Chapter 17:

The Precious Angel

My Childhood Best Friend is a VTuber! (OsananaV)

If Koi is the adorable demon, then Chika would be the precious angel.

We talked at that table for what seemed like hours; our conversation went over pretty much anything I was interested in.

“Do you know what vtubers are?”

“What’s your favourite anime, young master?”

“Do you have lots of maid outfits at home?”.

It probably and most likely was hours the more I think about it.

Something was special about the interaction, but admittedly, it might be because she was treating me with the utmost care and hospitality.

Who else can say they got their own personal maid for a few hours?

“You never mentioned it, but how did this whole mix-up happen?”

Chika smiles, the way she tries to repress it gives off a lingering feeling of anxiety, which she hasn’t shown up until now.

I guess this job does have some quirks.

“Well, master, usually when people come to this place looking for someone in particular, that someone is the maid before you. The fact that sir did not specifically request for me was somewhat of an oddity.”

Have I just spent my day with someone extremely desirable?

I mean, I could have stated this fact myself, but still, hearing it from her mouth allows it to resonate with me all the more.

“And what about you, in particular, makes people want to see you, particularly?”

Despite my efforts to home in on the word ‘particular’ for some type of unknown comedic effect, I do worry that maybe she may take this the wrong way.

I don’t want her to think that I’m phrasing it in a way where I’m asking what makes her so special out of everyone.

Even I can see what that is! I’m just making conversation.

Nervously, I tap my foot under the table as my eyes dart around the room for a moment.

The smile that emanates from the young maid’s face puts all my fears at ease. The giggle that comes afterwards is just the cherry on top.


“That, you may have to ask my customers, sir. It’s not particularly a question I get asked often.”

She even went along with it!

Is there a possible chance she doesn’t think my dumb jokes are bad? Or maybe she’s just humouring me.

I will say that Koi’s disposition compliments my quips a lot, so our conversations are a little more action-oriented.

But this change of pace with Chika is nice.

“So, this is a common occurrence for you then? Sitting with a customer specifically, not the situation where you weren’t requested, of course.”


I hope she doesn’t feel like I’m rubbing it in.

“Sitting with a customer specifically? Yes, unlike the other maids here, that is what I attend to most of the time. Sitting for this long? This would be a first, if it was a common occurrence then I think my employers may have something to say about it.”

As she finishes saying her line, I feel my face getting warmer.

“What makes this special?”

“I find you quite interesting, young master. This is the first time I’ve had a sit down with a customer who didn’t specifically ask for me. No less, this is the first time someone has sat down with me when they’re obviously looking for another girl.”

What are these accusations!

I think I was very clear when I said that I did not come here specifically to look for anyone.

Don’t go making people think the wrong things about me!

“A-ah-ah, I see.”

That was awkward, that’s all I can say.

“It is not in a maid's duty to pry into the affairs of her master, I am simply here to serve.”

She is really sticking to this whole maid bit. We’ve been here talking for hours and she hasn’t broken character once.

I wonder if all the other maids are like this, maybe she’s requested specifically for her dedication to the art form!

This beautiful, beautiful art form.

“I don’t have anything to hide, don’t worry.”

Why do I feel guilty saying that?

I don’t really know if I’m imagining the bead of sweat dripping down the side of my face or not.

“Of course not, of course not. You have something to find, something that, as your maid, I would like to help you find.”

Um, excuse me?

Without saying a word, I just stare at the beautiful maid in confusion.

“What I’m trying to say, young master, is that I’ve been off work for the last hour. I was thinking maybe we could look for your lady friend together?”

“M-my lady friend?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, master. Would you prefer girlfriend? Maybe even little sist-“

“Lady friend! Lady friend is very fine with me. Very fine indeed!”

For a brief moment, Chika displays a smug smile that rivals that of Mayu herself, but quickly gets rid of it.

“A very fine lady friend you say? I’m a little jealous, master.”

Has the room always been this hot? Is it just me?

Yeah? Okay.

I push forward on the table and stumble a little bit as I get out of my seat. The chair makes a small creaking noise as it collides with the floor.

Hastily I get to my feet as Chika looks up and furrows her brow.

“Okay, my mai-, I mean my Chi- “

Can a voice wobble? Because I can feel my voice wobbling right now!

“So, Chika, shall we be going then?”

Finally, got it out!

My young maid companion gets up from the table, latches onto my arm and leads me to the counter to pay before leaving.

Walking through a room full of people with a beautiful girl on my arm is a first!

Knowing my luck, it may also be the last.

If that bead of sweat wasn’t there before, I can say that it definitely is now!

As soon as we get outside, she lets go of my arm, puts her hands behind her back and looks down - pushing out her chest as she does.

I’m just noticing, okay? It doesn’t look like she’s doing it on purpose anyway!

“I’m sorry mas-“

Immediately both of her hands come back up and grab onto her mouth.

“That’s embarrassing – it’s a force of habit at this point I’m afraid.”

I’m not surprised.

Even with vtubers (as they’re my first point of reference for situations like these) it must be really hard for them to drop and break character after streaming for hours and hours on end almost every day.

Look at someone like Mayu.

I wonder what she’s like in real life.

“That’s the face of a boy who’s thinking about a girl.”

My attention snaps back to Chika.

Her voice carries the same gentle tone as before, but it’s less formal now. Ultimately, it’s still just as cute and friendly.

She has a warm smile and a comforting presence. The light cardigan she’s now wearing over her maid uniform lets me lower my guard a little too.

I like this more casual vibe.

“Tell me about her.”

To be honest, I don’t know what Chika wants from me out of this situation, but she gives me the feeling she’s just the sort of person who wants to help a friend.

How we suddenly became friends is beyond me.

Maybe she’s just a helpful person.

I wonder if she’d get along with Koi.