Chapter 1:


One Step To Hell [Short]

In a place that seems to be the underworld, full of darkness and negative emotions, you can see a bridge and what looks like to be a young man crossing it. Bookmark here

“STOOOP!!!” shouted the desperate young man as he cried. Bookmark here

At the end of that bridge, everything indicated that a divine being was present there, something with a supreme presence, with an unimaginable power. He hide his face with the hood of his cloak, which cloak had a barely visible symbol. Behind him was someone in chains and who appeared to be unconscious. Looking a little more closely, you could see that it was a demon, but something in his aura was different from the usual for a demon. Bookmark here

“One more step and you go to Hell.” said the divine being to the young man. Bookmark here

“I will save you Yeqon!!!” shouted the young man again. Bookmark here

Having ignored the divine being's warning, as soon as the young man took another step, the bridge broke in two. Bookmark here

“Yeqon!!!” shouted the young man one last time, but this time with a face of pure hatred. Bookmark here

As he fell from that cliff, dark and tenebrous, you could only feel the youth's hatred, as if it were a manifestation of power. It was as if he had no other emotions. His own crying had turned to pure hate. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*A young man stands up* Bookmark here

“But what… This damn dream again. Well, nothing to do. I will go back to sleep, tomorrow I have to leave early.” Bookmark here

The next morning, I continued my journey. My name is Minori Mizuno, I'm an eighteen year old boy, born in a small village called Lywood. This village is a village that is said to be lost in time, as it is the only place that is outside the kingdom and isn't as developed technologically as the rest of the kingdom, some maps don't even have the location of my village. We also have a very low population compared to villages belonging to the kingdom. Bookmark here

I was tired of the everyday life I led there, tired of seeing the same people every day, tired of eating the same things, tired of hearing the same stories, among many other things. Bookmark here

Also, I was always a little ignored by everyone, from my family to the people I got to know. Even if I did something that no one else in the entire village could do, people never praised me. I also never found it easy to make friends, I was always that type of person who made fun of, instead of thinking I was the “biggest”. Bookmark here

I decided to “abandon” the life I was leading, since I had nothing to tie myself to and started my journey. Bookmark here

I felt prepared for this, as I always wanted to know the Redon Kingdom, new people, new flavors, and since I was training my physique daily since I was young, I thought it was time to hit the road. Bookmark here

It's been almost a month since I left the village and I still haven't entered the Redon Kingdom. My village is actually quite far from the rest of the kingdom. I walked for two more days and after a long and hard month, I was finally arriving in what appeared to be a village. At the entrance to that place was a floating board that said “Welcome to Kando!”. I was intrigued, because I didn't know that technology had advanced so far to do things like this now. I was also fascinated by the number of people who found themselves in what appeared to be a market. However, I found something very strange... People only took what they asked for after giving something small and shiny to the merchants. Bookmark here

“Hey, are you okay?” said a voice that appeared to be a girl's. Bookmark here

I looked towards the voice and saw a boy and a girl who looked about my age. Bookmark here

Said it was fine, but I asked her why. Bookmark here

“Well... you're looking at everything with an astonished face.” Bookmark here

*Guffaws* Bookmark here

“He's probably not from here, Yumi.” Bookmark here

“Well, maybe that's it.” Bookmark here

I explained that I had come from Lywood village. Bookmark here

“See Yumi, I told you.” Bookmark here

“You were right, Kin.” Bookmark here

“And may we know what your name is?” Bookmark here

I told them my name and they introduced themselves. Bookmark here

“I'm Kin Fujimoto, nice to meet you Minori.” Bookmark here

“And I'm Yumi, Yumi Takata, nice to meet you!” Bookmark here

“Minori, maybe if you had someone to guide you it would be better, wouldn't it?” Bookmark here

I told Kin that if I really had someone to help me get to know that “new” world it would be great for me. Bookmark here

“Okay, we'll help you, because I don't think you're very familiar with how things work around here.” Bookmark here

I answered “yes”, that I was a little “confused” by everything and asked what was given to merchants. Bookmark here

