Chapter 4:

Sena (1)

Is my Youth Romantic Comedy A Figment of My Imagination?

I’ve always enjoyed running. I’m far from being a sportsman but the feeling of foot on tarmac and the wind in my hair is… freeing. I have always thought that I could run a damn mean 800-meter sprint if I wanted…

Of course, I don’t want that. I’d rather sit at home reading a book, playing a game or doodling and the thought of running around with a group of over-enthusiastic men sickens me…But I could do it if I wanted. That’s why I ran away from my sister the other day. I wasn’t scared by my own delusions. Of course not. I simply wanted to show off my athletic prowess… The reason I’ve declined every time my sister has invited me to walk with her and Hitomi since is completely irrelevant and I wish that I’d just stop thinking about it. I wasn’t interested in spending that much time with my sister and her boring little friend anyway. There was nothing in it for me. She isn’t my type anyway. I’ve done a lot of thinking since… my run and I have concluded that instead of the quiet, demure type I tend to fascinate about, maybe I should be more interested in the outgoing, friendly type. A girl with experience who knows what she wants, says what she wants and does what she wants.

And I think I might have found just the girl. In the same class as me, no less.

“Se-na. What you doing after class? Karaoke? I’ve got some guys from another school who want to meet up. You in?”

“Na. Not really interested in guys right now.”

“Ehhh. Don’t be boring. Even though that last boyfriend of yours ended up as just another boring guy, doesn’t mean you can’t find another one to have fun with now.”

“…Yeah. But if they’re guys that you know, they’re probably just after that one thing and have no personality, right Miki?”

“Rude! Not wrong, though. Sometimes a girl has to get what she wants, right? Hahahaha!”

“Well, I guess. Have fun, Miki. Let me know what happens, -kay?”

“Well, no worries.”

The new apple of my eye, Sena Kirishima. The yin to Misono and Hitomi’s yang. The polar opposite of my standard ‘type’. She’s outgoing, friendly to everyone and has a reputation of breaking hearts like they are eggs. Also, and I can’t stress enough that this is just a secondary, no, tertiary level of affection is that she is incredibly sexy. Her slightly tanned, bronze skin contrasting her dyed golden hair. Her refusal to button her blouse all the way to the top leaving just enough open for a boy's imagination to run rampant slightly exposes her non-school-approved bra and her skirt which is always shorter than regulation length. Basically, she’s a rebel who dresses how she wants and… it gets me very excited. There is a problem here though…

We live in completely different worlds. She brings light to the room whilst I sit and sulk in the darkness. Flies buzz around her resplendent light whereas I someday wish to be one of those flies. Heck, I’d be a moth if it got me close to my bronzed goddess. Sure, I hear plenty of rumours about her; how she sleeps around and lives simply for sex. After that brief exchange I overheard, I don’t believe it for a second. She’s the type of girl who needs a real connection with another before going that step. I’m not saying she’s never gone past the threshold but that when she does, she does it with someone that means something to her. She’s got experience. And I mean it in a good way. Somebody to take control and teach me something about relationships. About love.

The problem is getting the courage up to talk to her. I think my problem with Hitomi was I got ahead of myself. I was ready to jump the gun and dive headfirst into a relationship before I even knew what the girl's favourite colour was. This time, I’m going to take it slow. Do my research. I might eavesdrop a little bit but if I’m careful, it should be fine. In the pursuit of love, nothing is creepy.


Whilst I was thinking about all of that, I failed to notice that she has left the classroom. Her bag is gone too so she’s definitely not coming back. Damn. I wanted to watch her leave so I could look at her walk away… No! I mean, so I could say goodbye. That’s the reason. Anyway. If she’s gone, I have no reason to stay any longer. Time I slung my hook and got back on the societal treadmill. Today’s tasks; pick up groceries and cook dinner for me and my sister. Oh joy.


Here’s something all those lemmings at school don’t know about me. I’m a pretty decent cook. If I put my mind to it, I could get a chef’s license and spend the rest of my days preparing beautiful meals to fuel the masses. I do enjoy it too, in a way. Just me and my tools; the raw ingredients that I can make into a masterpiece or turn to charcoal… Unfortunately for me and my sister, I was so busy bragging about my skills that I turned our beautiful hamburger steaks into smouldering charcoal briquettes. It’s a long time until I receive my first Michelin star it seems.

“Ahhh! You’ve burnt dinner again, Yuusuke! I was looking forward to this…Looks like we’re having plain rice for dinner again.”

At least I cooked the rice alright.

“Yuusuke. You’re going to have to get me some convenience store pudding to make up for this one. Large size.”

“…Yes, of course.”

As much as it irks me, she’s right. Can’t argue this one. After forcing the plain rice down our gullets, I fulfil my sister’s modest request and head out to the nearby convenience store. One good thing about living in Japan, especially in a city, is there is a convenience store on every street corner. In Tokyo, there are 6. It makes fulfilling my sisters’ little whims all the easier. Besides, it's a small price to pay for keeping her quiet. Within 5 I am outside the nearest 7-11.

Damn. It’s packed. Wait. That looks like…Sena. Lady luck does have a good sense of humour, doesn’t she? This is a chance to leave an impression of me in her mind. Better not waste it. I approach the store slowly, walking as nonchalantly as I can. Not quite sauntering but I’m trying to give off some manly swagger at least. Step by step, I draw closer to the store, with Sena leaning on the building, obviously waiting for someone. As I get even closer, she looks up and flashes a polite smile.

“Evening Sato.”

“G-good evening, Kirishima.”

I think that was a success. Sure, I wasn’t loud, I was looking at my feet and my voice cracked so badly that I probably hit a high B but I spoke to her. And she knew who I was. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a win. I might just buy my sister two puddings for this favour…Maybe three.

I quickly pay for my sister’s wobbly bribe and head out, hoping to catch another glimpse of Sena on the way out.

She’s gone. Well. Suppose one glance will have to do me. I rush off home to give my sister what she wants. Surprisingly, she thanked me. Better rush off to the room before lightning strikes. But, enough twaddle. Let’s get back to the matter at hand. Sena. Damn, she is attractive. It takes somebody special to dig themselves into my brain so quick. I knew I said I was going to take it slower this time so I don’t get hurt but I think this train is about to come off the tracks. It might take a landslide to hold these… urges, back. Man, I hope I have one of those dreams tonight. Whilst I still don’t know what the delusions are, at least some of what they have shown me is true. Not the important ‘I love you’ stuff but stuff about their personalities or their true selves. Maybe I can use these dreams as some sort of reconnaissance; a gift to learn more about the girls so I can make them mine in the real world. Plus… I suppose I can enjoy the flirting as well. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to sleep as much as I am right now…

Part 1 End

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