Chapter 1:

Sam Klausy Chapter 1: King Sho.

Sam Klausy

In a world where the evil king Sho lives in a big castle a dark world different from
ours where he treated people like garbage and enslave them.

Outside the castle where the rest of people live they are poor and in need to live a
decent life.

Of course it's the evil king's doing, and again the evil King Sho take advantage of
that and started a competition a race where he gave people weapons to race to his
luxurious castle and enslave them too but in better way , they kill each other like
sheep to reach his promising castle.

a big rail road and big vehicle without roof, this rail road are in dangerous place in
the big mountains with a cliff either sides, so you can easily kick people out of the
road to absolute death.

King Sho have been doing this for years, most people fear to stop him.
a man named Sam was waiting for the next race for a while, he doesn't
understand why is King Sho doing this after all he is one of them, from the people
he is now enslaving!!.

➲➲➲➲ one day when he was with them in the village living together in peace

Unfortunately that didn't last long..............................................

King Sho awakens a strange power allowing him to have a Super↔Power, and
that's how King Sho started to become evil and more evil, and force people to join
his side and build him a big castle in the high-rise mountains, he kills whoever
refuses to listen.

Sam was still a kid back then,⇒⇒ now Sam after he heard Of what happened he is
convinced that if he speaks to him King Sho will bounce from his evilness.➲➲➲➲➲➲
now ...hours and King Sho's race will start.

Sam is getting ready to win the race and convince King Sho to stop this Madness.

➲➲➲➲ 3 hours later the race is about to start all the participants ready in the big
vehicle ready to kill each other without any hesitate.

While Sam doesn't' like killing he is using something to protect himself from
getting killed

........«START» the race started the participants fighting each other, some stabbing
some firing some slicing and some getting kicked out.➲➲➲➲ Sam is
Struggling to protect himself from getting hurt or falling from the high slope.

While the enemy attacking Sam, Sam is just trying to avoid any critical hits, and
not attacking...

❍ Sam (With Loud voice) ❍: why we should do this please stop fighting...

❍Someone❍: shut up!! What do you know?

❍Sam ❍: it's true that I do know nothing about your pain and suffering...but I
know this, using people for entertainment and the benefit of the individual is
wrong killing is wrong so please stop this Madness!!.......

Of course nobody listened to him, some called him crazy and some told him to
shut up, the deadly fight continued...until the number of participants decreased,
Sam got a couple of injuries but still resisting, only few participants left and not
much time left until they arrive to the castle.

Sam has been cornered by two persons trying to get rid of him, and

❍One of Enemies❍: hahaha! There is no place for you in the castle!!, your place is
in the bottom!!!.

And then the enemy runs toward Sam and he has a knife in his hand he attacked
but Sam avoided it, then the enemy quickly throws the knife behind his back, and
in spilt seconds Sam is looking at the knife surprised!! (Why he did that!!?) , Once
the knife reached the hand of the other enemy and in a split seconds Sam's eyes
met the other enemy's eyes and he stabbed Sam!!.

Then Sam kicked him!! The other enemy got back a little, but Sam fell down and
started to bleed, he took out the knife and started pressing on it....

❍One of the enemies❍: haha you are finished!! Dude you can continue your
lecture in the other life!!......

❍The other enemy❍: come on partner lets carry him and throw him out of the
vehicle heheh....,

And the other one nodded his head with evil smile....

Now they are getting close to Sam, Sam is moving backward and he is on the
ground he can't stand up, he bleed too much!!, the enemy is right in front of him
now he is trying to grab his legs!! In that moment Sam kicked him in his face!!,
The enemy's is nose now bleeding, he said with anger: you bastard!, change of
plans , hold him to the ground! Let's kill him now!!.....

Sam is trying to get away.............................

But his efforts was useless, the two enemies holding him tight to the ground,
seconds and the knife Instills his heart!!...... and in that moment Sam closed his
eyes.....Saying in his mind: should I wait for a miracle to happen?...

❍one of the participants❍ (shouts): you cowards!!!, two against one!
How much more will you go down to being a scumbags! More than you already
are!!...This is disgusting!,

And this participant walks up to them.

