Chapter 0:

Battle of love starts

My Psycho love story !!

"Hey Hanako - san wanna play with me" says Shin smiling shin grabs Hanako's hand and starts tuging on hanako's hand "Ok" says Hanako then quickly Shojo grabs Hanako's other hand and says " no She is playing with me " shojo yells Bookmark here

Hanako's hand slips away from Shojo's grasp then Shen runs and hides from his twin brother Shojo .Shen and Hanako hide in a tunnel slide the both take a breath Shen recovering from his exaustion from runing says "Hanako one day me and you are going to get married one day" then out of no where Shojo finds Hanako and Shen hiding in the slide "You're not going to marry Hanako because I will and we are going to be happy " says shojo gasping for air Bookmark here

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F.C Fondness
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