Chapter 3:

The Seven Deadly Sins

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

After what seemed like days, they finally reached the next town, Listra. It was only slightly larger than Axoria and was known for numerous lumber mills and high quality furniture.

“Wow! This place looks way better than where you're from. Even the people here seem like good people.” Komoria tilted her head at the well-dressed people as they walked by.

“Like that matters. Now, let's go get some grub.”

They paired walked through the crowded walkways with booths on each side. The vendors were selling fruits, vegetables, and even strange types of meat that the two had never seen. They settled on a restaurant that was also an inn; it would be easier that way.

The two of them took a seat at a small wooden table and waited. In the blink of an eye, a green-haired girl with stunning features and blazing-red eyes appeared with a pencil and paper in hand.

“How do you two do? My name is Milly, and I’ll be your waitress for this afternoon. Welcome to the Lucky Diner and Inn. Will you be staying with us or just dining?”

“I’ll ask the ques—”

“We will just be dining in. Thanks!” Komoria elbowed Raze to stop him before he scared her away. He got slightly agitated, but craved food. He said nothing more.

“What can I get for you two?”

They both glanced down on the menus, taking some time to decide. “Two traveler’s meals, please and we'll pay extra for some information.”

Komoria had beaten Raze to the punch.

“Sounds good.” Milly finished writing down their orders and leaned in. “What kind of information are you looking for, my dear customer?”

“Where is the best spot to gamb—”

“We would love to know any information on the Imp Lord. I was told that this lumber town knew about him for one reason or another.”

“Oooooh!” Milly smiled, her ponytail swishing from left to right as she swung her head back and forth. Her eyes twinkled with interest. “I can tell I’m gonna really like you two.”

Korea grinned, feeling slightly unsettled. Raze didn’t seem to mind.

“The only thing I can tell you for a little extra pay is that to reach the Imp Lord’s castle, you need to somehow destroy the barrier that protects it.”

“How would we even do that?” Komoria asked.
“Hee-hee. How much more can you pay?” She sported a slightly sinister smile as she spoke, but quickly switched back to her normal, cheerful self.

“Ugh…..” Komoria furrowed her brow, not wanting this chance at information to slip away from her grasp. “We can pay another ten silvers, if that will do?”

Komoria took a total of fifteen silver coins from a small bag she kept in her satchel (so Raze wouldn’t go gambling) and placed it on the table. Milly took one look at them, before scooping up the money in her free hand.

This is a fucking scam that should only work in wild west and fantasy movies, Raze thought to himself.

“I'm glad to know that you traveled from... Um, where did you say you were from, again?”

“Axoria—at least, he is,” Komoria politely responded.

“Right, Axoria…. Oh…”

Raze raised an eyebrow while Komoria’s bat ears danced on top of her head.

“What are you tryin to say? Spit it out, woman.”

Some sweat had formed on Milly’s forehead, but she continued, nonetheless. “I heard from a news vendor that Axoria was attacked by an ancient elder dragon this morning. Its miasma rotted even the buildings to nothingness. Only a few survived, but the town's gone for good.”

““Serves them right!”” The unexpected duo said in unison.

Komoria cleared her throat.“Er, uh, I mean—that's really tragic to hear. I hope no one led it to the village when trying to flee from it….” She smiled half-heartedly, trying to keep her composure in check.
“Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.” Raze was full of energy after hearing the tragic news. You could even say he was….brimming with happiness.

Milly drank in each of their expressions, trying to get a read. This time it was Komoria's turn to sweat. We led that dragon right to them… But they were kind of bad people, right? No! Dumb Komoria! That doesn't make it okay. They probably weren't all scumbags Like the priest and….

Still, she kept up her horrible poker face while Raze grinned from ear to ear, not even trying to hide his profound pleasure.

“Well, my condolences. But, as I was trying to say before—I’m glad to know you travelers have a good understanding on how we do business here. The other piece of information I have for you is that the Imp Twins, who live in the far east fallen city of Lasou, manage the barrier for the part of the city where the Imp Lord resides... If you kill them, then getting to the Imp Lord shouldn’t be too difficult. Though, I hope you two are strong enough to take him on…”

Komoria placed both her hands on the table and smiled. ”Thank you for this information. We will treasure it for sure!”

Raze nodded. That was all.

“Glad I could help, now let me go place those orders for you!”