❍one of the enemies❍: who do you think you are hah? Wait for your turn!, we will finish this optimistic bastard first.

The mysterious participant run towards the two enemies,

❍one of them said❍: Hah!? He is fast,

And then he tried to finish Sam quickly!!,

The mysterious participant got behind the enemy's back, and said: its non-moral
to give someone your ugly back while he's speaking to you!!,

split-seconds and the knife Instill Sam's heart, but the mysterious participant was
faster and kicked the enemy's head, and said: hhhh oh I forget but you're scum,
how would you know?

The enemy's head clashed into his partner's head, from the effect of the kick, and
they rolled back from Sam a little....

❍Mysterious participant smiled❍: are you okay my friend?!

❍Sam (smiled)❍: thanks, do you want Courtesy or the truth?

❍Mysterious participant (smiles) back❍: give me your hand.

Sam stretches out his hand and the mysterious participant lift him up

❍Sam❍ : Yes.... what’s your name?

But the enemies from before interrupted their friendly conversation

❍One of the enemies❍ : you bastards you'll regret this?!

❍Mysterious participant❍: oh yeah! We will see who will be sorry!!.

❍Sam in his mind❍: 2 against 1! But the outcome is obvious this mysterious guy
he seems like he's used to fighting, and add on that his physical ability, he is not
ordinary person compared to these fools....

Indeed the fight is over...

❍Mysterious participant❍ : hey man!! My name is Laith...,look what I found,

And throw it to Sam,

❍Sam❍ (catches it and said with wondering tone): what's this?

❍Laith❍ : its a herbal medicine to stop the bleeding, after that we have to close
that wound and clean it

❍Sam❍ : thanks Laith.

And the fight continues to reach the promising castle, and lasted 1 hour,

❍Laith ❍: look we arrived at the castle.

❍( In deep breath ) Sam❍: finally I will meet you Sho!.

They arrived with just 15 participants, and they were more then 50 participants.

The vehicle stopped, they meet the guards, and let them in, in the castle hall, and
they told them that the king will come and give a little speech to welcome those
who won the race, and made it in one piece to the castle....

❍Laith❍ : feeew!! It's so big all right and luxurious, I didn't know that the one who
kills people like sheep without conscience have such taste.

King Sho arrived.

❍King-Sho❍: you're all welcomed in my great castle, and congratulations to you
winners. Enjoy your stay

❍Sam❍ ( With loud voice amazed all attendance ): King Sho why are you doing this? The village lives in poverty from water and other resources, and you're here enjoying, and enslaving people and making them killing each other like sheep!! Why!? Speak!!...

❍One of guards❍ : you filthy!! How dare you?..

❍King_Sho❍ : its okay leave it to me

❍The guard❍: b-but...your majesty! ?

King_Sho looked at the guard and the guard moved back and apologize

❍King_Sho❍ ( moved forward ) : and why did you participate in this competition
if you believe that everything I do is wrong! ?

❍Sam❍ ( With angry tone ): Because I want to speak with you about this matter and why and for what reason you do this! ?.

❍King_Sho❍: but what are you going do [with sarcastic tone ] if I told you I just
want to do that?!,.

❍Sam❍ (With anger) Of course I will stop you!.

❍King_Sho❍: heeeeea!! , Really? This is interesting, [devilish smile] I want to see
you while you're doing so...

❍Sam❍ (with loud voice) : Participants!! We are all from the same village... which is King Sho ruling it with oppression, and our parents there....... suffering from lack of resources whom is
Sho monopolizing. It,................. Why don't we stand together and remove him from
ruling us,...............we should choose a real king, ruling with justice and the word
humanity means everything to him, before anything else,.......... and take
responsibility for every individual he rules..

❍Laith❍: wow you say that and you're in his castle and among his guards.....

❍Laith❍: you're so bold Sam.

Silence has occurred, some looked at him with wondering eyes and some laughed
at him,

❍And some❍ : you're crazy its the king Sho who has super powers!! How are you
gonna stop someone like him? And you're just a normal person Hah? .

