Chapter 9:

Decisively Devious

Black and White

(Scene one: Elites)

After a couple of weeks and days and hours and…anyway, later, the month of October began. In other words, the month that makes Brian and secretly Serena too go crazy. In fact, both of their younger sisters have their birthdays in this very month. Brian and Serena have only five days because Whitney and Emily’s birthdays are on the same day. Emily slightly knocked on the door and slammed it open. “Big brother wake up! It’s morning. I’m going to school.” Emily woke him up. “Fine, I’m sleepy. Haw a gaet dae.” Brian said while yawning and tucking his head under the pillow, trying to sleep. “Actually, you NEED to be in school. Today is the first day of October. Elder siblings must come to school for their younger siblings.” Emily mentioned. Brian went from bored sleepiness to an excited and wide-awake state. “OCTOBER? HERE?” Brian probed in confusion. Emily nodded. “No no NO!” Brian tried to run to his calendar. While on the run his leg slipped on his own yesterday clothes and hit his face on the backrest of the chair and fell with it. “Are you okay?” Emily asked in worry. “I’m saying it. This month gonna gimme some bad luck than seeing a black cat in the morning.” Brian said while rubbing his right cheek. He adjusted his nose and hysterically there were three light red strips on the right side of his face. “But you told me black cat’s bad luck is a lie…” “It is! I was speaking in a metaphorical technicality.” Brian answered. Emily wondered and said, “I don’t get it.”. “Anyway, get ready. Let’s go on…” “I took breakfast, fed Phantom, bye-ed dad, dressed up and YOU are the one who’s late.” Emily said while interrupting him. Brian was set to stun by her doings. “F…fine. I’ll get changed. Stay near Phantom.”

After they came to the school on time, Brian met James with Loki and some other kids. “Oh hey Brian! You remember my brother don’t you…” James asked in a weirdly nervous way. Brian thought back, but he didn’t recall. And he didn’t understand the expression James making. “You never told me…” before Brian finish his line, he saw Whitney waving in distress and showing a gesture of a beheading. She was behind James in a distance. It was a signal to express ‘Don’t say it!’. “…your brother is a…a…goal…a great horseback rider.” Brian barely got saved. Whitney heavily exhaled in gladness. Brian was trying to say ‘going to the same school’ but, there was only one for the whole town. “I heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you. I’m B…” “I know who you are. Brian Timber Bolt. Brother used to talk all about his ranch friends and blah and blah.” Brian was motionless after he offered his hand to shake hands. “You said you heard about me from my brother, so what’s my name?” James’s brother questioned. Brian started sweating. Whitney again waved and drew huge letters in the air. Letter of James’s kid brother’s name. “You are… Harps…Harry, right?” Brian spelt. Whitney jumped and cheered. But it was embarrassing to her; cheering lonely. Harry pouted and shook Brian’s hand. “Harry Arthur.”. “WAIT! Arthur is you guys’ surname!?” Brian asked in confusion. James nodded with a nervous smile while scratching the back of his head. The moment Brian turned back to introduce Emily; she went inside the school with her friends. Then so did James, Whitney, Brian, Henry and Serena who came just in the nick of time before the school get started.

