Chapter 3:

Friend Request

Pros and Cons

"Ohh we have our first female client after 5 months huh?"Bookmark here

"Well as you might know, the business industry isn't really that friendly towards women sir."Bookmark here

"I don't think so, mother certainly didn't experience any issues. And I think even if I were born as a woman, I would still be able to reach my current position and status with ease."Bookmark here

Kuro chuckles.Bookmark here

"Hahahaha... Sorry, I can't imagine-"Bookmark here

"Why are you laughing? You don't believe that I can pull it off with my knowledge and skills?"Bookmark here

"No it's not that sir, ahahahaha!"Bookmark here

"Then what is it?"Bookmark here

"It's just that, I can't imagine how a female version of you would look like- bwahahahaha!"Bookmark here

Kuro stares at Kyouya and pictures a version of him with longer hair. He then bursts into another episode of laughter. Bookmark here

"Tsk, focus on the road."Bookmark here

"Okay okay, sorry sir ahahaha..."Bookmark here

Kuro shifts his focus back on the steering wheel and he wipes the tears from his eyes, the tears built up as he was laughing too hard earlier.Bookmark here

"Although, I gotta say... Getting harassed or bullied around by a female version of you might not be so bad-”Bookmark here

“Huh??”Bookmark here

Ohh god, is he…? Bookmark here

“Although, that’s still you so ewww, gross. No way I’m going to ever try to hit on that female Kyouya hahahahahaha!”Bookmark here

“I swear, I would try to get a female assistant to replace you, it might make my work life way more convenient.”Bookmark here

“Heh, imagine an alternate version of us…female versions who are also work partners ahahahaha.”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Phewww, that sure was fun, right Shiro-chan?!”Bookmark here

Saori says as she closes the door behind her and Shiro. Shiro has a visible smile written all over her face but she quickly changes her facial expressions the moment Saori turns to face her.Bookmark here

“If your definition of fun is getting overwhelmed by a crowd of children, then yes, I guess it was fun?”Bookmark here

“Aww come on, don’t act like your heart didn't melt after seeing those cute little smiles and the sparkles in their eyes?!”Bookmark here

Shiro takes out a laptop from her bag and places it on the table.Bookmark here

“Ohhh yey! Is it movie time, Shiro-chan?! What movie are we watching tonight?!”Bookmark here

Shiro sighs in frustration as she knows that Saori is intentionally trying to shift her focus away from the current task at hand, which is preparing for the meeting with their new client. She’s been Saori’s assistant for quite some time now (about 5 months to be exact) and one thing she’s noticed about Saori is that she procrastinates a lot. Shiro is even surprised to hear from their colleagues that Saori has never ever shown failure or tardiness. Bookmark here

“Look Saori-chan, I agreed to go with you on that non-work related earlier right? So please do me a favor too and focus on our preparations for that client meetup.” Bookmark here

“Ehhh but we still have like …”Bookmark here

Saori pauses and her hands start moving as if calculating something. Shiro sighs and brings out her phone. Bookmark here

“23 hours before the meeting!”Bookmark here

“23 hours before the meeting…”Bookmark here

The two said so at almost the exact time.Bookmark here

“Wow you’re like a human clock or something?”Bookmark here

“Exactly why I don’t keep any clocks in this apartment. Who needs clocks, we have our circadian rhythm.”Bookmark here

“Uhhh your phone has a clock installed in it.”Bookmark here

“True- true, but I seldom use it. Wait, wanna know how I guess the time? You see, I remembered that documentary I watched last night about those ancient devices that used the angle of the shadow casted from the sun to tell time and so I thought-"Bookmark here

It wasn't really a documentary, it was a youtube vid I saw while procrastinating… Bookmark here

“Okay- okay, sharp as ever I see… Now I know you might waste like an hour of our time to talk about how you guessed the time correctly. So let’s put your genius brain to work and accomplish work-related, profitable tasks.”Bookmark here

Saori frowns and upon seeing this, Shiro takes out a box of donuts from her bag. Saori’s frown quickly transforms into a smile.Bookmark here

“Now… Kyouya Nagamori, the only child from the Nagamori family which has been a huge name in the business industry for several decades now. He’s just as much of a bigshot as his parents, owning several businesses in the consumer market under his name. Not only did he decimate the competition, he even assimilated them into his ever growing corporate empire.”Bookmark here

“Ohh yeah, I see him right here. He’s online on Facebook right now, see?”Bookmark here

“What are you- I thought we agreed to focus on this? Give that”Bookmark here

“Too late, I already sent him a friend request.”Bookmark here

“You- what?!”Bookmark here

Shiro grabs the phone from Saori’s hands and sees that she wasn’t joking around. She sees the “Friend request sent!” notification printed on the screen and in the background the profile of Kyouya Nagamori can be seen.Bookmark here

“What did you- cancel it! Cancel it-”Bookmark here

As Shiro is about to press the button to cancel the friend request, Saori lunges at her and steals the phone. Bookmark here

“Catch me if you can! Hahahaha!”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Uhmmm sir, your phone says you have one new friend request.”Bookmark here

“Woah now, I didn’t leave my phone there so you could mess around with it."Bookmark here

Kyouya quickly runs over to the table to grab his phone.Bookmark here

Huh? Saori Nagasaki?! Isn't this the client that I'm supposed to meet tomorrow? Wait- wait it could be a prank, or a trick… hmmmm…. Bookmark here

Kyouya scrolls through the available posts on the news feed. He spots several pictures related to the company that they’re going to Bookmark here

"Uhmm sir? You okay? Who was it?" Bookmark here

"Sorry for spacing out… it's just… come here, look at who sent me a friend request."Bookmark here

Kuro takes the phone as Kyouya was handing it to him. Bookmark here

"Hmm, Saori… Na-gasa-" Bookmark here

Kuro presses the confirm button and giggles. He turns to look at Kyouya who now has his eyes widened. Bookmark here

"What??! Why did you press confirm?!”Bookmark here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Saori-chan! Sto-op messing a-round! Give-me th-e-phone!”Bookmark here

Shiro struggles to speak properly as she is gasping for air due to running around in circles for almost a few minutes now. She stops to catch her breath. When she turns to look at Saori, she’s relieved to see that Saori is now sitting quietly on the sofa.Bookmark here

“So you finally gave up, huh?”Bookmark here

Saori does not reply.Bookmark here

“Saori-cha-”Bookmark here

“He- accepted it…”Bookmark here

“What?”Bookmark here

“We’re now friends on facebook! What should I do? Ohh, I’ll send him a “Hi!”.”Bookmark here

Shiro tries to stop her but Saori already sent the message before she can even react.Bookmark here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~Bookmark here

“Give me that!”Bookmark here

*phone’s message notification rings*Bookmark here

“…..”Bookmark here

“.......”Bookmark here

“Is that?-”Bookmark here

“Yes, she just sent me a message…”Bookmark here

Cali Maki

Pros and Cons

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