Chapter 65:

New Home

Couple That Can't Touch

The next and last day of the camp was just as fun and relaxing as the previous one. The main difference was that class A threw a small party for Rem-san's birthday. Although only they celebrated it, Suzuka was able to get a slice of cake for me. She didn't manage to get any of the other food, though.

We returned home the next day and school continued as usual. Weeks passed by with nothing much happening. I kept working and we celebrated Kawahara-san's birthday. It was fun, but choosing a gift was very difficult. Fortunately, I remembered that she loved plants thanks to the time I stayed at her house. I didn't tell anyone about it, so everyone was confused when I bought a plant for her gift. They found out about it at the party and called me a cheater for not telling them.

A couple of days later, Father called me after school as I lay on the couch in the living room of the apartment.

"Hey," I answered.

"Good evening."

"Why do you call?"

"Can't I just call to ask how you are?"

"Yes, but you never call me for that."

"Touché. Do you want the good or the bad news first?"

He doesn't sound angry or worried. They can't be that bad.

"Bad," I answered.

"Moriyama-san, Fujisaki-san, and Yoshimura-san won't be our servants anymore. Koji, the mansion was bought a few days ago."

It was a long time coming, but it still felt like a punch to my heart. I sat up.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yes. I was just processing the news. What's going to happen now?"

"I don't know about them. The three of them knew I was selling the mansion, so they must have made plans."

"And what about you? What's going to happen to all our stuff?"

"I sold everything with the mansion. Except for our personal belongings, of course. A moving company is already taking everything to the new house."

"You never told me that you already bought a new house."

"Obviously, I did. It was never necessary to tell you and you didn't ask."

"It would've been nice if you did. Anyway. What about my stuff?"

"That's why I called you. Tomorrow is the last day we can be at the mansion before we need to vacate. Come at noon to eat something."




He hung up. He didn't answer about my stuff.

The day ended and I spent some hours trying to understand my emotions. I was happy and excited, yet sad and thoughtful. Everything was going to change for the best, but it was difficult to say goodbye.

I woke up, showered, and made breakfast. As I ate, Yoshimura-san sent me a message.

"I'll arrive in ten minutes."

Father didn't tell me he was coming for me. Good thing I didn't go out earlier.

Exactly ten minutes later, he arrived. I was already waiting for him in front of the building. He got out of the car and walked around it to open the door for me.

"Good morning, Koji-sama," he smiled.

"Good morning."

I climbed inside and we drove away.

"Crazy, huh?" he said.

"What is?"

"Things change a lot. And quickly."

"I know. What are you going to do?"

"The job isn't done yet, Koji-sama. We'll talk about it tomorrow. For now, let's spend this day as if it is a normal day."


It was a strange request, but I somewhat understood.

We talked a little more until we arrived at the mansion. Everything looked the same. Yoshimura-san opened the door of the car for me and we stepped inside the mansion. I took my shoes off and Fujisaki-san put them on the shoe cabinet. Moriyama-san led me into the dining room and pulled the chair for me to sit.

Father was already sitting. We talked a little until Moriyama-san brought the food a minute later.

About to thank her, Father said at the same time as me,


"Thank you, Moriyama-san," he said. "Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting you."

Bewildered, Moriyama-san and I stared at him. "It's fine. Thanks, Moriyama-san."

"You're welcome," she replied.

As I grabbed the chopsticks to eat, Father interrupted me.

"Wait, Koji. I want to do something before that. Fujisaki-san, please bring Yoshimura-san here."

"Right away, Araki-sama," she said and walked back into the hall.

Father continued, "Moriyama-san, please bring the other three dishes I asked you to prepare."

"Yes, Araki-sama," she replied and walked back into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" I asked Father.

"Don't you think it's time for a proper family meal? I know your mother and Otsune aren't here, but I still think of Moriyama-san, Fujisaki-san, and Yoshimura-san as a family. I always did. But I kept putting their jobs over these feelings. I thought of doing this multiple times just to make myself look good in front of you but, today, this came from my heart."

