Chapter 8:

Part 1- Chapter 8

Snowflake and Butterknife

“You look exhausted,” Harper said.

The two sat at a coffee shop, the one they went on their first date to. Edwin sat with drowsy eyes that he had to force open.

“Reynard is a slave driver.” Edwin said, nodding off.

“What exactly did he have you do?” Harper questioned.

“He was testing my abilities.” Edwin began. “We went out to a clearing and he told me to let loose, had me using my abilities in super specific ways to his liking.”

“Which is why you're so tired.” Harper said, sipping at her iced coffee. “Jeez, they really are putting you to work huh? Yesterday it was a raid, today it's intense training.”

“Yeah, apparently everyone has to take time to do Reynard’s training.” Edwin said. “Loghain said he gets forced into the most training since he's newer.”

Harper gave a look as she chewed on her straw. “Lets head back to your place, you need sleep.”

Edwin scooped up his hot coffee as they began to walk out of the shop. They walked the streets hand in hand, Edwin occasionally bumping into Harper as he walked.

“What do you think will happen?” Harper asked.

“Hopefully nothing.” Edwin said. “Things are weird.”

“How so?” Harper asked. She had meant about him being promoted, but it seems the topic was lost in the drowsy mind of Edwin.

“Yesterday, we captured the leaders of the Chicago ACO Branch, and they all had deactivated markings.”

“That's a thing?” Harper questioned.

“Apparently, it's confusing.” Edwin said. “Only higher ups can do it, but also they can remove the marks entirely, so why deactivate them?”

“To hide in plain sight I would say.” Harper said.

“True, we thought of that too, but then why remove marks if you have the ability to turn them off?” Edwin asked.

Harper thought it over. “Maybe there is a secret goal that those leaders knew about and didn't tell those below them?”

Edwin chewed on that thought. “Thats an idea, but what?”

“No clue.” Harper said, finally releasing his hand and wrapping the arm around Edwin to hold him up. “Lets get some rest then you can think on that more.

Ediwn liked that thought, his head was hurting.

Loghain wasn't doing much that particular day. As a Peacekeeper he was always on call, but today was his day off. Two days since the raid on the Black Pearl, and yet no answers. The Council had intervened and taken the ACO leaders for interrogation. Reynard had told them that it was no issue, they would get the info they needed easily. Something about a Mageye that can read minds or something like that.

Since he was free of duty for the time being, he just wandered around town. He tended to do this, seeking out any comic book stores that dotted the city and seeing what rarities he could find. His marking itched, as it tended to do. Face markings were stupid, but he was comitted to his. It seemed cool to have one above his eye even if it hurt like hell.

Then there was Edwin, who had that massive one on his cheek. He made Loghain’s mark seem reasonable in comparison. Atleast Loghains was small. He scratched at it again, the itch subsiding for now. It always felt like this, his paranoia reminding him that he was still being watched. He figured joining the Peacekeepers would stop that feeling, yet he felt it even more.

Police sirens sprung to life nearby. He was in the southern part of the city, the areas where the skyscrapers made way for industry and smaller businesses. He had left a board game shop that was inside a large apartment-like building, far away from where the headquarters was located.

He instinctively pulled out his ear piece and put it in his ear, calling in to Gema.

“Gema is something going on near me?” Loghain asked.

“Loghain good, we got a request for back up, proceed with caution, ill text you the location.” Gema said quickly. “They report a strange Mageye attacking people.”

Loghain swallowed. “What about the others?” He asked, dashing in the direction of the sirens

“Reynard is with Edwin south of the city. I am trying them but they arent responding yet.” Gema explained. “Nova and Loric were out dealing with another issue, I have called Met and he should be heading that way to back you up.”

Good, Loghain thought. He still had yet to handle an assignment on his own. Being a part of the Closers gave him some authority that other Peacekeepers in the city didn't have, yet he was still new. He wouldn't mind the help from someone the Captain trusts as a confidant.

The instructions that Gema sent Loghain changed constantly, the target was on the move. Finally he caught up with the cops who stood outside a large warehouse.

“What we looking at?” Loghain said, flashing his badge.

“He is inside sir.” One of the officers said. He was a SWAT member and held a large shotgun. “Thing doesn't seem to get hurt easily.”

“Abilities or any markings?” Loghain said.

“Not sure, he's been running mostly, though an officer shot him and said he watched it heal.” The officer stated. “No markings to be seen.”

Loghain nodded. “Alright, set up a perimeter, don't let him thru.”

“Yes sir!” The officer said. “Are you going to go in sir?”

There was an odd level of respect to that statement. Suddenly eyes all were on Loghain, they all looked like they expected the world from him. Loghain swallowed. “Back me up, ill take lead.” It was stupid and he knew it, yet he said it. He wanted to impress, to show he was worthy of his position in Reynard’s Peacekeepers. He had to show them what a Closer could do.

They opened a door to the warehouse, it was large and open. Lights hung from the ceiling, lighting all but the walls. In the corner, Loghain spotted a figure curled up in the corner. He approached slowly, then heard it.

Quiet weeping.

The cops gave Loghain a look, he nodded to them and swallowed his nerves.

“Alright, put your hands where I can see them.” Loghain said.

The weeping continued. As Loghain neared he could see the form shaking back and forth, he was holding his sides.

“Alright, get out of the shadows now!” Loghain yelled, feeling tension. He was told there were deaths, this man was a killer, he had to be cautious.

The weeping paused. The figure got to its feet, turned, and walked into the light. Loghain felt a sudden rush of panic at the sight. The man had long unkempt black hair, pale skin that was bare. His only clothing was a black garment that covered his sensitive areas. The most disturbing part was his body. It was covered in stitches as if his parts were attached to him from different bodies, yet they seemed to be from him.

“Alright, hands up. We are taking you downtown to answer some questions.” Loghain said.

Loghain hadnt realized it, as he was distracted by the stitches, but the man was weeping.

“No. I wont go back.” The man said, his voice shaky, terrified.

Loghain spotted something on the mans wrist, a bracelet of some sort.

“You did some damage, we need you to talk to us, now put your hands up and get on your knees.” Loghain said, holding up a hand in a calming gesture.

“I wont go back!” The man yelled. Suddenly, his arms stretched out and whipped out at Loghain.

Loghain acted on instincts, pushing the SWAT team behind him away. He had turned his back on the man, and as such was a victim to the attack. He had spotted it in the moment he turned, his palms. The palms of his hands had opened up to reveal mouths with several layers of teeth and a vicious tongue.

With his back to the enemy, Loghain could not protect himself. The hand hit him, and his body tensed up. He felt something happening to him, like a vacuum sucking his skin. Pain shot up his body as he screamed in pained horror. He didnt want to die, yet he was. In his final moments, the last thing he saw was the SWAT team he protected running away, offering no help to save the dying Mageye. Why would they? He was just a Mageye after all.

With that final thought, Loghain died. 

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