Chapter 1:

Fatal Chapter Introduction

Fatal Chapter: A Guide to Piloting Gods

Welcome to ✧✧✧ FATAL CHAPTER✧✧✧Bookmark here

The first entry in the VERSE series.Bookmark here

First, you may notice that each chapter has a name before it. This is because Fatal Chapter has multiple main characters and while all of them are excellent, not all of them will survive until the very end.Bookmark here

Please keep in mind that while this project is one whole series it has many branches like an oak tree. The first few chapters will feel like a series of self-contained short stories, and essentially they are, but these branches come back together.Bookmark here

Now, full disclosure. Some of these chapters will be dark (like Chapter 2), some of them will be funny (Chapter 1) and none of them will be executed exceptionally well because I'm an amateur writer on the best of days and a filthy degenerate weeb on the worst of days.Bookmark here

Chapter 6 is when these branches really start to come together.Bookmark here

FATAL CHAPTER Bookmark here

The title of a chapter when a character has been chosen by fate to perish will be labelled "FATAL CHAPTER: X" so you know when one has arrived. It won't let you know who will fall until you're already in it though. A smart detective will have figured it out judging by the official polls.Bookmark here

Make sure to vote for your favourite characters and chapters, or you might see your old favourite succumb to a grim fate.Bookmark here

Remember Fatal Chapter loves you.Bookmark here

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