*Guffaws* Bookmark here

“It's called money, it's given in exchange for essential goods.” Bookmark here

I was intrigued as the people in Lywood only exchanged goods for other goods. Bookmark here

“As far as I know in Lywood village there is no money, is there?” Bookmark here

I answered another time “yes”, hence my admiration for that. Bookmark here

“Listen Minori, people here also exchange goods for goods, but most of the time they “exchange” money for goods.” Bookmark here

Curious, I asked how I could get this “money”. Bookmark here

“Performing any function beneficial to the kingdom.” said to Yumi suddenly. Bookmark here

I asked what they did to get money. Bookmark here

“We're Knights of Redon.” Bookmark here

Hearing that I was a little surprised, for I knew what the Knights of Redon were. They were nothing more, nothing less, than the people most qualified to defend the Redon Kingdom from any threat. It was an admirable thing. Bookmark here

I thought it was a good thing for me, because to protect others, something needed was strength and I already had it, besides that I always liked to help people, even without receiving any thanks. Bookmark here

I asked Kin what it took to join the Knights of Redon. Bookmark here

“Minori, do you even know what the Knights of Redon are?” asked Kin laughing. Bookmark here

I answered “yes”, as I had heard a lot about them. Bookmark here

“Very well. So it doesn't hurt to try. We were passing through this village to meet our Captain. How do you feel about being evaluated by him and if he likes you join the Knights of Redon.” Bookmark here

“Hey!!! This is against the standard rules for becoming a knight.” said Yumi intrigued. Bookmark here

“Don't worry Yumi, the Captain doesn't follow the rules anyway, besides we are also "irregular", or have you forgotten already?” Bookmark here

“No, I haven't forgotten, but I don't think it's the best for him.” Bookmark here

I started to get a little freaked out by the conversation... Bookmark here

“Calm down Minori, she's making a fuss of all this. Basically, people who enter other than the Knights normal means of entry are known as "irregulars". However, even though we entered this way, we did not cease to be official Knights of Redon.” Bookmark here

After Kin's explanation, I was more relieved. I decided that I would go with them to meet the Captain. Bookmark here

“Very well! We'll show you a little bit of the village in the time we have left and then we'll go to an inn to spend the night. The following morning we will leave for the meeting point.” Bookmark here

In the midst of so much conversation, I started to wonder how I was going to pay for the inn, since money was needed for that. However, Kin seemed to have read my thoughts. Bookmark here

“Minori, calm down... I'll pay for your stay, rest assured.” Bookmark here

I really appreciated the help he was providing. Bookmark here

“Minori, you don't need to thank that much, after all we are helping you because we want to, and Kin has a lot of money, since he is very thrifty.” Bookmark here

“Yumi, always saying the same thing!!!” Bookmark here

*Guffaws* Bookmark here

“Come on, we still have some time to get to know some things in the village.” Bookmark here

And so I began to know a “piece” of the Redon Kingdom. Something told me that being in the company of these two was going to give me an incredible experience. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

In a somewhat sinister forest and not far from the village, two people in hooded cloaks were talking to each other. Bookmark here

“Apparently he appeared...” Bookmark here

“Yes, but we'll handle this with ease." Bookmark here

“You are very confident.” Bookmark here

*Guffaws* Bookmark here

“You don't even seem to agree with me, Kasdaye.” Bookmark here

... Bookmark here

After getting to know a little more about Kando village, we went to the inn to spend the night as agreed. Everything in the inn was so modern and technological. People would order what they wanted on a monitor and a robot would appear after a while to deliver the order. The following morning we left immediately on a travel to meet with the Captain. Bookmark here

After a few hours walking, after leaving Kando village, we were finally reaching the meeting point. Bookmark here

“We're almost there...” said Kin. Bookmark here

“Almost where?” said an unfamiliar voice. Bookmark here

“Guys, attention...” Bookmark here

Kin was quickly kicked away by a man in a hooded cloak. Bookmark here

“Who are you?” said Yumi, immediately putting herself in front of me. Bookmark here