All of them had to stay in the school until it ended. After that, in the afternoon, all of them came to mount back onto their horses. Brian lifted and mounted Emily on Phantom while Harry had to stay after school for supplementary classes. Whitney mounted Luna and adjusted the reins and belts. “Hey, Brian are you coming this week? I mean this Sunday.” Serena asked casually, hoping for a favourable reply. “Sunday? I don’t recall anything special on Sunday.” Brian replied unconcerned about the facts. James came from Brian’s side and gave a slight, tapping-like knock to his head. “Idiot. I told you two days ago. Night duty in the stables…?” James hinted. Brian started biting his fingernails. “I really don’t remember.” He said with a nervous grin. Serena and James sighed together. “Eli…” “OH YEAH! The Elites’ race.” Brian remembered and said interrupting James. “Well, the elites said that you can join if you like. Only you because we have a feeling Phantom is a … winner.” Serena said. “This Sunday? What if Phantom won?” Brian thought for a bit and probed. “Usually elites having this race for fun or as training. But if you two could win it, elites have discussed promoting you as an elite.” Serena informed. “An elite gets a free small portion of a healthy grain mixture each and every month.” Whitney added up. “Would you be able to pull this off…Phantom?” Brian whispered and Phantom neighed to agree. Phantom got excited, he started to do a few stampings. “Calm down boy” Emily tightly grabbed Phantom’s rein after getting scared. Phantom understood and it bottled its joy. Brian got cheered up by that. “We’ll join the race.” Brian agreed to join on behalf of Phantom. He opened Phantom’s saddle bag and took out his racer’s badge. “Come to think of it, you didn’t actually wear it after your first race.” Serena mentioned. “But you managed to keep it nice and shiny. It looks like a shield.” James said. “Because it is IN the shape of a shield. This is mine.” Serena showed her badge, attached inside of her jacket. It was a shield but different from Brian’s badge. Serena’s badge was the same colour as Swifty's with a golden colour frame around it. There was an ‘S’ and a winged cute mare. “Oh, and what was the winged horses called again?” James asked. “You mean Pegasus?” Emily probed. “Yeah, that one.” James said. “Let’s go home right.” Emily nodded to Brian’s question. Brian mounted. “Brian, two things. One, we are not using any tracks. And if you become an elite, you can’t remove any of your badges. Meet me here on the school premises before eleven in the morning on Sunday.” Serena said and mounted on Luna. Everyone went speechless. “Uh…sis…you’re on the wrong horse…” Whitney said. “What!? Oops sorry.” Serena dismount from Luna and mounted on Swifty. Serena had to apologize to Swifty too. Then the riders got separated and went back to their houses and to their ranches.

On Sunday morning, Brian arrived an hour before the race started. But only Serena, Whitney and Brian were there with their horses. Whitney was to watch the race. “Hey sis, can I get literally a handful of your grain mixture? Luna didn’t eat in the morning.” Whitney asked. Serena looked at Whitney with narrowed eyes. Without taking her eyes away, Serena grabbed the small sack with grain mixture in her belt and gave it to Whitney. “Th…thanks.” Whitney was troubled by her sister’s look. Brian left to get a bucket of water for Phantom before the race and to wash and drink. Because he thought the midday sun will be a huge troublemaker. While Brian was away, Whitney fed the handful of grain she talked about to Phantom. Her aim was to lead Brian to victory. But as Brian and Whitney knew so far, horses shouldn’t eat energetic stuff before the race. Brian came back with two buckets of water. He saw Whitney with Phantom. “What are you doing?” Brian interrogated. “Just wanted to see the victor to be.” Whitney replied.

Half an hour later the other elites arrived with their horses. Five more riders. So, all the elites’ horses from both ranches altogether were two Thoroughbreds, an Akhal-Teke, a Morgan, a Cleveland Bay, a Palomino and if includes Phantom, a Mustang. “What a collection we have he…WHAT’S HE DOING HERE!?” Brian tried to admire the horses and recognised Morgan. It was Pete’s. “Well Brian actually, Pete was an elite too. But don’t worry. You have us all or at least me.” Serena said. Brian frowned at Pete. Pete ignored. The last race’s top three were also, three of the elites’ horses according to ascending order of their places the Thoroughbred, Akhal-Teke and the Palomino. But the one with the Thoroughbred won because Serena got injured. As from James’s intel, the last race winner (1st) was the second, in the race before it.

