Chapter 0:

Grade 7 (prologue)

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        "Hey, move it!"Bookmark here

        I turn my head to see who shouted the remark and witness a small girl wearing a white hoodie approaching with great speed. I walk these back alleys home from school almost everyday, and, other than an employee or 2 taking a break to smoke, haven't seen another person come back through here. This ally wasn't a very nice place to walk. It was rather cold and damp, so it was a little surprising.Bookmark here

        The girl continues to run quickly at me. Before I can step out of the way, she collides with my chest and we both fall to the hard, cold concrete.Bookmark here

        "Ouch!- Oh my God! You idiot, I literally said to move. Now look!" she exclaims, staring at me. She was holding back tears. I couldn't observe the color of her eyes in time before she turned her head.Bookmark here

        A few upperclassmates approach us, all out of breath and panting. I could tell they were highschoolers because they were wearing red ties with my school's uniform. Only highschoolers are allowed that color. One of them collect himself and speak to the girl in a harsh, loud tone.Bookmark here

        "Alright, the games over. Return it if you don't want any trouble." he said, maintaining eye contact with her. He stood tall, but I could tell he was nervous from his quivering hand he attempted to shield behind his back. Bookmark here

        "Yeah, whatever." she looks away defeated, reaching into a big brown leather messenger bag she had on her shoulder. Bookmark here

        She pulls out an entire cellphone! It was still wrapped and in it's packaging. She tosses it to one of the boys haphazardly. One of them reach to catch it, put it slips out of his hands comically. He juggles it with the air for a moment, but catches it right before it hits the ground. Bookmark here

        No more words were exchanged and all the highschoolers ran away, glaring behind their back. The little girl stood to leave too, but of course not before sticking her tongue out at me and scrunching up her nose. I saw her eyes this time. They were a glistening, ashy blur of grey and blue. She runs away quickly, faster than I'd ever seen anyone else manage.Bookmark here

        Well what was that? I haven't seen her anywhere before. It was quite brave of her to steal a brand-new cellphone like that from some highschoolers, but still stupid. They were twice her size. Bookmark here

        Still wondering about the situation, I pick myself up from the ground and begin to gather my things. I lift my science textbook and see a silver charm necklace with a sparkling purple gem. It was quite lovely. I might as well keep it safe, it could be special. I slid it into my pocket and continued my commute home.Bookmark here

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