She scurried away, leaving the two of them alone once more.

“She's an interesting girl, isn't she?”

“I couldn't care less.” Raze placed one of his elbows on the table and rested his head in the palm of his hand. “Wake me up when the food is here. If your fat-ass tries to pull anything…” He gave her a glare of death.

“I'm not fat!” Komoria said, biting back. “How can you say that to a girl! Didn't your parents teach you anything!”

He solemnly shook his head.“Neither group of my parents were ever role models for me. I didn't learn jack shit from them. Now quiet down, bitch. People are trying to eat, or at least I will be in a moment”

Komoria pouted, but said nothing more. Why did such an asshole have to save me and why am I the one that has to do everything? Parents are responsible for raising their children….

Around ten minutes later, Raze’s antenna on his scanner picked up a voice. “I can't believe you allowed a named dragon to contaminate your entire village! This is absurd! For a Savior to pull this kind of stunt, and after only completing a single good deed! You will have to make up for this. Three deeds! Did you hear me! Three good deeds a day minimum!”

“Whatever, you shitty goddess— OW! Fuck! Stop doing that—OW!” The scanner shocked his brain again, shaving off a few brain cells that wouldn't have been used anyway.

“Better be quiet, Raze. People are trying to eat, or at least I will be in a moment. Hee-hee-hee.” For the first time it was Komoria’s turn to look smug. She didn't miss a beat.

“That is all for now. Make sure to max out that [Zodiac Wheel] so I can allow you to acquire a new ability from the gods. Also, make sure you visit the King like I said before. He should have some good assets for you. Good day, Savior Raze Havok.”

The voice disappeared from Raze’s ear right as their food came.

He scowled, but ate nonetheless.


“Five silvers, right?” the bat asked the dude in the stupid pointy hat.

“That's correct. I can take you anywhere in the kingdom. Where would you like to go, Miss?”

Yuck. What a fucking loser.

The middle aged man in a blue pointy wizard hat smiled creepily at the bat girl, Komoria—or whatever her name was. I stood to her side, but he paid me no mind. It was as if I wasn't even there…

“Please send us to the capital, Terrara.”

He nodded after collecting the money and sauntered over to the teleportation circle, which took up the brunt of the old cramped room. When he reached the middle of the circle, a bluish light emanated out of it, lighting up the whole area like a stage.

“It's ready. Please come to the center.” He walked out of the circle and back over to where we stood in silence.

The bat seemed overjoyed by the results that this man, who did almost nothing, pulled off.

“Thank you so much and take care.” The bat gave him a bow. What a stupid culture she must be from. I, on the other hand, said nothing. He didn't deserve my praise or even my breath.

“Likewise, Miss...and you too…uh, dude.


“Now hold the fuck u—”

“Let’s go, Raze. We don’t want to waste time, right?” Komoria-bat shoved me into the large circle. I was immediately hit with a blast of blinding blue light. The pure whiteness clogged my vision for a few moments. Then the light slowly receded from my view.

“Welcome, traveler.”

I looked to my left to see an old boomer with the same shitty look as the other wizard creep. Seems like they evolved from a 40 year old virgin wizard to a 70 year old virgin wizard. The same sound that rattled my body when I was originally transported, boomed through my ears once more.

“Welcome, my dear. Is there anything I can get for you?”

Is everyone here just a massive simp and loser? What happened to all the discimiantion that I was used to when it came to animal people? Bring it back!

The bat rubbed her neck, most likely embarrassed from the creep’s “gentlemen-like” attitude.

“Oh it's fine, really. We just need to know where the King is. We have a quest and the goddess of bonds and friendship told us to meet with him to work out all the details.”

The old-timer raised an eyebrow at her declaration. ”Oh? Is that so? King Favonius’s palace is located right in the middle of this great city. There's a rather easy path to reach it as well. If you follow the red carpet road, you should be there in no time, my dear.”

“Oh really? That saves us a lot of time looking around. Thank you for being so kind!”

The bat was happy—too happy. Her wings were flapping up and down and her furry ears had perked all the way up like a goddamn dog. She did get me information on where that most likely fat as-a-dumpling King was, so at least there's that…

“Welp, let’s not get too personal with Master Title IX over here, shall we?”

The bat tilted her head at my clever statement. ”What do you mean?”

“Sorry, it was too big for your small brain to handle. My mistake,” I quipped with a wide grin.

