Chapter 2:

Sold Out

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Chapter 2Bookmark here

“Here you go miss. Here is your bread and here’s your change. Do you need help carrying all of these? That is a lot of bread after all.”Bookmark here

“Thank you for the kind offer, but I can manage.”Bookmark here

Through the glass window, Saori waves to a girl waiting inside a car which is parked outside. The girl sees her waving and proceeds to exit the car towards the bakery. Bookmark here

“Shiro-chan!”Bookmark here

Saori jumps towards Shiro with her arms outstretched. But Shiro just dodges and Saori hits the door causing it to close. Bookmark here

“Ohh, Saori-chan, thank you for closing the door for me.”Bookmark here

“How mean! Shiro-chan, why did you dodge my hug attack?”Bookmark here

The bakery owner smiles awkwardly as he watches the scene. Shiro takes a glance at the counter, which was stacked to the brim with bread.Bookmark here

“Are those the bread you bought?”Bookmark here

“Yep, 187 loaves. I need your muscle strength, Shiro-chan!”Bookmark here

Saori goes on to do poses similar to how bodybuilders flex their muscles. Shiro just stares at her blankly for about 10 seconds before heading over to the counter to pick up a bag full of bread.Bookmark here

“Hey, where are you going? Wait for me!” Bookmark here

Saori picks up another bag and the two of them make their way towards their car. Bookmark here

Ohh right, I have to tell Shiro about our new client, maybe I'll get a surprised or excited reaction from her this time. Bookmark here

“Hey Shiro-chan, guess what… I received a call earlier and they informed me that… we have… a new client!"Bookmark here

Shiro kept a bland facial expression. But upon hearing about a new client her eyes slightly widened. Bookmark here

"Are you sure we should be talking about such things outside in a public area? "Bookmark here

" Ehh, well what about if I lower my voice and just… wh-i-s-per? "Bookmark here

Shiro blinks, probably trying to think whether Saori is being playful or serious. Knowing Saori, she's convinced it's the latter. Bookmark here

" I- think…"Bookmark here

"Oh right, if I talk in a whispering voice, you wouldn't be able to understand much of what I will say. Silly me!"Bookmark here

At this point, Shiro remembers why she doesn't bother socializing much. Bookmark here

After they finished getting all of the bread, they both got inside the car and Shiro started driving.Bookmark here

"At this speed, we will arrive at the orphanage at about 4:03 pm. Three minutes later than our usual arrival time."Bookmark here

Shiro takes a quick gaze at Saori and then her gaze shifts towards the dashboard where the GPS says that the estimated time of arrival would be 4:03 pm. Bookmark here

"Yep, exactly what the GPS says."Bookmark here

"Hmmm"Bookmark here

Saori leans forward over to the dashboard and places her hand on the GPS screen. Bookmark here

"Hey, what are you-" Bookmark here

"You already know the route towards the orphanage, we've driven there like three times already. So, step on the gas pedal and try increasing your speed to 55kph, just below the 60kph speed limit. We should arrive there by 3:59 pm."Bookmark here

Shiro sighs, and does as Saori told her to. Saori smiles and removes her hand from the GPS screen. The estimated arrival time printed on the GPS screen now reads… 3:59 pm." Bookmark here

"Okay, now you can start discussing the details regarding that new client." Bookmark here

~ A few minutes passed ~Bookmark here

A car drives by the bakery shop…Bookmark here

“Stop the car Kuro! This is the place!”Bookmark here

“Ohh this one? Roger that sir! Let’s park this car in style!”Bookmark here

“Wait, remember what happened last ti-”Bookmark here

Kuro swiftly spins the car’s steering wheel and steps on the brakes causing the car to drift. He barely manages to park it by the sidewalk by a hair's breadth.Bookmark here

“I did it, woah! Mr. Kyouya, did you see how perfect that drift was?!”Bookmark here

