Chapter 6:

The Warped Lands

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

“Out of all the prizes, you chose the absolute shittiest,” Raze concluded.

Komoria responded with a loud sigh. “None of the others were viable transportation or enough money to purchase one; how can you complain?”

Komoria rubbed the sweat from her brow as she took in the jarring view of the phantasmal horse pulling their cart through the grass fields outside of Floronda. Clarse had given them a few days' worth of food as part of the prize and even a map that would navigate them out of the human kingdom in the shortest amount of time.

It took them around five hours to exit Floronda and they were now roaring through the grasslands on their way to the Imp Lord’s domain. That was around the time Raze had opened his big mouth for the first time since they left the gambling house. It seemed he was rather angry about the results. Komoria just continued watching the horses.

It wasn't long before the terrain around them morphed into something a lot less comfortable and appealing. Rocks littered the ground with gravel for miles on end, while the scenery was blotted out by large spiny mountains on either side.

“It seems like we have entered the Warped Lands. I wonder what type of beast-kin we might run into? “

The Warped Lands was the barren wasteland designated outside of the last human country of Floronda. Everything past it was home to either ancient beast-kin villages or rabid monsters and animals. However, this area was truly just a buffer between the human and a demon world. If this was a sandwich, it would be the meat, while the other two were the bread. Anyone that made it past The Warped Lands would be met with the terrifying might of the Archfiend of Calamity’s army who protected the conquered land along with the Lords of Tyranny. Needless to say, it was a death sentence to wander out here for too long.

“Whatever. Let's just get to fighting. I haven't ever killed imps before. I wonder how they smell? Maybe they taste delicious. Kentucky Fried Imp sounds pretty good right now.” He cackled to himself, drool leaking from his lips.

Gross, Komoria thought to herself. And what's Kentucky?

She sat crossed-legged at the helm of the cart, not having anything to do. Spectral horses valiantly galloped in front of them, quickly pulling their long cart across the rocky terrain like mindless drones. Raze sat behind her in the passenger area, arms crossed and biting through a slab of meat that was gifted to them from the casino. There was really nothing to see while they were taken through the mountains. It was a rather boring adventure for the both of them.

I have never ever seen this much gravel in one place in my entire life! The mountains are so tall I can’t see the top, but they don’t look habitable. Do people actually live out here?

Her question would be answered very very soon.


“Targets in sight,” one of the beast-kin muttered.

“I only sense two of them and they don't seem strong either. What great fortune.”

“Alright you three, get in position. Mima, Jaevi, you're with me.”

“”Aye,”” they said in unison.

The man that was speaking wasn't exactly a man, but he spoke with strong, manly conviction behind his words. He had skin that was brown and white all over like a mixed-marble floor and milky white ears that sprouted from his head. He was fairly muscular for his kind and that was exactly why he was the leader of his group—the Leshoka Mountains Cow tribe.

They were notorious for their strength even in small numbers. Nine out of ten times, they would successfully steal from any traveling merchant, beast-kin, or knight with ease. They had only had to kill a few times in the past…

Tarosora grinned into his polished double-sided ax to gaze at his heroic reflection. His many silver piercings reflected off from the vast sunlight, but it didn't affect his sight one bit.

He looked at the five that he had brought with him today. Three cow men and two cow women. Most cow women stayed at home to raise the young, especially because their milk was coveted like the ambrosia of the gods for their people—or anyone that had ever been lucky enough to get a taste. Mima and Aesil were different, though; due to their smaller chest size than the average cow woman, they were able to fight rather quickly and on near equal terms with the men of the tribe.

He saw the potential in them and decided to train them to hone their skills and improve their fighting spirits. They were both dual-wielding silver daggers, a glare of hunger in their eyes. Jaevi, Kialo, and Soka were the skinniest, but also the fastest warriors of the tribe. They could wield spears and swords that most cow men would have trouble with because of how small they were in their meaty hands. His tribe’s racial Skill, [Iron Hide], granted a large resistance to metal as well as made them nearly impossible to defeat with bladed weapons. The younger members were also quick enough to kill most spellcasters before they could really do any damage. This was the reason why so few traveled through the mountains anymore. It seemed that this couple was unaware of what transpired here past the land of ignorant humans.