❍King Sho❍: silence!? This is enough!, the lovely conversation ends now,
participants!! Congratulations to you and welcome to the promising castle «enorme».

❍King_Sho❍: take every participant to his place!!

❍Guards❍: YES!!

❍Laith❍: Sam?

❍Sam❍ : >>>>>: yes?

❍Laith❍: and you what are you going to do? Will you come with us?.

❍Sam❍ : (With wavering sound)!!: I'm. .... scared! ........ I feel feet became..... Heavy!!.

❍Laith❍: hah!?

❍Sam❍: but I can't stop now!!,

And in that moment Sam is very angry and runs over toward King-Sho, and all
eyes at Sam.

❍Sam❍:Of course I will stop this fake king!!...And put him in his place (Screams) aAAAAAAA!!!.

❍Laith❍: Sam stop your wound will open!!.

The guards took out their weapons!!

❍King_sho (with pride)❍: Guards! Don't be so cruel like that! He's unarmed, leave this matter to me.

Then king Sho moves forward with confidence.

Sam and King Sho moving towards each other's direction.........the moment they
met face to face Sam deliver a punch with all his strength in King_Sho's face.

❍Guards❍: king? King!! Are you okay?....

❍Participants❍ : did he do it?! / What happened / did he hit him?!./ We can't see very well from here!?

❍Laith❍: huhh! You're crazy courageous guy!!.

But in reality Sam's hit meant nothing to King_Sho ....

❍King_sho❍ (smiles)!! Hh.

❍Sam (with scared voice) ❍: W...W..What happened? he d...d..didn't even move 1 step from where he stands! No way!!?

❍King_sho❍ : hhh is that all you’ve got?.

.......Sam in shock.........

❍King_sho ❍: are you really gonna stop me with this power hah!!?

❍Laith❍ : nooo!! Sam [RUN] !!

Sam trampling with fear, with murmuring voice : A...A..AA....A...

King_sho delivers a powerful punch in Sam’s stomach, and then Sam fall on his
knees, and his wound opens up!! And starts bleeding until he fell down.

❍Laith❍ : nooo...!! Sam!. And he runs fast to him.

❍King_Sho❍ : guards stop him!

And the guards stopped Laith.

❍King_Sho❍ : participant!! Go to your place

❍Laith❍ : but...King Sho let me at least treat his wound?.

❍One of the guards (with loud voice)❍ : you scum!! didn't you hear what the king said? Go Now!!.

❍King Sho (looked At Laith) ❍: its fine Guards treat his wound and take him to
the cell and then throw him outside the castle, he is not welcomed here anymore.

❍Laith❍ : Sam...!!

And all the participants gone to their places, and Sam has been taken to his cell,
and got his wound treated there.

❍Laith❍ in his place : Sam I hope you're fine!.


After a couple of hours Sam wakes up and finds himself inside a cell, and he looks
around and he find some food and water, he wash his hands and his face and then
started eating.

❍Sam❍ : now how I’m gonna get out of here?.

Then the guards are back and ❍one of the guards❍ : hey scum is time to get out.

And they opened the cell's door.

Then Sam runs towards the door the moment the guards open it, he screams:
Aaaaa...the scums are sho and his underlings.

❍Sam (In his mind)❍ : I can't stop now i have to end King Sho's era.

He pushed one guard and fell down but the second guard was ready and he sealed
Sam’s movement completely.

[PS] (now I will mark the guards with numbers so you can easily recognize them).

❍Guard 41❍: can you stand up?.

❍Guard 35 ❍: don't insult me!!.

❍Guard 41❍ : stand up then let's get rid of this garbage.

Sam breathing heavily and looking with anger.....

Guard 35 looking in Sam's face and moves closer after he got so close he grabbed
Sam's head and punched him in his face.

❍Guard 41❍ : Oi Oi calm down pal!!

❍Guard 35 ❍: hh..h you deserve that bastard.

Then he ties Sam's hands and they took him outside the castle as King Sho

After a couple minutes they arrived at the castle gate.

❍Guard 41❍: guards open the gate we have orders from the king a participant is
no longer welcomed here.