“Who are we, you mean.” Bookmark here

*Guffaws* Bookmark here

“Minori, watch out. We may be surrounded right now.” Bookmark here

I asked a little worried about what we would do with Kin. Bookmark here

“Nothing yet! Stay behind me.” said Yumi with a voice a little worried and desperate. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Dark Illusion: Devil's Fang.” Bookmark here

“Minori!!!” Bookmark here

Yumi ended up being hit by a surprise attack from another person to protect me. Bookmark here

“Looks like it's going to be easy like I said, Kasdaye.” Bookmark here

Another man appeared with the same cloak. He was hiding his face with the hood of his cloak as well. Bookmark here

“Don't underestimate the receptacle.” Bookmark here

None of us realized what they meant by “the receptacle”. Bookmark here

“Boy, if you come with us we will not use violence anymore.” Bookmark here

I told the man that after what they had done to Kin and Yumi, I wasn't going anywhere with them. Bookmark here

“Looks like I'm going to have to take care of you, receptacle.” Bookmark here

The man who had previously kicked Kin started an onslaught of punches and kicks at me. I felt like I could defend for a while, thanks to my physique, but at the same time I didn't know how to fight back. Bookmark here

“Minori!!!” shouted Kin and Yumi. Bookmark here

I couldn't stand it for long and ended up being humiliated. I was slowly losing my consciousness. Bookmark here

The man grabbed me by the head and lifted me off the ground. Bookmark here

“Is that all you have, receptacle?” said the man aloud and in an angry tone. Bookmark here

Meanwhile, the other man was getting ready to cast yet another spell. Bookmark here

“Dark Illusion: Dark Prison.” Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I ended up losing consciousness completely. Bookmark here

I was in a place of total darkness. He asked me if he had died, until I heard a voice. Bookmark here

“Do you want power?” Bookmark here

I asked who was speaking. Bookmark here

“No need to know. Just answer me.” Bookmark here

I said that I just wanted to help the people around me and get to know the world around me better, to which replied: Bookmark here

“For that you need power, don't you? I give you the power you need to defeat anyone who stands in front of you.” Bookmark here

I asked to give me that power, if only for a minute. Bookmark here

“Very well, but there is one condition.” Bookmark here

I asked what condition that would be. Bookmark here

“You must lend me your body.” Bookmark here

I decided that I would agree to that condition if it meant saving them. I accepted the pact. Bookmark here

The last thing I heard was a slightly awkward laugh. Bookmark here

... Bookmark here

“Penemue, get out of here.” Bookmark here

“What are you going to do with the receptacle?” Bookmark here

“The spell I used was to weaken the seal. About half of his true power will show. This location will become a battleground for Special Class.” Bookmark here

“Okay, I'll be waiting for you at the designated point.” Bookmark here

The man fighting hand to hand left immediately. Bookmark here

“Minori… on a Special Class battlefield? This is ridiculous.” said Kin. Bookmark here

I was still unconscious, but I felt something taking over my body. I began to emanate what appeared to be an aura. It was dark and very sinister. The ground began to shake completely, it seemed that the gravitational field of the place had changed. Bookmark here

“Come on! Dark Illusion: Power…” Bookmark here

Before he could finish the enchantment, the man was thrown at full speed with just one punch, but he still managed to get to his feet. However, his hood had fallen off, thus revealing his face. He appeared to be a completely normal man in his thirties, but he had one intriguing thing about him. There was a strange dark symbol on his face. Bookmark here

“Great! Now you're showing your true power.” Bookmark here

“Something is wrong with Minori, he is different.” said Yumi. Bookmark here

I could somehow feel and understand what I was doing even though I had no power over my own body. Bookmark here

“Come!!!” Bookmark here

I began wildly to attack the mystery man, but he was practically on par with me. Bookmark here

“The power level of both is on another level.” said Kin. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

There was a voice in the background... Bookmark here

“Looks like they've already got into trouble again...” Bookmark here

“Captain!” shouted Kin and Yumi. Bookmark here

“I'm going to clean up this whole mess.” Bookmark here

Taylor Victoria
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