“Tarosora, should we descend in front of them to impede their path while Mima and Aesil drop onto the cart?” Jaevi asked innocently.

Tarosora nodded. “I’ll be behind you for backup in case things go south, but I'm sure you can handle it.”

The young cow men eagerly nodded in unison. ““You can count on us!””

What happened soon after played out just as Tarosora had envisioned. The strange-looking horses that were pulling the cart stopped in front of Jaevi, Kialo, and Soka’s ambush. Each of them hefted either a sword or spear in their tender, but scarred hands.

“Stop right there if ya wanna keep ya heads!”

Of course, the cart had already stopped, but Kialo always wanted to grasp the attention of whoever he was plundering from. The girl on the front of the cart immediately put her hands up. She wasn't human, but she also didn't look like any of the beast-kin in this area who were most similar to the cows. They did not discriminate, though; the cow men stole from all races.

There seems to be a complication, Tarosora pondered.

The two travelers were not on the same page. There seemed to be a young human boy in the cart as well. It didn't seem like he was going to go down without fighting.

“That won’t last, my young friend.”

Mima and Aesil had snuck into the carriage and easily locked the young man down. Apparently, he had no weapons but still tried to put up a good fight. Aesil sliced the tendons to his legs, making sure he wouldn't be able to walk again without a form of healing magic. The boy screamed out in pain and cursed them before falling to the ground. Mima took the few coins that the bat beast-kin had and tossed them to Jiva, who was right in front of them, happily waving while his ears twitched with excitement above his head.

The bat beast-kin had distress displayed all over her face. It was clear that she and the boy had some sort of connection, but it didn't seem like a good one. Mima brought their trunk, which was filled with food, out of the back and dropped it down below them for Kialo to retrieve. He grinned from ear to ear as he picked it up with both hands and quickly brought it over to where Tarosora and others were stationed.

“So they only had some food and a few coins, eh? Well, it's not a big haul, but it will be worth our time once we get our hands on that cart.”

The five others had gathered around him now, smiling and taking in the magnificent sight of their newfound loot.

While they were chatting as a group who would get to do whatever they desired with their new form of transportation, the ashen-haired boy crawled over to where the bat-beast was and latched onto her back. That caught Tarosora’s attention and his alone.

Bickering among companions before they are left alone in the mountains? How cruel.

The boy was toying with something on the side of her head, but Tarosora couldn't make out what they were saying from a distance. He decided to move closer and see what the commotion was all about.

However, before he could get far, a large red beam of pure death blew out from some purple thing on the bat beast-kin’s face.

“LOOOOK OUUUUT!!!” he screamed.

Unfortunately, the others were too caught off guard to do anything. However, Tarosora stood his ground, blocking the long bolt of energy with his entire being. It sliced through his flesh like butter, instantly booting him to the afterlife before slicing through all those that were around him until there was only mincemeat left on the ground.


“Why couldn't you just tell me to use the laser? You didn’t have to jump on meeeee!”

“I wanted the satisfaction of killing those fuckers myself. Now, heal my legs,” he said emphatically.

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Komoria got up and brushed the dust off her outfit. She was about to cast a spell, but something stopped her.


“What the fuck is it? I’m crippled over here. Help me out!”

“Well….that laser drains all my magic whenever I use it, so I wont be able to heal your legs for at least half an hour. Sorry.”

“Are you fucking shitting me?!”

“Just eat something and chill for a bi—wait! You blew up all the food and money?!”

“Technically, you did.”

“Shut it! What are we going to do now?! We still have another day's worth of travel!”

Raze crawled close to her and grinned with pain all over his face.”Whatever do you mean? We have all the food we can eat and you just seared it for us, ready to go. I always wanted to try raw meat. He-he.”

Komoria frowned while twirling some of her hair with her finger. ”I don’t like that you're being resourceful now of all times….”

But why don’t I feel any remorse for what I did? Even if they were robbing us, they were still fellow beast-kin. What’s wrong with me?

That very night, they set up a small campfire and had some of the largest steaks they would ever eat. For the first time in both of their lives, they dined like kings...or at least had food like them.


“This place is sublime. There's nothing back in my own world that could even compare,” I said while waltzing through one of the many glorious halls of the Calamity Lord.