Kuro turns to face Kyouya and sees his right arm raised in the air. Kyouya then gives Kuro a karate chop to the head.Bookmark here

“Oww!”Bookmark here

“Idiot, don’t go doing accident prone stunts like that. I mean sure, I can easily replace this car, but getting involved in a car accident and registering a new car means paperwork. Lots of it.”Bookmark here

“Uhhh but didn’t you just get this car for free? By “winning” that raffle we attended in the mall?”Bookmark here

“Exactly what I just said, it’s replaceable, same thing as you. Now, unlock the doors and wait for me here. I’ll just go grab some bread for my midnight snack later.”Bookmark here

“Sure thing…wait- did you just say I am easily replaceable?-”Bookmark here

Kyouya steps outside the vehicle and makes his way towards the bakery shop’s entrance. The bakery owner is still punching numbers on the calculator when he notices him.Bookmark here

“Good afternoon, what can I get for y-...Ohh sir Kyouya, it’s you!”Bookmark here

“Pleasant afternoon, Mr. Kimura. I’d like two of the usual please.”Bookmark here

“Ohhh I’m terribly sorry but someone already bought all of my stocks just a few minutes ago. I didn’t think you’d come by this day so I did not bother saving any stock.”Bookmark here

“For real? Someone bought that much?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, some girl just came by and said she’ll buy everything. Even I was shocked, it’s also impressive how she was also like a human calculator hahahahaha.”Bookmark here

“Hmmm maybe she is planning to either monopolize the supply or maybe she’s giving them away in an act of humanitarian relief…”Bookmark here

Or maybe the baker is trying to sabotage the supplies so he can increase the prices because lower supply translates to higher prices.Bookmark here

“Huh??”Bookmark here

“Ohh sorry, I’m trying to think of any logical reason for this incident.”Bookmark here

“You know sir Kyouya, the girl also said something along those lines”Bookmark here

"Ohh, uhmm well I'll be taking my leave now. Thank you Mr. Kimura!" Bookmark here

Kyouya and Mr. Kimura wave each other goodbye. Bookmark here

"Where's the bread sir? Bookmark here

"Someone bought all of them. I mean every single stock. I'm not sure what their purpose is but I feel kinda irritated." Bookmark here

Kuro starts the engine. Bookmark here

"Chill out sir! Don't stress over such a minor issue, we can go get bread elsewhere."Bookmark here

"Well, that's true. You alone make my everyday day extremely stressful."Bookmark here

"How can you say such a thing to your partner and best buddy?" Bookmark here

"Assistant… anyway, did you get files about the client already?" Bookmark here

"It's inside the bag to your left sir." Bookmark here

Kyouya grabs the bag and opens it. Inside was a white folder… Bookmark here

×At the orphanage×Bookmark here

"3:58 pm… I can see the orphanage already. And some of the kids are already waiting by the gate." Bookmark here

"Fufufu, numbers never fail me. Aren't you gonna praise my greatness, Shiro-chan?" Bookmark here

Shiro just maintains the neutral look on her face while keeping her eyes on the road, not minding Saori. Bookmark here

"Shiro-chan?! Hey! Remember to avoid frowning around the children. They might imitate you!" Bookmark here

"It's alright, I'll be staying in the car."Bookmark here

"Ehhh?? But the kids are eager to meet you! They often blurt out questions like, "Who's the other kind sister that always helps you with carrying the bags, Saori-neechan?" Bookmark here

Saori says this while imitating how a little child would talk and act when they're trying to be cute. Bookmark here

*sigh* "Alright then, I know that no matter how hard I try to refuse, you'd still force me to go out there so- let's go." Bookmark here

"Yey! And one more request, remember to help me research later about the available information about our new client. " Bookmark here

"Of course, that's actually more related to my job as your assistant. What was the name of the client again?" Bookmark here

"Kyouya Nagamori" Bookmark here

~~~~~Bookmark here

Kyouya opens the folder. Bookmark here

"Saori Yoshino" Bookmark here

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