Chapter 2:

The Consequence

Sui Generis: Origin

She woke up. The lights above flashed into her eyes. She turned around in an instant. Then, she realized something. She was lying on something as soft as a cloud. A thick and soft fabric covered her body. She lifted her body and found herself sitting on a fluffy white bed surrounded by yellow walls. Beside the bed was a small wooden cabinet. On top of it was a glass containing a strange red liquid. A door on her far right. It looked like she had seen the same door before.

She was confused. Alone in a mysterious four-cornered room, she didn't even know where was she. Her senses were not working right. Her vision blurred and couldn't hear much. As time passed, she started to regain her sense. As it was happening, something caught her nose. She smelled something familiar. Something tasty that made her body produce more saliva. She looked at the cabinet. A glass of dark red mixture. She grabbed the glass and viewed the surface of its contents. The liquid reflected her eyes. It was a bit concentrated. A thing that came to her mind was blood.

No wonder it was familiar to her. It was her food. The thing she ate for a living. Her saliva was draining inside of her mouth. She couldn't hold it. The tip of the glass slowly reached her lips. As she tried to take a sip, she heard the door knob twist.

"Awake already? I thought you were still sleeping." a man she recognized opened the door.

"It's you!" she pulled her hand out of the white blanket.

"Hey, hey, hey, hold your horses. I meant no harm," he lifted his hand to his shoulder.

Her expression showed he was not welcome. He took a step, closing the door behind him as she glared with her sharp fangs shown. He was careful. He didn't dare to take another step forward to prevent any complicated situations.

"What did you want from me?!" she yelled.

"Nothing bad, I suppose?" he calmly answered.

"Then why am I here?!"

"How bout you take a sip from your special drink first?"


"Calm down... nothing will happen to you. I promise."

She looked back at the glass she was holding. She stared at it for a second. Immediately, she gulped the blood until the last of it. The man walked closer.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Where...did you get this?" she asked back.

"None of that matters. As long as you drink it,"

"Wait, did you put—"

"Nothing else but blood. That's what you feed on, right?"

She held her tongue. She was stunned by his words. He knew that he was a prey of hers. However, he fed her the flesh of his kind. She held her hands together, holding the glass on her lap.

"What did you want?" she changed her tone.

"Hmm, remember what have you done?" he looked down and sighed.

"What do you mean?"

"My house was destroyed,"


"Yes. It was you,"

"I can't remember any of that..."

"No, you are,"

"Even if I do it, I have nothing as compensation!"

"Then why did you think you're cooped up in this room?"

"Because...are you trying to do something to me!"

"Yes. I can't just let you go off just like that after you broke everything"

"You bastard!!!"

"Maybe I am. But to give you to the police will assure your death. So, I rather keep you. Instead of letting you die while I'm here repairing everything by myself."


"Yes, why is that."

"You're keeping me to help you do your house?"

"And that's half of it."


"The parts for repairing in on their way. It wasn't just repairing things but replacing those that go to pieces. Unfortunately for you, I will let you free after the renovation has been completed."

She was staring at him confused. His words were still understandable, but it was illogically nonsense. To keep a vampire was a risk in itself. At the same time, let them stay for a period. This man had more than just a death wish.

"Are you crazy?" she asked out of confusion.

"Hmm...I think this conversation is the proof of my sanity?" he replied.


The silence stroke again. Nothing left to be said. To say he was a madman was proven wrong since he didn't do anything weird during the conversation. For her, he filled the criteria as a line between sanity and madness. After some time, he stood up.

"I'm going to continue cleaning up. If you can move properly, get out and help me." he walked to the door.

"...And another thing I forgot." he stopped as he came out.


"My name is Shouri. Call me when you need any help,"


"How about you? People can't be nameless, aren't they?"

"I'm...I'm Yukino!"

"Yukino...there's mineral water inside the cabinet. About your food, I'll give you a glass of blood three times a week."

"Isn't that discrimination?!"

"I know vampires more than you do. Three is enough to prevent you from using your powers."


"Call me when you have any needs."

Shouri got out and closed the door. He left Yukino filled with questions. Who is he? How much did he know? Why did he know? Perhaps the right question is, what is he? She was unintentionally curious. This man named Shouri seemed like a good guy. Even so, his background is still a mystery.