It took me quite some time to make, but I’m glad the Destroyer likes it,” spoke a disembodied voice that reverberated through the entire hall.

I was currently on my way to the armory for the promised new gear that would make dominating anyone on this rock a total breeze.

All for the sake of my goal. I plan to collect them all.

I exited the obsidian hall to reach a room that was adorned with weapons and armor from the ceiling to the floor, each colored raven black.

“It is kinda edgy, but I can’t complain.”

“Take your pick, though I think I have a few items that will suit your taste.”

A crimson hue emanated from an assortment of pieces in the room. It was almost like a scavenger hunt, but eviler. Each piece called to me like a chosen hero in a fantasy movie. I went and collected each part, one at a time and in a timely fashion. I thought they would be relatively heavy, but they felt as light as a feather in my average-sized hands.

“I gave you my blessing, Destroyer. With it, you will level up five times as fast and easily lift any armor created in my domain.” It was as if he had read my mind.

The second part is useless outside, but I'll take it.

I equipped each piece of armor with relative ease. It felt as natural as putting on pants and a shirt. A magic mirror appeared in front of me so I could inspect my appearance as if I was in a game avatar creator. The armor felt incredibly light but seemed strong and durable. Gold streaks snaked through all the raven black pieces. The chassis had red demon eyes imprinted below the chest as if there was more to this suit than met the ‘eye’. I had taken on the form of a dark knight from neck down. It felt somewhat exhilarating.

I readjusted my glasses as I searched for a helmet that would adequately suit my tastes.

Ah, that dark goddess sent me something that might help with your seeing problem. Try it on.”

A black helmet appeared in my hands. It looked rather standard for a knight except for the front area. There was a golden visor fitted inside, with an advanced-looking design that belonged to something 100 years in the future in my world. Curved horns protruded from the top to make it appear more demonic than your average dark knight. Either way, I placed it over my head. As expected, my glasses disappeared and I was able to see clearly through the visor without issue.

“Oh. It's connected.”

I could view my stats on the corner of the screen and could even scan the stats of any object in the room. That’s when a certain weapon caught my eye. It was in a four-weapon holster jutting out of the ground. I easily pulled it out and was bathed with the white fire that coiled around it like a DNA helix.

[Name: Hex Fiend]—[Skills: Severe Magic (MAX) Magic Disruption (MAX) ]—[Attack: 5,000 (enhanced by user’s attack)]

[Durability: Infinite]—[Requirements for use: Lord of Calamity’s Blessing]—[Level:200]

[Name: Dark Knight Lord Armor Set —[Skills: Magic Resistance (MAX), Owner-Bound (MAX) Borrowed Power (MAX) ]—[Defense: 10,000 (enhanced by user’s defense)]

[Durability: Infinite]—[Requirements for use: Lord of Calamity’s Blessing]—[Level:100]

“This is practically cheating. A level 1 with armor and weapons of this caliber. It’s insane.”

“These aren't even close to the best items in my castle, but I thought they would be a great starter set.”

“‘Starter set’, huh? Well, this should make eviscerating the Savior a breeze.”

“I would hope so. Now, there was one more thing you needed, correct?”

I nodded, tapping my helmet to have it disappear into the armor of my suit.“I would like a companion, but I was told you could create whatever I desired.”

“You were told correctly. Allow me to transport you into a more desirable location.”

The sword magnetically attached to my back the moment I put it over my head. The scenery warped and distorted, bringing me to a room that was highlighted in a vile green shade the same color as toxic chemicals. In the center of the room was a cauldron hooked up to a lengthy tube that snaked around the left side of the room where a metal box was located. In front of the cauldron stood a skeleton in a black shepherd's cowl. In one of his bony hands, he held a stack of paper, while in the other he held an assortment of pencils and pens.

I briskly walked over to him; there was no time to waste. The moment I got close, his empty sockets were lit with a crimson light of eternal life.

“Welcome to the monster builder. How can I assist you today?”

This sounds like a game. It seems like I will be able to get what I want, but I have to make sure.

“I would like to create one, but I was wondering: can it be made of more than one creature?”

The skeleton nodded with a wide grin. “Of course! Two is fine by our safety regulations. All you need to do is write what species and design you desire on the paper as well as one Skill you want them to be born with. Then, just drop it into the creation cauldron and watch the magic work as they are summoned from the box of life.”