“Whatever.” She frowned. “Let's just go.” She left with a sigh after gazing at me with eyes that had the color of amethysts mixed with ambers. The natural attraction of alluring sparkle nearly made me forget she was simply an annoying woman.

We left the white teleportation room and walked out into the midday sun that lit up the capital. It felt the same way as this one RPG I played in high school. It wasn't that good, but the PvP felt great! Anyway, there were three streets snaking around this whole capital, at least in my view. Two of the three roads were filled with people selling items of all sorts. There were many different types of food, horses and large lizard/frog mounts (a real weirdos ride), as well as weapons forged from steel and iron. Swords, shields, magic rings lined their tables as if this was a flea market. That’s a lot of fantasy crap.

“This place is….amazing. My parents and siblings would faint around this many people.”

“Yeah, I mean, anyone seeing this many gentiles would feel uncomfortable.”

“No… That’s not what I meant… Nevermind.”

The bat seemed very infatuated with the amount of people in this city. Before I came here, I saw this shit on a daily basis. Still, it wouldn't be bad to get a weapon. Beating weaklings with my fists and feet was fun and all, but it's not as satisfying anymore. I required a weapon that could stand up to my Skills and strength. I used my scanner on a few of the iron weapons to check if they were worth my time. Just as I thought—they were utter trash, nowhere near what I needed.

“Looking at the weapons? They seem good, but a little pricey.”

“We don’t need this trash. Let's just go meet the fatty.” I trudged on towards the red carpet street.

“Hey, wait up!” She ran right after me. “You don’t even know if he's fat or not!”

“Heh-heh-heh.” I let out a cool sounding cackle. “There is no such thing as a skinny king. They are either fat or dead.”

“What do you mean?” she inquired, clearly puzzled by my declaration.

“It really doesn't matter. Just keep moving.” I passed her once more and continued my stroll to the supposedly “grand” palace .

Even indie game devs can come up with something better…

I stopped in front of the massive Red Palace. That's all it really had going for it besides the size—red. It looked like one of those temples from the middle east or something like that. It had way too many windows and lots of spherical tops with sticks pointing out of them. The main entrance had a large crimson door with guards dressed in red and white armor, metal spears firmly grasped in each of their armored hands.

The blood-covered carpet stopped right before the steps to the palace. Exactly where the guards looked down on us from above, as if we were insects. There were a total of five on each side of the steps with three in the middle. The helmets they wore all had pointy tips. It made them look pretty fucking lame.

“This place is incredible… It's so big!” The bat’s eyes screamed, I’m in love.

“Shut up, will ya? This place does not have shit on the places where I am from. It's laughable, actually.”

The bat bared her small fangs at me; she seemed really ticked off for some reason.

“You really have to ruin everything, don't you?” This was the angriest I had seen her in a while.

“This place ruins itself.” I placed my hands on my waist. “That's all, heh.”

“...” She said nothing more before ascending the stairs. When they noticed her presence, they trained their long spears on her, while the middle guard cast down his suspicious gaze. Then he opened his mouth.

“Demi-human, why have you come to our palace with an armored child in tow?”

‘Child’? Is this guy for real? Fuck off!

“Hello. My name is Komoria Vato and this ‘armored child’ is Raze Havok, the Savior appointed by the Goddess, Endina. She told us to see the King before we head to Imp City for the subjugation of the Imp Lord.”

“I see. The Imp Lord, you say?” The soldier nodded before calling for another knight. He whispered something into his ear. The knight then ran off to the palace door, waiting for the other soldiers to open it, and disappeared behind its veil.

Can’t wait for him to come back and say the king wishes to see us. This shit always goes like that, no matter the game or book.

Soon after, the knight returned and whispered something to the one that Komoria had spoken to. He nodded once more.

“The king wishes to have an audience with the Savior and his companion. Please follow me.”

“Thanks!” Now, the bat was full of delight, her anger nowhere to be seen. The massive doors swung open once again, beckoning us inside.

The palace was even more meh on the inside. I'm not even going to mention it. We followed the red carpet after passing many many paintings of former old farts that were apparently kings and queens.

