guess.." he was exhausted "But if it's not me, then why all this? Am I not pretty enough?"
    That made the girl frown.
    "Again that? You're not the one wrong here, you're pretty but-" the girl stopped and blushed a little.
    Evan didn’t see that coming, so much so that it took a few seconds for him to understand what she said, and he got embarrassed as well.
    "...Did you just call me pretty?"
    Her cheeks turned redder. She’d got some strawberries on her face.
    "L-Leave that aside! You're not the wrong one here, that's all... Well, I shall take my leave, au revoir, Evan!" The girl quickly fled, heading to the school gate.
    Evan, still confused, murmured "She forgot her book here.." In fact, the strawberry girl forgot the book she was reading.
    “Norwegian Wood," he said as he was looking down at the book "who knows what her name is…”

Evan didn’t notice it but, meanwhile, his sadness was gone, giving way to embarrassment and a slight joy.
    He didn't know that this was the beginning of a long, quirky, adorable relationship.


The Weirdest Relationship