All racers except Serena and Pete dismounted to meet Brian, who was bathing or moistening Phantom. “That’s a nice trick to a race in high noon. That will help your horse to save a bit of energy.” the last race winner said. The grey Thoroughbred and yellow Akhal-Teke belonged to two men and the orange-ish (more like a beautiful mix of yellow and orange) Palomino was to a lady, one year younger than Serena. Respectively, the jockeys’ names were, Gerald, Oliver and Charlotte. “He looks pretty good for a Mustang. What’s his name?” Gerald tried to approach Phantom to touch. But Phantom didn’t like unknown things, including humans it doesn’t recognize. Phantom jumped back and stood from its hind legs to attack. “Watch out…” Oliver and Charlotte stopped Brian. Moment Phantom attacked, Gerald took two steps aside and tried to gently rub or pet Phantom. But that wasn’t easy. Thanks to Phantom’s quick reflexes, it would already have torn apart Gerald’s handoff. But fortunate for him, it didn’t happen because his Thoroughbred pushed Gerald aside. Now Phantom had an edgy feeling about that Thoroughbred. “Hey hey Whiplash…take it, easy boy.” Gerald said to his horse; Whiplash the Thoroughbred. “I’m Oliver Wilson, owner of Rush the Akhal-Teke.” Oliver said and shook hands with Brian. “And I’m Charlotte Scott, owner of Elena the Palomino. You have a nice racer’s badge. I and Oliver are on your ranch but we don’t usually get a chance to visit there.” Same did the Charlotte with Brian. “I remember my first day with Whiplash, no different from your…” Gerald hinted at Brian to say its name. Brian grabbed Gerald’s hand and help him get up. “I’m Brian Bolt, owner of Phantom the Mustang.” He introduced himself. “Those words really match together.” Oliver said. “…no different from Phantom. Stubborn as Whiplash when I met him. By the way, I’m Gerald Wright, owner of Whiplash the Thoroughbred. From Steel-lock.” Gerald finished his lines. “Really?” Brian probed with a smile. “Yeah, try touching it.” Gerald was challenged indirectly. “Let’s start the race…” Oliver tried to stop Brian. Brian walked near Whiplash, holding his right hand raised. Same as Phantom did, Whiplash tried to attack. Brian gave a secret signal to Phantom, not to approach. Phantom stood still. Brian stopped at the moment when Whiplash attacked. Whiplash’s forelegs landed a few inches away from Brian’s legs. Everyone looked away thinking Brian will get hit. Whiplash was astounded by seeing Brian read its landing point. At that stunning moment, Brian rubbed Whiplash’s head. That action made everyone gasp. Even Pete, but he quickly changed his face. After all, Phantom wasn’t the number one stubborn horse. It was Whiplash, and Brian was the first person to tame it at first glance.

“W…We should get on with the race.” Serena said to gain back the attention of the riders. They mounted back onto their horses and aligned parallel to each other. The race track was to run around the school and go to the Gold-key ranch using the shortest path. Then from there to the foot of the green peaks and finished by cut pass through the ribbon stretched at the Steel-lock ranch’s fence gates. “A…Brian, can you move back a distance of two horses?” Gerald asked Brian, to start by having a distance from the elites. The others were flabbergasted. Gerald only asks it when he felt there’s someone, that can surpass him. Brian agreed and moved back with Phantom a rough distance until Gerald was satisfied. “Sis,  do you mind commencing the race?” Serena asked. “Okay. When Luna hit her forelegs on the ground, the race will commence. Okay?” “No prob.” Everyone agreed with Whitney. “On your mark…Set…” Whitney said and Luna stood up from its hind legs and landed. Not a moment behind, the racers whooshed. For the first time for Brian, he took the advantage of starting behind. So, he could understand the details of upcoming terrains. In the beginning, from the first to last; Oliver, Pete, Charlotte, Serena, Gerald and Brian.

So as the route explained three minutes later, it was the last part of the race. From the foot of the green peaks to the Silver-lock ranch. The race of either becoming the elite or learning or training turned into a really intense champions’ race. As intense as the last race. But only the boys felt the intensity. Whiplash didn’t want to get defeated by a Mustang. Brian didn’t want to lose to Pete. Pete wanted to show off and metaphorically drag Brian on mud. Oliver wanted to get others to recognise his Akhal-Teke. This led to leaving a great distance between Serena, Charlotte and the men. “I thought this supposed to be a recruitment of a new elite.” Charlotte asked. “Arhh, boys. When one starts competing, others get attracted like magnets to compete against him.” Serena was unamused. “This is technically a power struggle.” Charlotte added up. Serena sighed and then Swifty and Elena gained speed and got closer. “So, Charley, shall we show’em?” Serena hinted. “Don’t call me that. But I agree. Let’s show them what we’re made of.” “Stardust! That’s what Whitney said. She kept bragging about it ever since she leant it.” Serena answered. Charlotte looked with narrowed eyes. “I was not speaking literally there.” She said.