After a bit, we reached a massive atrium. The walls were dyed red with golden pillars sprouting upwards from each corner of the room. Multiple chandeliers hung from the ceiling like reversed spiders, with diamonds of blood shining off of each hand. The room itself was rather devoid of people, except for myself, the bat, a guard, two retainers, and the “mighty” king, himself. I wonder where the Queen is? Probably fooling around in someone else's chamber. Ha-ha-ha. I had myself a good chuckle.

The throne was crimson red with a golden spire jutting out from behind the King’s throne. Interestingly enough, this King was not a big chungus fat ball of man. No. He was fairly well-built and seemed not much older than myself. Perhaps he was in his mid-twenties? But wait—the bat said he had a teenage daughter. That couldn’t be right unless he was using some janky voodoo shit. He had curly blond hair with silver highlights at the tips with a red and gold crown and robe. He gazed down at us, his gray eyes focused on the bat and I alone. Yet for some reason, he said nothing. All he did was scratch his blond beard.

“I told you,” The bat whispered in my ear. “They aren't all like that.”

It didn’t matter. I'm sure the results will be the same. There had to be something wrong with him. I mean, just look at how young he is!

The knight led us below the king before stopping. “This is King Favonius Floronda IX, our ever benevolent ruler.”

He gave a salute to the king before walking straight past us and disappearing behind the large metal doors.

The non-fat king refused to move from his throne, but finally decided to move his lips instead.

“Great! Our next Savior has arrived and, in a timely manner at that! Your help will be needed greatly in the subjugation of the Lords of Tyranny. Then the humans and demi-humans will be able to roam the land in freedom once again.”


Huh? I turned my head to the bat. It seemed she had spoken out of turn. You could get executed for that, oh ignorant one.

“What did you say, my girl?” He gazed down at her with a solemn look in his eyes.

“I said—we aren't called demi-humans, we are the Beast-kin. Please make sure to get it right, Your Majesty.”

She even kneeled down when she said it, after correcting him. What a defiant little diva we have on our hands.

I wanted the King to do King stuff and execute her right then and there. I would be in some deep trouble if he did, however. And we couldn’t have that…

Instead, the King nodded and smiled ruefully. “My mistake, young one. I seek for the beast-kin and humans to coincide without descrimination or conflict, but that is not possible until our enemies are fully obliterated.”

Why is he calling her young? He looks barely older; what a fucking weirdo. Everyone in the capital is something like this. Yuck!

Komoria got up once again and wiped the hair out of her face. She was strangely flowing with confidence.

“Thank you for understanding, Your Majesty. Now, how can you assist us? I’m sure the goddess did not send us all the way here just to chat.”

“Ah, yes. Knights!” He clapped his hands and three knights in white shining armor marched through the door behind us. They seemed familiar, but I couldn't place them…

Komoria, however, had a face full of devastation. It was like she had seen a ghost or watched her family perish before her eyes.

“You three! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” She bared her fangs, just like before.

“The cute bat girl!”

“That we nearly did stuff with.”


She seemed to know them, but I still couldn't place these three losers.

Then the tall one in the middle pointed at me. “Yo, didn't we kill this one?”

“Nah, this one's the Savior. You must have your eyes still in that waitress's tits—I mean… Yeah.”

“Ye, that last one was a worthless piece of trash. He must be one of them look-alikes.”

The bat was still fuming with anger, tears nearly gushing from her irritated eyes. She seemed like she wanted to run—to be anywhere else than here. Yet, she decided to walk closer towards the king instead.

”Um...Your Majesty, why are these three…uh…gentlemen here?”

“They are your three companions for your journey. They are adept in combat and have knowledge of the paths that lead out of the kingdom.”

“Ah…..” Her smile faltered and with it her confident attitude.

She seemed very uncomfortable, though that didn't matter to me. What did matter was that these three smiling fucks thought they can just tag-along with me and the bat on this stupid quest. I couldn’t have anymore shitters wearing me down, especially not these losers.

I walked right up to the king, passing the bat and the two retainers that stood on the kings left and right. They all watched me with what was probably curiosity.

“I don’t need your fucking charity, Skinny Dumpling. Pleh!" I really let him have it.

I released a salvo of spit right on his face. It impacted right below his left cheek—a direct hit! The King wiped it off with his red red sleeve and glared daggers at me. “Has this Savior gone mad?! How dare you! You three! Throw him in the dungeon for the night to let him think his decision over.”

The three hooligans quickly apprehended me. No matter how much I struggled, I was locked within their iron grip. They must have injected me with something to weaken my strength. I'll just have to bear it for now.

