Chapter 0:


Reality Breaker

*Gunshots*..................... *Explosions*.

[...] : Hey! Wake up! Hey You!, we're escaping here, the imperial army may starts attacking by any chance the soldier might go outside and this is our chance .

[...] : *sobs whats the plan?, Even if we got to outside camp were not getting escaped from the rain of a bullets and bomb you know? .

....... The prisoner thinking of how to get out and escape from gigantic explosions and thousand of bullets raining from the sky .

______An airbomb dropped from the sky.. 

[Jet pilot] : Calling sergeant hiro! Commencing airbomb.

[Sergeant Hiro] : Do it land it on the middle of the camp. 

....... The two prisoner thinking quietly when the bomb strikes into the middle area of the camp. 

[Prisoner 1] : augh! Wha-what happened well anyway the prison get broked out now we're gonna escape now brother. 

............ The prisoner one looks at  his feet getting pummeled down and he has to cutted it or else they will get spotted. 

[Prisoner 2] : Dont worry! Hang on we need to cut your leg there isnt time bro. 

[Prisoner 1] : NO! It hurts no i dont want this! No!!! Aughhhhhh!! *Crying. 

[Prisoner 2] : We dont have a time in any minute there is possibility that they will nuke this place. 



[Sergeant Hiro] : Goodwork lieutenant! Now as for sure grab the 1,000 meter nuke 

[Lieutenant] : Isnt that a bit harsh? They might get safe from that explosion but we know that they're gonna kill their selves cuz of the loss of blood or getting their eye's gouge? 

[Sergeant Hiro] : What the fuck are you saying erwin? 

[Lieutenant Erwin] : Sorry that was a strange thing to ask, anyway I'll gonna commencing the final nuke so that i can drink many booze and enjoy many girls! Yahooooo! 

.............. The jet starts to carry the high 10x explosion nuke and drop it in the middle of the camp. 

[Prisoner 2] : There isn't time! Motherfucker! Cut through your legs were gonna fucked here!, you have a family right? I used to see you having a visitor a tall blonde women that is pregnant and a beautiful child, YOU WANT THEM TO SUFFER? MOTHERFUCKER?!?!. 

......... Crying and bearing the pain while his feet getting cut to escape from the shambles camp. 

[Prisoner 2] : Carry on! We can escape here old man, you can meet your family again, anyway whats your name?. 

... The old man speaking while coughing blood and bearing pain from the wound he got. 

[Prisoner 1] : I'm Sinjou Kyou, you? 

[Prisoner 2] : I'm Rui Tachibana, i got here because im a soldier from the united kingdom. 

........... The old man stares at rui with terrible eye like if he was seen a monster. 

[Prisoner Sinjou] :..... */Grin You... Wha-what? United ki-? 

[Prisoner Rui] : Kingdom? Why 

....... The old man pushes rui into the rocks and got hit in his head

[Prisoner Sinjou] : Die! Die! Die! All of you uk army are the scum 

A shot from the sniper in west strikes into sinjou's head

[Prisoner Rui] : Oy! Old man! Are you kidding me? 



A heavy rumbling from the giant mecha they hear and gathered across rui

[...] : Rui Tachibana!!, It's been so long since you got captured but now were putting dots to it. 

[Rui] : Hey! I-is that you? General McKinley??! 

[...] : Yeah, were putting you now out of your misery rui, the prince of United Kingdom. 

......... Rui crying like a baby because of from the long time he got jailed

[Gen. Mckinley] : Now stand up there! 

[Rui] O-ok!! 

............ A running person may heard and start jumping and punch a mecha 

..... *Explosions

[Mysterious Man] : ......... 

[Mysterious Man] : Now!! Ryuka! 

[Ryuka] : Don't command me you idiot kairo!! Hmph! 

[Kairo] : I get it, i get it now starts the attack! 

[Gen. Mckinley] : Wha-what who are you? 

[Kairo] : Oh! Me? I'm Kairo Hanegara, Member of Special Forces of Imperial Kingdom. The other words [The Progenitor]. 

....... The United Kingdom Army shocked from the enemy they fighting, thousand of daimidaler bots gathered across "The Progenitor". 

[Kairo] : Ha? Playing chess now general?, hey you there stand now were gonna escape

[Rui] : But this army was my alliance! 

[Kairo] : The Old United Kingdom doesn't exist now,its taken over a 10 year ago after you got taken here as a hostage and that ugly hag is after you so that they can kill you. 

Rui shocked about the info he heard and starts running while crying. 

[Gen. Mckinley] : Commencing attack! Waste your bullet now!, now that you ask me that "Progenitor" has some high value if i kill that. 

[Kairo] : Well goodluck Hahaha! Everyone attack them!. 

Kairo jump through the broken rocks and tried to punch Gen mckinley daimidaler but a high force field blocked through and makes kairo blown away and receive a impact from a corner of a rock

[Kairo] Ugh! Ouch that hurt you know? 

 Gen. Mckinley enrage at Kairo and shoots him a High Pressure Bullet

[Gen. McKinley] : Die! Die! Die! Die! You filthy Imperial Soldier! 

Kairo keeps dodging the bullet but he accidentally tripped and the bullet shots directly to him so he stopped it with his left hand

[Kairo] : Ahhhhhh! It hurts! Shit! 

[Gen. Mckinley] : I wont stop until i kill you imperial puppy!, take this [rail gun..... Armageddon!] 

The Rail gun Fires directly to kairo but he run towards it and jumped while carrying his broken left hand 

[Kairo] : Now lets settle this you damn General, "Circuit Shockwave : Phase 1 (Invicible Shotgunnnnnn!!) 

Kairo aim is left hand to daimidaler of general mckinley while the Rail gun fires directly to him, he dodge it and release the energy from his left hand to the daimidaler. 

[Gen. Mckinley] : What're you doin now! Imperial soldier! You want my railgun so bad that you run towards! 

[Kairo]:.............. No

[Kairo] : Because this battle is already over!.... Release!!!! 

Kairo release the energy to general mckinley from his left hand and ended up explodes it

[Gen. Mckinley] : I-im... possible 

Kairo picks up a pistol from his pocket and  stands up in the daimidaler of general

[Kairo] : This is settled you fought well general 

[Gen.Mckinley] : T-to thin...k a imperial... Brat soldier will be able to take my life hahaha...... I feel ashamed

Kairo smug while pointing the pistol to General Mckinley 

[Kairo] : Then its farewell now, remember my name because i will takeover the hell!.

[Kairo] : Kairo Hanegara Is my name its nice to have a great battle with a rusted general

[Gen Mckinley] : Smiles* 

A gunshot were heard. 

[Rui] : You? Who are you 

[Kairo] : Me? The man who will put a end to this war