When they entered the town, the race got split again. Now Pete and Brian have an extreme struggle to win. Marshall was sitting on the fence with a book to make sure and record who passes first and last. Fact, Marshall has keen eyesight and a great memory. Brian and Pete kept looking at each other’s faces. Brian saw the ribbon at the entrance gate. He recognized Pete had no attention to the race but to win over him. Brian pulled the rein to signal Phantom to turn sharp left. Phantom did it. Pete thought Brian trying to knock over him so he hurried. Pete accidentally fell into Brian’s trap. Brian knew Pete would do that and get too far from the finish line in the wrong direction. Brian told Phantom to walk and cut through the ribbon. Phantom started to walk. Actually, it had only need to place its left or right foreleg to win the race. But out of the blue, Swifty ran past Phantom. Brian was dumbfounded. “YaHOO! You got some nerve to walk to the finish line. Don’t think I’ll let you two win this, that easily.” Serena said. “HALT!” Marshall shouted and Whiplash, Rush, and Elena stopped where they stood. Whiplash was one inch away from the finish line. Marshall laid on the fence and took a closer look. He imagined the occasion where EITHER Swifty or Phantom cross the line. “I don’t think he’d thought you’d let him win.” “Huh?” Gerald, Charlotte and Serena didn’t get it. “That’s a lot of ‘would’-s to take in.” Oliver said. “Actually…Phantom crossed first Serena.” Marshall said with cold sweat and a nervous grin. “WHAAAAAT!” all the elites shouted. “I saw Whitney feeding Phantom something to gain energy.” Pete tried to stop making Brian and Phantom the winner. “Oh, I saw that too. It was because Phantom didn’t have breakfast. I gave Whitney my wheat seed sack.” Serena said. “How…What!? Are you psychic?” Brian asked. “Whitney asked me, saying it was for Luna, but I saw Luna eating hay in the morning. then I saw she’s feeding Phantom.” Serena said.

“What can we say...? You won fair and square. Here is the elite’s frame.” Gerald gifted a red box. Inside there was a shiny golden colour frame that can be fitted to Brian’s race badge on a small black cushion. Brian stared at it in amazement. Charlotte looked at her watch. “Hey Brian, can you get over the feeling and attach the damn frame to your badge!?” she yelled. “Oh yeah sorry.” Brian said with a smile and attached the gold-like frame to his black shield shape badge. Brian instantly hugged Phantom and yelled. “WE DID IT! WE DID IT!” in excitement. “Wel…Welc…Welcome to the group jo…ckey.” Pete welcomed Brian with hesitation. “Th…thank you. By the way, you didn’t introduce your Morgan” Brian pointed. The elites put their hands on their hips and figured. “My Morgan? Oh, this boy? His name’s Ace-wind.” Pete said making a proud figure. “Nice to meet you Acey” “DON’T SHORTEN THE NAME!” Pete yelled when Brian ignored him and hugged Morgan. “And Brian, I’m really sorry to hurt Phantom from the last race. I didn’t mean it go that far dangerous. I wanted the gold you bet on.”.

“Holy horses! I forgot to buy a present. See you all later people. Let’s go Swifty.” Serena said and whooshed to the market. Then was time Brian also realized that he also needed to buy a present. He also hurried. He said his goodbyes and thanks and also whooshed to the market. 

(Scene two: Thoughts)

Brian and Serena planned and organized a party for Emily and Whitney at the Steel-lock ranch; for a change. All the ranchers, Emily’s schoolmates, the Ryte family and Bolt family gathered to enjoy. From six o'clock in the evening until everyone gets dismissed. While at the party everyone got a chance to talk to everyone. New bonds, new challengers. Lots of new stuff happened. The ranch was decorated in a cute way. But Mr. Paul and Mr. Smith (owner of Steel-lock ranch) disliked what the girls did to the ranch. As a birthday treat, everyone got one cupcake each. Made by Natasha and Charlotte followed by a couple of complaints regarding the cupcakes made by James. At the end of the party, Brian and Serena had to present Emily and Whitney with the gift they bought for them. Brian gave a kitten to Emily and Serena gave a white colour flexible full-body suit to Whitney but when Whitney asked about what it was for, Serena gave a wink and a smile and dodged it. Then for the next round, Serena gifted a set of hairpins to Emily. But Brian had no idea what to gift Whitney. He already bought her the saddle and bridle so he was thoughtless. “A …Whitney. Last night postman ran into my house saying, none of your family members getting up though he ringed the bell for few times. So, he gave this to me.” Brian gave a package to Whitney with a small money sack. “And the sack for…” she asked. “I don’t know what to get so you can buy something you want from this.” Brian replied. “Thanks Brian. That'll be more helpful than wasting time on a gift that you aren’t sure.” Whitney happily said. 

On the package was written; 

‘From: Roxanne.
To: Whitney, Broken Willows, Eastern State.
Do not open until you are alone.’

