Chapter 5:

Let's settle this

Reality Breaker

3 hours ago... 

[Rena : It seems we're running out of groceries here.] 

[Julia : Yeah Oneesama, I'll go grocery now] 

[Rena : No!,no! Lemme grocery julia i have something to buy too.] 

[Julia : Ok, then i should do the gardening] 

[Rena : Okie goodluck!, then what are the needed] 

Rena list down the beverage, vegetable and every food they need and pick a colorful basket with mosaic of a gardening color of roses. 

[Rena :......] 

She goes down in ladders with a smile that is 2,000,000 in a chance of that and makes the day completely different if its her smile shown. 

[Rena : hmm,hmm]

[Rena : This day weather is so nice, ill have a little walk to the village.]

Rena walks in to the forest before village and see a wounded person.

[Rena : Hey, are you ok?]

[Wounded Villager: The... Village... Attacked.. By....] 

The Villager passed out as he was cliffhang what he was about so say

[Rena :......] 

Rena run through the forest and go to village, he see a black smoke shattered across the village and full of people shouting for help. 

[Rena : I need to help them but i cant stop them if i request a help so i need to rush there.] 

Rena jump through the 7 feet cliff to the village and fires ice spear through the shadow daimidaler.

[Rena : "Void : Phase 1 ( Ice Spear"] 

Rena shots 5 Shadow Bandits and stans for a Fighting Art

[Rena : "Fighting Art : Air Taekwando" 

She rush a barrage of punch through 15 Shadow Bandits and thrown away, a giant daimidaler fires a shock bolt through Rena's back and immobilized her. 

[Rena : ahh... I cant... Move] 

The 5 bandits were laughing of Rena while being immobilized

[Shadow Bandits 1 : HAHAHAHA, Thats what you get filthy b*tch HAAHHA, Not gonna lie she's frickin sexy.] 

[Shadow Bandits 2 : What do you waiting!, strip her!!!] 

The crowd of bandits were applausing while rena being strip, a silky body and smooth skin with a lumptous breast and pinkish nipples were shown. The bandits starts licking Rena all over her body and groped her chest. 

4 hours later

Dark tuxedo with black tie and dark pants as if he was an agent were suited to Kairo and Maid Outfit to Julia, Ryona was wearing a White Suit with a gun as a arms. 

[Ryona : Lets go!, Retrieve Rena and rescue the village.] 

[Kairo : Yes!] 

[Julia : Right, Ryona Neechan!] 

The two were rode in carriage to the village, as they were arrived in the forest they sought a 7 person's head sticked in a stem of a tree. Ryona and Julia were terrified. 

[Ryona :...... What in the..] 

[Julia : sobs* neechan....] 

They suddenly got shots by a large light ray and destroy the entire carriage. Ryona carry Kairo and Julia and jumped off to carriage. 

[Ryona : We're near to be barbeque from that... No... Erasure] 

Julia were crying because of terrifying scene and worried to her sister. 

[Ryona : Dont worry Rena will be safe im sure of it.] 

A large Shadow Daimidaler Punched Kairo away and thrown off into the cliff.

[Ryona : Kairoooooo!! You! "Void! : Red String Of Fate! Phase 1(Hand Enhancer)":

A Red String combined and group into Ryona's hand, Ryona stance a Fighting Art. 

[Ryona : "Fighting Arts! Air Taekwando"] 

Ryona jumped into couple of trees and punched a giant shadow Daimidaler and destruct it. 

[Ryona : Phew! Lets go Julia] 

[Julia : Coming!, You were amazing Neechan] 

[Ryona : I learned Fighting Arts since i was taken here in the mansion]. 




Kairo got consciousness in to the dark forest with nothingness to see aside a dark and a trees, he start to walks while he's head was bleeding and his feet were fractured. He hear a moan from a dark cave and see a girl in a giant crucifix made of iron. 

[Kairo : R-rena! He-he's here.... I'll go.. Te.. ll... Others.] 

A two bandits spotted Kairo and kick him to cave and fell inside. The leader of Shadow Daimidaler see Kairo. 

[... : It seems we have a visitor! Or neither a hero? We dont know! We just have to ask him! Who are you? Why are you here? Did you get lost? Speak Brat!] 

[Rena : K-kairo kun!] 

Kairo see Rena completely naked that got held in a giant crucifix. 

Kairo smiles like a devil of a netherworld

[Kairo : Me? A.. No.. A man who will kill you all] 

[... : Interesting...] 

End of chapter 5 sorry for the delay a lot of work were put into me well I'll continue to daily update now thanks for the support! 

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