I stared at him in silence for a moment.

"I never expected you to get this corny," I smirked.

"Me neither."

Moriyama-san returned from the kitchen, carrying a tray with the three dishes.

"Where should I put them?" she asked.

"Next to Koji's," Father answered.

She placed one on my left and two on my right.

Then, Fujisaki-san returned with Yoshimura-san.

"What do you need, Araki-sama?" Yoshimura-san asked.

"Please take a seat," Father answered. "The three of you."

Moriyama-san sat on my left. Confused, Fujisaki-san and Yoshimura-san were about to sit away from the dishes.

"In front of the dishes," Father clarified.

Even more confused, Fujisaki-san sat on my right and Yoshimura-san sat beside her.

"Good. Let's eat," Father smiled.

There was an awkward silence at first as we all tried to process what was happening. Moriyama-san was the first one to break the ice and nothing stopped us from talking after that. Even after we finished eating.

More than an hour later, we stood up. Moriyama-san, Fujisaki-san, and Yoshimura-san stayed in the dining room to clean, while Father asked me to go to my room. We stepped inside to see dozens of cardboard boxes with my stuff inside.

"Are you going to take it to the new house?" I asked.

"That's the question. What should we do with it?"

"I don't have that many things. I should be able to fit everything in the apartment."

"Let me rephrase that. Koji, do you want to stay in the apartment or do you want to come and live with your mother and I at the new house?"

My brain stopped working. "Huh?"

"You heard me. There are two spare rooms in the new house, so you can live with us. But don't feel forced. You're an adult now; you can do whatever you want."

Thoughtful, I stared at him. This came out of nowhere. Living with them would mean being less independent. But Father has changed. And Mom is about to come home. Even if it's only for a few months, I want to experience what a normal family is like. But is it the best decision?

"I should take some time to think about it," I replied.

"Unless you want to go through the bother of moving twice, I'd suggest you decide now."

"Fine. I'll move with you."

His expression instantly switched into a smile. "Good. Your stuff will be in the new house by tomorrow, but take the time you need to move everything from your apartment to the house."


"Good. Now, I think it's time."

"Time for what?"

"I think they'll appreciate an early leave."

He walked out of the room. Still not understanding, I followed him downstairs.

"Fujisaki-san, did you finish cleaning?" Father asked her, standing in the hall.

"We just did, Araki-sama. Do you need something?"

"Yes. Please bring Moriyama-san and Yoshimura-san."


Only a few seconds later, they arrived.

"Moriyama-san, Fujisaki-san, Yoshimura-san," Father said. He then bowed. "It has been a pleasure to have you as our servants. You were magnificent at your jobs and you taught me a lot of things. I know Moriyama-san is the one that worked here the most, but you also made a great impact on our lives, Yoshimura-san and Fujisaki-san. Thank you."

He stood straight.

"I wish you the best for the future and I hope we talk often. You can go and change into your normal clothes. Your job is done."

Silent, the three of them slightly bowed and walked upstairs to their rooms. Once they were gone, Father let out a long breath. It didn't seem like it, but it was just as difficult for him as for everyone else.

They returned a couple of minutes later, pulling suitcases and wearing their casual outfits; a rare sight for me. They slowly walked down the stairs. However, Fujisaki-san stopped in front of me, looking at the floor.

"Koji-sama, can I hug you?"

I smiled. "You're no longer our maid. Just call me Koji—"

Not having finished the sentence, she jumped at me and squeezed me. Then Moriyama-san and Yoshimura-san joined us.

"Don't stay there," Moriyama-san said to Father. "Come here."

Surprised, he smiled and hugged us. The first hug I had received from him since I had memory.

Without saying much more, they walked out of the mansion for the last time.

Father and I stayed for a while. We walked around the manor and sat on a bench in the garden until the moving company came to pick up my stuff. Finally, all of our belongings were gone.

Fuyu was already in a small cage for bunnies, so I took it and we stepped out of the mansion. Father locked the door and we got in his car. We drove out of the manor and locked the gate.

We headed to the new house together.

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