Whitney showed it and went to a place she felt alone. She went out of the ranch and behind a tree. She tore a part of the package cover. It was heavy as a bundle of books and was in a shape of a book. Inside there was another box. A box with red and yellow stripes. But she had no time to reveal the full box. Out of the blue, a person put Whitney into a sack and abducted her. The box fell to the ground dramatically. All she felt was she can’t move and going in some direction. Since it was night, she couldn’t identify where’s what direction. She didn’t even have time to call for help. All happened too sudden, too quick. The thing she could do it to wait for a moment to get saved and she prayed in mind for anyone from Broken Willows to help her. She was sure, that whoever kidnapped her cannot be a person from the town. 

A little time later Serena came to bring back Whitney. “Hey…Whitney…aren’t you done with your package?” Serena said. Serena saw the half-teared package on the ground near the tree Whitney hid. And there was a letter along with it. Serena read it. Serena got furious; she crushed the letter when she finished reading. The person Serena first thought as the culprit was Pete. She came into the ranch. Didn’t talk or look at anyone but Pete on the way she kept the package on the table. Serena was really spine-tinglingly scary when seriously furious. Fact, she’s literally strong. She grabbed two beer bottles. And approached Pete. “S…Serena? What’s wrong?” Charlotte asked. “Where is she Pete?” Serena questioned. “Huh? Where’s who?” Pete asked in confusion. “Don’t play dumb YOU BASTARD.” Serena yelled. The whole crowd went silent. Serena threw a bottle and Pete. He blocked it by crossing his hands. “Why are you blocking!?” Serena tried to throw the other bottle and Charlotte stopped her. Serena broke the bottle while it was in her hand. Her hand got cut by the glass pieces and started to bleed. Serena started to cry. Everyone was befuddled and speechless. Brian saw a crushed paper in Serena’s belt. While Serena was crying in a motionless position, Brian pulled and read it. Pete came behind Brian to see it. “I recognize this…” Pete said. Everyone looked at Pete. “Say what you know.” Brian grabbed Pete from his shirt. “You can’t fight against an elite when you are one. That’s a rule.” Pete said desperately. “He’s right there Brian.” Oliver had to agree. Brian let go of Pete. “Brian, read the letter.” Gerald said. Brian agreed and cleared his throat to read. Written in the letter was,

If you want the girl, bring me the black Mustang with one rider. Head to the withered forest in the North. Come closer to the broken granary. Her life will be traded for the horse. If you came with at least one more person, you can get back her dead body. The same goes if you didn’t show up and abandoned her. You have time till tomorrow (7th) night.

Everyone stood where they sat. everyone went furious. Serena hugged and squeezed Charlotte. “Let’s all surround the place!” “No, let’s tell the police!” “Just gave up the horse. Find a new one!” “We all rile up there and confuse him and save her!” Everyone started to give senseless strategies. “ARE YOU ALL THIS DUMB!” Brian yelled. The crowd went to the utmost silent. “Then say your idea wimp. This is because of your horse.” An adult yelled. Then some of his companions jumped and mounted on their horses to get her back. “Guys wait!” Gerald tried to stop them. But that just formed team jumped over the ranch fences and headed to the place specified in the letter. Brian has only twenty-six and a half hours to save Whitney. And two and a half hours to midnight.

Now on the ranch, only the ones who trust and know Brian, stayed. Including the elites. “Brian…what’s in your mind?” James saw Brian was troubled. “All of this.” Brian said. “Huh?” Natasha and James said together in confusion. “All of this…looks too easy.” Brian finished. “You have a point there. Even I put a lot of effort into my planning if it looks this easy.” Pete said and the elites looked at him with narrowed eyes. Reminding me what happened in the last race. “Dad, you and Emily go back home. Please, you too Mr. and Mrs. Ryte. By any means necessary we or at least I, will definitely bring Whitney back home.” Brian said seriously. “Whatever you do, you need to come back home, big brother.” Emily said while going with her father. “I promise.” Brian replied. “Mr. Paul or Mr. Smith, do you happen to have a map about the area mentioned?” Brian asked. “I have all the maps of every state in this country.” Mr. Smith said and went inside the Steel-lock ranch house. Moments later he brought the map of the state where Broken Willows is. “Where’s our village…” Brian tried to find. “Over here.” Serena started to talk again. She pointed from her nonbleeding hand. Brian stared at the map for minutes, without a word out from his mouth. “So probably, the granary should be in…here right?” Brian probed. “Actually, it’s in here.” Pete pointed. “How do you know?” Gerald asked. “Because me and Pete played there in our childhood. And maybe sold a few stuff from there to buy some stuff.” Marshall said the last part unnoticeably. The elites looked at Marshall with a mocking expression followed by narrowed eyes. “What!? That place is a haunted jackpot.” Marshall said. “Wait! If this is in here…CRAP!” Brian panicked a bit. “What’s wrong?” Oliver touched Brian on the shoulder and asked. “We need to act quick. I’ll tell the plan to Serena and Gerald. Others get prepared for a long ride. James, Oliver, I need two policemen with rifles and lots of ropes. Can you do it?” Brian instructed and asked. “Alright. Let’s go James.” Oliver and James mounted onto their horses and rushed to the police station. Although, the station was a strong word for the actual place. Brian showed the map and explained the plan to Serena and Gerald.