I wasn’t going down alone, though. The bat frantically followed after me, muttering insults about my intellect as she tailed us. For some reason, she didn't seem as mad as usual, as if it was only to save face…

“This place fucking reeks!” I started massaging my tormented nose. We were inside a jail cell that was located under the palace. Luckily, I was trapped with just one pile of garbage in this room and only had to bide my time and get out of here.

“Errrrg… How long are we going to have to stay here? There's only one bed and there's no way you are making me sleep on the floor again.”

“Can you fucking reads minds?” I gasped.

“You were gonna do it again?! I can’t believe you! You are the opposite of a gentleman. A not-gentleman—yeah—that's what you are!”

“Will you pipe down? I'm trying to figure out a way out of here.”

I had one solution, but I didn't want her to take all the glory again. Instead, I wanted an alternative that would make me, and only me look good. That was when my antenna started buzzing in my ear again. There was no way to decline it, so one way or another I would have to hear that bitch speak to me again.

But much to my suprise, a dark skinned man with red eyes, a black and red tunic, and a pointy hat appeared on my screen.

Now, who the hell is this?

“Oh cool, it's on! I love the technology of the gods! Well, it was originally based on creations on Earth, but that doesn’t matter! I assume I am speaking to Raze Havok, the newly appointed savior?”

“What's it to you and why do you look so funny?”

He shoved his pointer finger up to the screen and waved it back and forth. “Now, now—Razy, that's no way to treat your new benefactor. I am but a simple fan of your work, so I will let that slide. Allow me to introduce myself! I am Resa Sin, a dark god of jerks and tomfoolery. I am very impressed at how you have defied the orders from that goddess and are taking matters into your own hands despite your predicament. So, as your biggest fan, I would love to grant you one of many gifts. Boooooooop!”

“New Class acquired" and “New Skill acquired” popped up in the right corner of my scanner screen. The second my eye focused on it, the screen projected it right in front of me, displaying all my stats.

[Name: Raze Havok]—[Class: Savior/Disruptor]—[Level: 10]

[Skills: Zodiac Wheel, Rabbit (RANK 3), Skill Share (MAX), Soul Bond (MAX), Fearless Confidence (MAX), Supreme Arrogance (RANK 2), The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath (RANK 0)]

[Status: Intrigued]—[Attack: 85]—[Defense: 80]—[Magic: 50]

[Wrath]? [The Seven Deadly Sins]? Those sound somewhat promising—and very biblical. I'm getting anti-hero or villain vibes from just thinking about it. It's also nice to know that my Skills cost nearly zero mana or else I wouldn't be able to do shit with how slow my progress is.

Immediately, a black gauntlet appeared from a small dark void, consuming my entire left arm in a metallic casing. It matched the color of a raven, but seemed a little too edgy. Fuck! This is the kinda shit edgy losers in power fantasy books have! I can’t even take it off! What is with all these gods and their unremovable equipment? What the hell?!

“Cool, right? Every time you unlock a new Sin, a special piece of the Disruptor Series will be added onto you. Just look at what this Sin does! I'm sure it will be waaay more useful than anything those pitiful gods can provide.”

The Skill description appeared right in front of my eyes: The first of the Seven Deadly Sins, Wrath, allows the user to initially double any stat of them or anyone nearby for up to five minutes. Once fully leveled up, the stat can be quadrupled instead.

Double a stat? Hey, that's not too bad.

“Hey, Raze, what's this Wrath ability that just showed up in my Skill Share? And who are you talking to? That’s not the way you would converse with Lady Endina…”

“Why don't you just look at what it does and stop wasting your words on me?” I snapped.

“Well, you don't have to be so rude about it! I was just curious! Hmph!” She looked away.

She was probably pouting like a typical teenage girl, filling me with disgust. It was so revolting that I almost forgot I was on an important call.

“Well, keep up the great work and ruin things for others and everyone! I love what you just did to the pariah of the Vatre tribe. Great stuff! There are also some really neat Skills heading your way if you keep this up!”

“Sure, whatever. Can you leave now?”

He smiled and gave a flimsy salute before moving very very close to the screen. “I look forward to hearing about your future endeavors, Razy. Go mess some stuff up. Spit on everyone!”

I can't believe he just said that.

