Chapter 5:

The Capital

One Step To Hell [Short]

After all that talk, we headed together to the capital of the Redon Kingdom, the Rogat city. This was our destination, the place where the Captain was going to make me a Knight of Redon. Bookmark here

We continued our journey for more than two days. The path there after Ersham village was just forests and more forests. Some forests had not very tall trees, but others seemed to have trees that reached the sky, it was incredible to see the size of all those trees. We spent the nights in some of the forests, until one day at dawn we had finally arrived at our destination, the Rogat city. Bookmark here

“Welcome to the capital of the Redon Kingdom, Minori!” said the Captain. Bookmark here

“Welcome, Minori!!!” shouted Kin and Yumi with a tone of happiness. Bookmark here

“Minori, I'm going to give you a task right now that will serve for your training.” said Nobu. Bookmark here

I asked him what it was about. Bookmark here

“It's something that won't be difficult. I want you to observe everything very carefully inside the capital.” Bookmark here

I thought it would be something quite simple, after all it was all new to me and I was very curious to know new things. Bookmark here

I noticed right away that compared to Kando village where I met Kin and Yumi there were more people, more houses, more modern than in Kando village. I noticed that the windows darkened immediately if they didn't get the sunlight. The market was also more extensive, but the tents were very different. They had a kind of tablet for people to place their order there and then the tent owner received information about the items that the customer wanted and prepared them for delivery. In addition, each tent had a digital sign with the tent's name. Floating cars also passed on other streets. I had already heard of them, but it was the first time I saw them, I was fascinated. But what caught my attention the most was the joy of the people. Everyone looked so happy there that even I without even realizing it started to smile. Bookmark here

“Minori, let's go!” told Yumi that she was already with the Captain and the others a little further away. Bookmark here

I replied that I was on my way and that I had been distracted by the beauty of the capital. Bookmark here

“It's a cozy place, isn't it?” asked the Captain. Bookmark here

I told him that at first glance it seemed so. Bookmark here

“I'm glad you had a good first impression. I look forward to seeing your reaction to meeting some of the Knights of Redon.” said the Captain. Bookmark here

I happened to think about what the other knights would be like. Would they be on par with Kin and Yumi, or would they be almost as strong as Captain and Nobu? Bookmark here

We followed the path to what appeared to be a “headquarters”. Was this where I would meet the other knights? Bookmark here

“Minori...” said Nobu. Bookmark here

I asked him what he wanted. Bookmark here

“Have you done the task I asked of you?” Bookmark here

I told him all the observations I had made until we reached that place to which he replied: Bookmark here

“Excellent! I need you to observe everything around you. One day you will understand why I ask you to do this.” Bookmark here

I noticed that the Captain was looking a little suspicious. Could it be that even he wasn't understanding Nobu's “training”? Bookmark here

“Minori, in this building are some of our knights. Are you ready to meet them?” asked Nobu. Bookmark here

I replied immediately that I was more than ready to meet new and strong people. Bookmark here

“That's the spirit!!!” they all said. Bookmark here

We entered the building. There were only four people there, sitting and talking, two boys and two girls. One of the boys was younger than us, but the other one looked a little older. One of the girls must have been about our age, but the other looked closer to the Captain's age. Bookmark here

“It seems to me that you bring with you a new prey, Michio.” said the older girl. Bookmark here

“Hiro, he's still just a Class 4. And good morning to you too...” said the Captain. Bookmark here

“That's Hiro, Minori. She is Class 1, but she manages to dominate the spirit world. Don't give her too much talk, she's a little crazy.” whispered Nobu. Bookmark here

But before I could say anything to Nobu, Hiro jumped up from where she was sitting and stood in front of me. Bookmark here

“Let's see if you're weak prey as they say.” said Hiro. Bookmark here

“Captain Hiro, Minori is really just a Class 4.” said Yumi. Bookmark here

“Who will decide that is me.” said Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

Her presence was as big as the Captain's and Nobu's. How was she in Class 1 and not Special Class? Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Can you handle this?” asked Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

She aimed a kick at my stomach and I bolted out of the building instantly. Everyone there was speechless to see what Captain Hiro had done. Bookmark here

“Captain Hiro, don't take things too seriously.” said Kin. Bookmark here

“This woman doesn't really learn to welcome a new member.” said the Captain. Bookmark here

Even though that was a pretty heavy kick, it hadn't been as strong as Nobu's punch. Bookmark here

I got up but... Bookmark here

“Tiger Fang.” said Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

When I looked to my right side a crack opened in space and a huge tiger appeared and start looking at me. His presence was quite intimidating. Bookmark here

Suddenly, the boy who looked a little older than me walked up to Captain Hiro and tripped him. Captain Hiro fell to the ground and was furious with him. Bookmark here

“Idiot, may I know what you think you're doing?” asked Captain Hiro annoyed. Bookmark here

“This, I ask. Aren't you going too far with a Class 4 boy?” he asked. Bookmark here

Upon rising, Captain Hiro said: Bookmark here

“I just took things a little more seriously because I saw potential in the kid.” Bookmark here

“Anyway...” he said. Bookmark here

The boy came to me and asked if I was all right. I told him that everything was fine with me. Bookmark here

“Great! My name is Norio Shiraki, and you?” asked Norio. Bookmark here

I introduced myself to all those present who did not yet know me. Bookmark here

“Captain Michio, I already liked him.” said Norio. Bookmark here

“He's quite charismatic, isn't he?” said the Captain. Bookmark here

“My name is Teruo Kuse.” said the younger boy. Bookmark here

“Hi! I'm Mieko Nagasawa, nice to meet you.” said the girl who must have been about our age. Bookmark here

“Prey!!! I'm Captain Hiro Mino, do you want to join my group?” said Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

I explained that I was under Captain Michio's orders and that I was going to train with Nobu. Nobu told me that her group was just her and the answer for that I should have realized and I really already understood. Bookmark here

“Michio, you always take the fangs out of me.” said Captain Hiro annoyed. Bookmark here

“You have to learn to be like me, Hiro.” said the Captain, laughing. Bookmark here

Everyone ended up laughing and Captain Hiro didn't understand why. They all seemed like great people to me, I was happy about that. I just thought there would be more Knights of Redon, were they that few? Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“Hiro... Where are the others?” asked Nobu. Bookmark here

“Yes, it's not normal for you to be here.” said the Captain. Bookmark here

“It looks like a great battle is about to begin...” said Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

“And you four stayed in the capital as a last line of defense, is that it?” asked the Captain. Bookmark here

“More or less. But I think the situation will require more reinforcements.” said Captain Hiro a little worried. Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” asked Nobu. Bookmark here

“They say the enemy has a small number, but they're at least Class 1.” said Captain Hiro. Bookmark here

“All Class 1? Do they have anything to do with the people who attacked Minori?” asked the Captain. Bookmark here

“Michio, I think we should investigate this matter. If what you told me on our way to the capital is really true, we have to hurry.” said Nobu a little worried. Bookmark here

“You must head to Grimgar city if you plan to go to the front of battle.” said Teru. Bookmark here

“Very well. We must get to Grimgar as quickly as possible.” said the Captain. Bookmark here

We told the Captain that we were ready. The four of us said goodbye to them and headed for Grimgar city, which was still a little far from the capital. I had noticed that the Captain had told Nobu what had happened to me without me, Kin and Yumi noticing. Did this great battle that was about to take place and the people who had attacked me have a relationship? Bookmark here

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