Chapter 1:

1. A normal day?

Sign of the Devil's Eyes

When the alarm went off, it was only then that I realized I was alive, breathing, and ... human. That was Indra's first thought when she opened her eyes.It would be another normal day. She had just had breakfast with her mother and left for school.Indra is 16 years old. She is beautiful, tall, brunette and with green eyes. She has no problems at school, her grades are good, she has some friends. She is sociable. In the past it was very difficult for her to make friends, she was very shy and scared.Her mother was always there for her. She was very protective. But Indra couldn't really talk to her mother about anything.

Indra: Tell me, Akami, did you ever feel like you were always being watched?Akami: From where to where do you ask me that? You are OK?

Indra: Mhm, I was just wondering. I feel watched, especially in the evening when I want to go to sleep.

Akami: Maybe it's just your imagination or you've watched too many movies.

Indra: I think you're right. What do you want to do after school?

Akami: We can go eat something.

It was only 2 hours before school ended, when Indra felt very strongly that someone was watching her, but she tried to pay attention to the classes.Suddenly, she hears a kind of song, but notices that no one in the class reacts. After the song has stopped, Indra falls asleep instantly.She wakes up in a place with a strange atmosphere, a place full of darkness.

Indra doesn't understand what's going on until she sees two big, scary eyes.Indra scared: * what's going on, I see a devil in front of me *The devil approaches her and tells her that her eyes are not what they appear to be.I was waiting for you, says the devil to Indra.You can do many fantastic things, and I can make your dreams come true.

to be continued...

Sign of the Devil's Eyes