Chapter 3:

Vampire 101

Sui Generis: Origin

Sui Generis. A stylish title indeed. After years of idea processing, I give it a try to upload it online. Unexpectedly, someone read it. And it is not the end. Day by day, the number of readers is increasing. Although it increases by one or two-person per day, those who give this web novel a try truly give me more motivation to do more. For me, it is a pleasure to have at least one person read my first web novel. Thanks for everyone's support.

Before I forgor,

Vampire. A creature that feeds on human flesh. In Vampire 101, I'll tell you the characteristic of a vampire. With this, readers can get a clear image of a vampire, like Yukino. as we get into chapter one, she has sharp nails. It's not because she sharpens them, but because she uses her power as a vampire. So, a vampire;

- Have powers

Yes. Each of them has powers that all vampires hold;

- Blood Manipulation

Explaining Blood Manipulation, vampires can use their blood to imbue, create weapons and controls them around between certain range. Usually around their body.

How did Shouri know that Yukino was a vampire? Vampires have many characteristics and one of them is;

- They prey on humans ( yeah of course why not? )
- They need no weapons to hunt them ( they can make one themself )
- An average vampire has much more strength to compare to average people.
- They have a different teeth structure

Yes. Their teeth structure is completely designed to penetrate the skin more effectively.

A vampire has less than four incisors and four extra molars. Four of their canines shifted forward and replace the missing incisors.

Yeah, I think that's the things that I want to tell. This may help you to understand certain situations in this web novel. See you in the next chapter! \ (•◡•) /