I crossed my arms. “What level will they be?”

“They usually start off at 10 times the creator's level, but since you are just starting out, I got permission to make it 100 times your level.”

I shook my head up and down. “I see. Well, I have one more question.”

“Do tell.”

“Will they be born with any racial Skills?”

The skeleton’s head did a 360 spin. “Of course! They will have a racial Skill for each creature you choose with it, but the strongest ones will only come from a creature made from a single species. They are very obedient creations and will follow your every command.”

I grinned, finally showing some emotion. “That’s just the way I like it.”

Finally, after getting answers to all my questions, I made my move. I grabbed a pen and paper and quickly scribbled down the monster girl combination I sought and the perfect Skill to go along with it. After that, I tossed the slip of paper into the slimy green maw of the cauldron. It quickly ate the sheet of paper with a satisfying ‘burp’.

I could hear the sound of boiling bubbles and swishing of fluids as the tube slowly sucked in more of the cauldron goo that had changed to a bright blue color. The fluid flowed through the long tail-like tube that went all the way up on the walls before being dropped out directly onto the box. The blue fluids sloshed against the ground but quickly took form. It had the short stature of a girl before its gooey solution transformed into skin and became covered in a blue and red striped mage robe. Black swimming shorts popped out from under it, though they looked to be a unisex size. Blue sandals appeared to caress her small feet and lastly, her face formed under the hood.

For her petite body, she wore a face that matched a teenager's, and I was glad for that.

She looks more legal this way.

She wasn't exactly flat like the girls from my past, but small bumps stuck out of her red ruffled swimsuit top. It was as if she was going for a nice swim at the beach, but also prepared to fight as a mage at any time. It was a truly strange combination of attire.

Her face was expressionless, but her eyes seemed filled to the brim with latent energy. One was light red while the other was sky blue—like a hot and cold reminder on a faucet. She had short pigtails that were both a mix of red and blue, just like the rest of her hair. Above them was a combination of red and blue antennas that an arthropod or insect would possess. I took this time to give her a full scan, but first I needed to do something else.

“You need a name, right?” I asked.

The girl shook her head up and down. “Whatever you want, I shall become it, my Lord,” she responded in a low, flat tone.

“I see…. Well, from here on you will be dubbed ‘Protoform Epsilon’. Epsilon for short.”

I think I was on Epsilon when I was last experimenting...

The girl nodded before moving close to me. I took this chance to give her a scan. I pointed my hand her way and the hologram flipped upward from my wrist before displaying a view that only my eyes could see.

[Name: Solution Epsilon]—[Class: Beast-kin Heavy Tank/ Great Debuffer]—[Level: 100]

[Skills: Magnum Punch (MAX), Inhale (MAX), Infinite Storage (MAX), Travel Form (MAX)]

[Status: Indifferent]—[Attack:3,000]—[Defense:45,000]—[Magic:5,000]

“Those stats are insane. It’s a shame she has no mana-less skills, but only one blessed from the gods can really get that lucky.”

I closed the hologram with a smile. She was all I could ask for and more. My plan could finally come together and it was thanks to this “girl”. She looked up at me, awaiting orders.

“Let's go, Epsilon. You have the greatest potential for what comes next.”

“Mm-hmmm,” she said quietly.

I re-summoned the black helmet, its frame building around my face with blinding speed; it was still a little hard to get used to, but I persevered. Everything was now set. I just needed to find and kill the “hero”. However, I could take care of my other missions first to become overwhelmingly powerful for our fateful encounter. Yeah, that sounded lovely.

I pressed my scanner, but then remembered it was connected to my helmet. I focused on the left corner and a link was established.

I gallantly walked around in my outfit with my new pet in tow. After taking a seat on a metal weapons crate I sat there for a moment in deep thought with Epsilon at my side.

“I see you have got all that you needed.” I heard a familiar lusty female voice inside my helmet.

“Indeed. Now I just have one question as I start my hunt.”

“My life is your life, Lord Ivorn,” Epsilon added coolly.

Epsilon couldn't hear our conversation and decided to interject her own statement in between. I focused back on Morgala to catch her response.

“And whatever might that be?” she asked.

“Where is the Savior’s hometown?”