❍One of the gate guards❍: YES!! We have been notified you may pass.

And like that our hero has been kicked out from the castle and he didn't achieve
what he wanted to achieve!! Now after that big chance to convince Sho in his
castle and save the people of the village has slipped from his hands.

And now after he became an official enemy to King Sho,

and his mission became harder and farther what " Sam Klausy " exactly going to

The Guards taking our hero Sam outside the castle.

Now they're in the vehicle crossing the high-rise mountains to arrive to the road
that gets you to the village in the other side of the mountains.

❍Guard 35❍ with wicked laugh: how about we throw this scum from here?

❍Gaurd 41 (with evil smile)❍ : not a bad idea , but King-Sho ordered us to take him out of the castle and didn't ordered us to kill him.

❍Sam (in his mind) ❍: I can't die here, I have to save the people of the village from King Sho, I have to make everything back to how it was, And take back their laughs and protect it. Tsk!!, you fools leave me alone, I won't die hereeeee!!.

❍Guard 35 ❍: hehe but he is also didn't give us an order not to, I don't think he will care though.

❍Guard 41❍ : you're right, hehe , yes you will die and eat dust, shut up and die quietly you scum.

While they are in the middle of the road, the Guards grabbed Sam and hold him

And in that moment Sam's eyes meets the cliff and his heartbeats accelerates and the sweat covers his body.

Then he closed his eyes ❍Sam (in his mind) ❍ : am I gonna die here , ؟is this the

Then he saw some kind of white flash in a split of seconds and then he opened his
eyes and they were full of hope.

❍Sam (in his mind) ❍ : I'm not gonna give up here.

he started to move in a random way trying to escape from them.

❍Guard 35❍ : you Bastard stop!! What are you doing?...

❍Guard 41❍ : don't let him escape, its no use you fool man

❍Sam❍ : I'm not gonna end here.(screams): Aaaaaaaa!!.

And then he escaped from their grip and he fell down and rolled away from them.

❍Guard 35❍ : you won't run away you scum

❍Guard 41❍ : catch him!!...

❍Guard 35❍ pull out his weapon and runs towards Sam fast

❍Guard 41❍ : finish him!!

❍Guard 35❍ (shouting:) Aaaaaa

And in that moment Sam is in the ground and then he rolled away from the
guards and while he is standing,
He raise his head and in that moment the guard is striking with his sword !!.
The moment the guard strikes!, Sam rose his chained hands involuntary,
and fortunately the strike landed between his hands and shattered the bonds .!!
Sam pushed back a little as a result of the intense blow.
And only a hair stands between Sam and his certain fall.

Sam breathes heavily He looked back and only saw a doubtless death , he closes his eyes and then he opened it and gazed forward And The unpleasant view in front of him , the guard's weapon is gazing back at him And in that moment to Sam its like the time stopped, he hears his heartbeats, and the sound of his breathing clearly...

❍Sam(thinking)❍ : what should I do....

He started to look around him...and he find a rock at the size of his hands close to his foot

❍Sam❍ (screams) : I won't die here,.

He kicked the rock, and the rock hat the enemy in his chest
But the enemy swings his weapon towards Sam, before the rock hits him

❍Guard 35❍: what-t!?? Aaaa you scum!!.

Before the rock hits him, he closed his eyes and swings the sword randomly.
And he strikes Sam......
Sam fell down from the vehicle from the tall mountains and the height of these
mountains is more than "30,000 M" Long.

❍Guard 41❍: did you hit him?

❍Guard 35 ❍breathes heavily and said: the bastard hit me, and I couldn't look clearly....>> so I swung my weapon randomly without seeing. .....>> B....but I’m sure I hit him (laughing) hehehe.

❍Guard 41❍: even if you didn't hit him well, its impossible that he will survive from this altitude.

Sam is falling from the high mountains , and then he loses
consciousness.....As a result from Seeing such view The guards went back to the castle,
They did their regular work, like nothing happened.

Laith in the castle yard taking a walk in the castle vast yards

❍Laith in his mind)❍ :where are you Sam?.... I hope you're okay.

❍Laith ❍:I have to ask the guards about him....