Chapter 7:

Part 1- Chapter 7

Snowflake and Butterknife

Harper sat in her living room, laying upside down on the couch with the TV playing in the background. Her mom sat next to her, and her dad was in the recliner nearby. The news was talking about the rise of more ACO branches across the country. Edwin had mentioned they found a way to take off the markings while still wearing them in public.

Harper wondered if this would lead to more Marking checks in the future. Police and public service buildings were given scanners that were used to check markings, they looked similar to the ones you would find in grocery stores but were hand held with screens to review the Mageye’s information. Harper hated the idea of having to go to the post office and get her mark scanned due to its location.

Her marking choice was dumb and she knew it, she should have put it somewhere easier to check it, though she had her reasons just as Edwin had his. She wondered if they used to scan them more back in the days when Mageye were viewed as a larger threat.

“Who is that?” Harper said, the blood filling her head. A man had shown up on the screen. It was clear he was a politician with that styled chestnut blonde hair, perfect teeth, and spray tan. Though he also had a scar that ran along his chin, what was that about?

“That is Bradley Reeves, I guess he is some kind of Politician?” Harper’s mother said, reading off the text below the man.

“Hes a big anti-Mageye.” Harper’s father stated.

Bradley was talking about the rise of ACO members. Harper was used to seeing people like this on the news, the world was allowed their opinions so there was nothing she could do about it. Atleast, that is what Edwin says. However Harper hated these people, the ones that would look down on a person for how they were born instead of their actions. The type of people that generalize small minorities of a group as the whole. Harper had no problem raising her middle finger to the TV screen as the man continued on and on about tightening the collar on Mageyes.

“Harper stop that.” Harper’s mother snapped.

“Sorry.” Harper said, lowering the hand back to the ground where it hung. “What an asshole though, is he saying that all markings should be fully visible and checked weekly? He pretty much wants to raise all Mageye to A rank.”

“He is just reacting to the events happening around the world.” Harper’s father said. “When things like this happen people look for a voice to address the issue and find solutions.”

Harper gritted her teeth, it was because of that logic that Mageye are treated the way they are. What would have happened if the council had not been the voice of the Mageye’s? What if someone good had been the one to become the voice? Would she still feel so ostracized for being what she was?

She sighed, she hated this topic. She just existed in this system, where she has to go to monthly check ups, get tested when they feel, be a pariah amongst people, and hide what she was. She wasn't like Edwin, she still had trouble accepting what she was, with Edwin it was easier, but when he wasn't around it was like she was hiding a part of herself from the world.

Harper sighed as a member of the Council spoke from Washington DC, where they operated. The man was older, his hairs grayed, beard short across his chin with a leathery face. He looked like any other member of the Council. Why were these old men the ones who controlled the lives of Mageyes?

She groaned, then rolled forward to land on the floor. She struggled to her feet and left to go to her room. She hated the news, it was always something terrible, something that made her hate the world a little bit more. When would things get better? She did not know.

Edwin sat in the back of the Peacekeepers van. Nova was in the driver seat, Reynard next to him. Loric was in the back with Edwin, and Loghain took a seat in the middle. Nova drove wildly through the street, turning his siren on and off as he pleased to get through the crowd.

“Warrant has been issued.” Gemma’s voice said over the small earpiece in Edwin’s ear.

Reynard opened the glove box to reveal a small computer and printer. The printer was printing out the warrant in question.

“How did you get one so quickly?” Loric asked, pressing on the button on the earpiece. Edwin heard him in an echo due to this.

“Richardson is on my speedial.” Gemma said.

“Who is that?” Loghain asked.

“Friend of mine.” Reynard said. “He owes me a favor or two, so he tends to be accommodating to us.”

“Woh, Captain, you have friends?” Loric teased.

“Alright, here is the plan.” Reynard began, ignoring Loric. “Edwin, once we enter the boat you freeze the water around the boat. Anyone that tries to escape stop them okay? Loric, you stick with him.”

“Why!” Loric said with annoyance.

“Someone needs to be with him.” Reynard explained. “I don't want the kid getting hurt. Besides, your ability won't work well in this situation so back him up. Nova, Loghain, and I will take the charge. Met and the police will be meeting us shortly for back up.”

A tension filled the van as they drove on. Everyone swayed back and forth as Nova quickly tore through the streets, swerving left and right as he pleased. Before long they reached their destination.