Minutes later, James and Oliver came with only two policemen with their Thoroughbred s. They brought four long and strong rolls of rope. “Two policemen already went with the previous team. And said four of the remain in there, need to be there.” James said. “Fine. Gerald, Serena, Charlotte, James, Oliver, Pete and I with the two policemen will rescue Whitney. Others stay here.” Brian said. “Let’s go!” Pete said.

(Scene three: Saviour)

The plan was to head to the place where they thought first, about the location of the rundown granary. Then move to the actual place. But there’s more to it. Brian asked the team to surround the granary by covering a huge area in the forest. The plan was to let Phantom get owned by the bad guy and then the riders hiding in the forest could act as a set of thieves and capture the kidnapper and Phantom. 

Brian’s team came to the first spot. “KNEW IT!” Brian said to himself. The wrong location was used as a trap. The riders were like mice to the cat’s mouth. They were fallen into a considerably deep pit. The pit is so wide to keep all the riders and horses within it. And it was also deep enough to not even the rider can escape, even if he stood on their saddles. And not enough space to run and jump. Lucky for Brian’s planning, he let the two policemen on the job get them out. To get to the true location, Brian’s team needed to move a few yards to North-Northwest. The team, as planned, got separated. They all dismounted and walked really REALLY slowly. So, they can minimize the sound coming from the horse hooves. 

Later, Brian came riding Phantom to the open area. Serena signalled Brian the encirclement is complete by aiming the moonlight at Brian’s eyes by the back of her racer’s badge. The granary looked scary and haunted as Marshall referred to. Brian approached Phantom. Suddenly a pack of dark grey coloured wolves charged right at Phantom from dead ahead. ‘Wolves!?’ Brian thought they were from the forest and came to take Phantom as dinner. So, he turned Phantom to the right to run but, it was too late. Four same-coloured wolves surrounded from the sides and behind. The wolves charged from the front weren’t aiming at Phantom but Brian. The wolves jumped at Brian and dropped him off the saddle. One wolf kept its fore legs on Brian’s shoulders and two others stood above his legs. Brian was restrained. Saliva started dripping to Brian’s face from the angry growling wolf in front of his very face. “My my my. I didn’t think the amazing Mustang, belongs to a wimp like you.” The kidnapper came outside the granary, pushing a seat. Sitting there was Whitney, all tied up to the chair, retrained from motions including her voice. Whitney saw Brian and Phantom in front of her and Brian was on the ground surrounded by wolves. She tried to get off and run but, she couldn’t move even a finger. “Well, you’re about to be free and I’m about to get some money.” The kidnapper said to Whitney. Brian said Phantom to trust him (Brian) and go with the thief or the kidnapper. Whitney was given to Brian. Brian quickly untied her. While the kidnapper walked back toward the granary, he stopped and said, “Oh and by the way, about you friend in the forest, six as I counted. This forest is filled with adders and possibly wild wolves. Good luck saving them.”. he said indirectly that wolves captured Brian was tamed ones. Hard to even say that when they looked so freakishly ferocious.

Brian winked to Whitney. Hinting he has a plan. Brian waited until the kidnapper called off the wolf from him. Not a minute after he thought, the kidnapper gave a weird whistle and the wolves growled and ran back to him. Brian grabbed and threw a rock at the kidnapper’s head. It was a hard blow for the kidnapper. “You puny brats. Boys! Dinner is served.” He ordered the wolves to kill Brian and Whitney. The wolves suddenly stopped and their ears started to turn in different directions (slightly) and they looked confused. Brian was hugging Whitney and when they saw, they weren’t attacked, they prayed for nothing to happen and were confused by looking at the confused wolves. Seconds later Brian and Whitney heard people screaming and the noise of a dozen horses’ arrival. The literally fallen (…to the pit) group came charging after the kidnapper. The wolves ran like puppies forgetting who their master was. “And hey you.” Brian called and got the kidnapper’s attention. “…Don’t turn back after you…” the kidnapper only listened to a part of what Brian said and turned. The words ‘turn back’ Brian used, was a signal to Phantom. Phantom made the kidnapper fly, by kicking from its hind legs. Then Phantom came back to Brian. The kidnapper whistled differently. He had an Appaloosa breed horse. A white horse with grey spots almost like a Knabstrupper but not totally. 

