Chapter 0:

The Second Industrial Revolution

Iron Saviour

In the year 2045 scientists started researching pure H₂O because of its great potential in helping humanity. Pure H₂O was called “Lucigen”. The Lucigen was reserched due to its mineral absorbing capabilities. The researchers tried to modify it so that it would absorb the pollution held in the air, then easily release them returning to its original form. Researchers had acomplished their goal 43 years later cleaning the air with Lucigen in the form of fog.

We are now in the year 2115, just 27 years of inventing this new generation filtering technology. The worlds government is under the rule of the world president, under him are 10 prime ministers, each bound to his part of the world. The 4th sections’ prime ministers’ son Miyashiro Yoshiyuki has had a heart disease since he was born. He couldn't go out of his home, the reason for that being he was too weak. Fortunately for him, he was given a chance to live a full life, thanks to a heart transplant. The only drawback was that he needed to wait untill he was 18 years old to be able to survive the transplant. Now came the long awaited day for Yoishuyuki, because today is his 18th birthday…

Taylor Victoria
Fan Toshiro #1
Iron Saviour - Cover

Iron Saviour