The Black Pearl was a large yacht with three layers to it. It had its gangplank out, and sat in a large dock with other yachts. They had parked slightly away from the ship to not tip them off too soon. Reynard had thrown Edwin a Peacekeeper jacket to serve as a uniform, one that he was hesitant to put on.

The assault squad moved in, once they reached the top of the gangplank, Edwin moved. He pressed his hand against the water of Lake Michigan, its chilly water splashing onto his palms. Thanks to the cold of the winter his ability would work more efficiently, though it would still be a challenge.

The water began to freeze swiftly, becoming ice as it was. Leading to frozen waves that made the ice very wavy. Edwin focused hard to make sure the whole ship was trapped in ice, as well as a few feet in either direction past the ship incase of people jumping over to escape. The sounds of a struggle broke out as Edwin reached the end. With his task done, Edwin collapsed backwards onto the freezing concrete dock.

“Nice.” Loric said, watching the ship for any movement. “You should consider joining, we dont have alot of people that specialize in stopping things, only the Captain.”

Edwin panted, this was not the limit of his ability by any means, but it was draining to focus so hard so that he did not cause damage to the ship and sink it.

“No thanks.” Edwin said, catching his breath. He watched as the ship shook from an impact. “Guess a fight was expected.”

“Yeah, bet Nova is going crazy in there.” Loric laughed.

“I was wondering about that, Nova is such a weird name.” Edwin said.

“It's not his real name. I dont know his real name, but he just uses Nova as his ‘Battle Name’ as he calls it.” Loric said.

“Where does the name come from?” Edwin asked.

“His power, it's called Supernova, so he just said ‘Call me Nova’ or something. It's something they did in the war, like codenames ya know?” Loric said.

Edwin nodded in agreement. Powers had been given names to help document them better and check for any duplicates in the world.

“What is your ability?” Edwin asked.

Loric gave a wide smile. “Well, as you can probably tell, I am an Illusionist. My ability is a very handy one, wanna see?”

“Sure.” Edwin said.

Loric offered a hand to Edwin. “Just grab it.” Loric said after Edwin gave him a weird look.

Edwin took the hand and stood up. Suddenly, he saw a spitting image of himself and Loric, mirrored.

“This is Mirror Image.” Loric explained. “It allows me to create an illusion of anyone i make contact with, as well as myself.'' Surprisingly the illusion wasn't talking, something Edwin expected since it was a mirror image. “The illusion starts as a mirror when I first make it, after that I can control it how I feel.”

Suddenly, the illusions began to do jumping jacks. Edwin released Loric’s hand, and the illusion Edwin faded into a mist.

“Pretty cool huh.” Loric explained. “It's why I was picked for this elite division of Peacekeepers.”

“Loric!” Reynard yelled out. “We got 'em, lead the police over will ya?”

“On it boss.” Loric yelled out.

Edwin turned to see Reynard looking over the side of the ship. He looked unscathed even after all the fighting.

Once the police were guided in, Edwin began to unfreeze the ice. He watched as the ACO were being led into trucks. Several of them were wrapped tightly in chains or were knocked unconscious. Edwin noticed something odd on a few of them, markings.

“You see it too?” Reynard said, walking over to Ediwn.

“They have markings.” Edwin said.

“Yep, yet they aren't on our radars.” Reynard explained. “I tried to scan one, but it was shut off.”

“They can be shut off?” Edwin asked.

“Only Peacekeepers can do that, or high ranking members of Police forces.” Renyard explained. “What do you make of that?”

Edwin thought about it, the waves crashing against his hands in a deep chill. “Either they found a way to shut off the marks themselves, or they have someone who is high enough rank to turn it off for them.”

“Based on the fact they were removing marks, I would say the latter is more possible.” Renyard explained. “Something is off here.”

Edwin agreed, something felt off. He wasn't sure what though.

“You'll be free to go once we get back.” Reynard said. “Tomorrow I will be taking you somewhere to learn about your abilities.”

“Yes sir.” Edwin said, remembering that he was still being tested.

“For now, we got some reports to fill out.” Renyard said as the last bits of ice had thawed. They both got up and headed for the Van that Loric had on, blasting the heat.

“You guys all suck!” Loric said. “Seriously, are you all not cold?”

“Fire.” Loghain declared.

“I build up heat.” Nova said, getting into the driver seat.

Reynard just got into his seat, leaving Edwin for Loric to look at.

“I work with ice, it doesn't bother me that much.” Edwin explained.

“This sucks. Please leave the heat on.” Loric said as Edwin climbed into the van. 

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