Chapter 0:


Anemoia , for the time I never knew .

Welcome to Veridian , a once wonderful planet filled with life . Every living thing was blessed by nature to be able to use its power from all around . Unfortunately peace was never a gift bestowed on this land . Nature started to become corrupted and a lot of living things crumbled with it .

200 years have passed from the cataclysm . Technology replaced what magic used to do . Humans use these small devices called RUNES . They allow people to feel the gifts that their ancestors once did . Unfortunately they consume your life force with each use . 

The main story is set on Neo-Tokyo one of the few districts left on Veridian . Every transaction here is made using runes . If a rune is stolen it can be used by others using your life force yet having no rune at all makes you exposed to the unknown corruption . Those who  do not have at least one rune equipped risk to become what is known as an Ex-anima . A mindless creature that feeds on anything .

Hello everyone !

This is my first ever written novel so I put a lot of though into the worldbuilding and the terms I used . Mostly I was based on Greek and Norse mythologies and the terms I have used contain texts of Latin , old Nordic and ancient Greek . I hope you enjoy this as much as I do