With those parting words, he disappeared from my crimson-tinted screen, leaving me and the sulking bat, alone in a lightless jail.

————————————————————————————————————————————A few hours had gone by since Raze had got us thrown into jail for defiling the King with his saliva. I should have expected this, but I was still disappointed in him. Of course, I could have let him spend a night in jail alone, but that sounded like a bad idea. It would be like giving a child a lighter and some matches in a forest and leaving them alone. He needed some adult supervision.

I contemplated all of this while Raze kicked the metal bars over and over again with his bunny-empowered legs. The defense of the jail far surpassed his attack even while being doubled, and yet he still made me heal him after he broke his leg after every few tries…

“Fuck! This thing is strong…”

“What is this…like the tenth time you tried to break it down? I lost count…”

I sat on the semi-comfortable bed, massaging my fluffy ears to pass the time. “You should really give it a rest. You’re disturbing the other prisoners.”

“So? Who cares about convicts, anyway? They aren’t people. They don’t have rights.”

How ironic, coming for someone who was personally imprisoned by the king of a nation. I could probably just melt it if I doubled my mana and used that laser beam thing, but I wonder if he would get mad at me for “KSing” again. Whatever that means.

I decided to sprawl out on top of the bed, hands under my chin in a V-shape while I watched the Savior struggle. I really should have just given him a helping hand because I was not sleeping on the floor. Never again!

“Fuck! Just break already! Damnit! Ahhhhhh!”

He tried to kick it as hard as he could, but it didn't budge as expected.

“Hey, do you know what the definition of insanity is? I think it could apply right no—”

“Shut up! I'm trying to focus!” He proceeded to smash into the door once more and failed…again. Large beads of sweat poured down from his forehead and into the dark metal floor below him.

Yeah, I think I have had enough. I focused on the right corner of my scanner and stood up from the bed.

I spoke the incantation in a dead flat tone. I really didn't sound pleasant, but I was just fed up after spending a few hours doing nothing in jail for Raze’s mistake…..even if I was sort of happy that he did what he did.

A long red beam spewed out of my scanner like the world’s fattest lightning spear, instantly melting through the middle bars of the cell and probably the wall behind it as well.

“Hmph.” I brushed my hair from my shoulder to behind my back. “We are leaving. You took waaaay too long, Raze. Please don’t be mad.”

He stood up from where he had been rubbing his right foot. “I'm not mad… It takes some time for an animal to obey their master. Really, what can I do?”

He passed me and walked out of the ruined cell. He called me a…pet. He called me a pet! He really has the nerve to say that, but at least he didn't yell or call me a bitch. That’s, like, sort of an improvement, I suppose.

My heart beated a little faster in my chest and I'm not really sure why… Maybe I would finally be treated like a normal girl soon enough and I was getting filled with anticipation and excitement. My expectations were not high, though…

I followed him out of the cell after a bit of self-reflection. Everything was shrouded in a veil of darkness, making it rather difficult to find my way. That was until I used [Night Vision], one of my racial skills that came with being a bat beast-kin. I could always leave it on, but it actually made your eyes a lot worse during the day if you did that. It simply wasn’t for me.

Everything now appeared as bright as a dazzling sunny day. Nothing could escape my sight, not even that troublesome Raze.

While chasing after him, I passed many jail cells. I wonder what kind of characters are within them? I took a small peak on either side out of curiosity. On the right, two tan and hairy guys were sharing a bed together—intimately. They didn't seem awake, but it still made the hairs stand up on my neck. I shifted my gaze up ahead; it seemed some of them were speaking to Raze.

“Hey man, please let me out. I didn’t do nothin’.”

“You look like a swell guy…”

“I’ll do you if you let me out.”

That last remark got Raze to turn his head, “Wait, seriously? Heh-heh-heeeh…”

Yikes. I grabbed him by the arm before he could do anything else. There were surprisingly no guards and the door was left unlocked. Maybe they were so sure that no one would escape? But that was beyond foolish reasoning, wasn’t it? Either way, we “discovered” an exit that led us to the side of the palace with ease and found ourselves in a dark alleyway.

“Ack! This place reeks!” Raze rubbed his nose.

“I know, but we need a way out of the capital, and with no assistance from the King thanks to someone. We might need to get a little…sketchy.”

“What are you implying?”

I blessed him with a lovely smile that was illuminated by the full moon. “Why don’t you follow me and find out?”