The moment he; the kidnapper, came to the back of the granary, the elites and James surrounded him. “No way!” the kidnapper was astounded. “You see; I don’t do the offence without thinking about my own defence.” Brian said while approaching him from behind. “Looks like the table turned to the cat being chased by a mouse. THIS IS FOR KIDNAPPING MY CUTE SISTER WITHOUT TELLING ME.” Serena came toward him on Swifty and gave a punch to break his nose. ‘You’re considered about not telling you too?’ the elites whispered together while sighing in disappointment. “OUCH! That hurts. How do you men do that?” Serena asked while easing the pain. “Next time, try doing it from a different angle.” Gerald said. “So, will you help me, Gerald?” Serena asked. “Not me! Ask Marshall. He’s a good helper.” Gerald dodged. Serena thought about it and agreed.

And in the same instance on the Broken Willows, Marshall sneezed. “Are you gonna catch a cold or something?” Natasha asked. “Nope. I’m having a strange bad feeling about tomorrow.” Marshall said. “You better look forward to it. Because, in one hour, IT IS tomorrow.” Natasha said. 

Then after the four policemen arrested the kidnapper. “Well, the mission’s over. I’m going home. And you owe me an apology Serena.” Pete said and whooshed with his Morgan. Whitney mounted on Swifty behind Serena, for one reason, Phantom still doesn’t like anyone riding it other than Brian or Emily. “The package! I didn’t have a chance to look what’s in it.” Whitney said. “Here, I bought it.” Brian re-presented the package. He packed it before they left from the ranch to Phantom’s saddle bag. “Thanks.” Whitney said and removed the entire cover with one pull. Then she opened the red and yellow striped box. There were two small books and an application form and a letter. Whitney read the letter. “What it says,  Whitney?” Serena asked. “I have a right to stay silent.” Whitney said with a smirk. Serena looked away pouting. Whitney read every single word and her eyes went big. “YEE-HAW!” she cheered. “Yee-haw?” Charlotte and Gerald said together. Yee-haw isn’t much used as a cheer in the town. Two of them were confused by the sudden change of accent. “Brian…” Whitney whispered and gestured a double thumbs up. Brian only had an idea whatever that was on the letter is really important to Whitney. “Why are you grinning Brian?” Oliver asked. “Yeah. Really suspicious.” Serena said. “I am NOT grinning.” Brian said. 

All the riders arrived back in town when the first light falls. Luna jumped over the ranch fences and rushed toward Swifty. “LUNA!” Whitney was glad to see Luna. She mounted to Luna from Swifty. “I’m sorry for staying away too long.” Whitney apologized and hugged Luna. “I’m beat well. I’m gonna take a nap. See ya.” Gerald said. “Me too. Awwww” James said and yawned. “We’re also done.” Oliver said and left home with Charlotte. James and the elites went to their home. Serena went to Steel-lock to apologize to Pete. “Brian look look.” Whitney showed the letter. Written there was,

Dear Whitney,
There’s an equestrian vaulting competition in the state right in the middle of ours. In Iycehaven town, to be exact. This November 9th to 11th. This competition is really different from what the book says about vaulting. Remember what I did with Coughi? Yeah,  those. In short, you have to do gymnastic acts while going on an obstacle course. I know it is hard. I sent you the rule book, application form, and tutorial book so you can understand the processes. I’m also participating. I hope to see you there with your Lipizzan.
XOXO Roxanne R B. 

“So, you better start practising.” Brian said. Whitney nodded and agreed. She waved and went back home. “I NEED TO SLEEP!” Brian just realized. Brian nudged Phantom to run home. “Good morning brother did you…” “Good night to yesterday Emily. Whitney came back. Have a nice day.” Brian rushed to his bed and fell asleep. “…uh…okay.” Emily was dumbfounded by Brian’s actions. She finished the sentence and headed to school.