Chapter 0:

Chapter 0

Fateless: The Silver Lining

This is a work of fiction.

Any similarity with real people, locations, organizations or real events from across history is purely coincidental.

Content Warning

Offensive language, sex, sexism, gore, violence, racism,

slavery, war, torture, drugs.

Fateless – The Silver Lining

By Hugo Emmanuel Simard-Wallot

Copyright © H.E.S. Wallot, 2021

Maps by H.E.S. Wallot

Cover art by Marie L’Italien

Back cover (sword) art by Marie-Andrée Wallot

Plant illustrations by H.E.S. Wallot

All rights reserved to H.E.S. Wallot

All reproduction or copy of this work, may it be partial or complete, are illegal without the prior authorization from the author.


The Silver Lining

Union’s Calendar

The Year Cycles: The Union’s calendar is based on the two equinoxes and the two solstices of the year. Each year begins after the first equinox in spring. Each year lasts 365 days separated in 8 months, and once every 4 years, a day is added to the first month of the year, Primus Mensis.

Spring --- The First Equinox:

Primus Mensis: 47 days --- Secundus Mensis: 45 days

Summer --- The First Solstice:

Tertius Mensis: 46 days --- Quartus Mensis: 45 days

Fall --- The Second Equinox:

Quintus Mensis: 46 days --- Sextus Mensis: 45 days

Winter --- The Second Solstice:

Septimus Mensis: 46 days --- Octavus Mensis: 45 days

Celestial Calendar

The Year Cycles: The Celestial Traders’ calendar is based on the moon cycles (29 days) and counts 12.5 moon cycles per year. Once a decade, the last moon isn’t counted to partially reset the calendar, and once every century, the first moon isn’t counted either to maintain the periodicity of years. The year starts during the first moon past the winter solstice.

The Moon Cycles:

Yarahkir (Last moon) – Yarahwa (First moon) – Yaraheth (Second moon) – Yarahtha (Third moon) – Yaraharb (Fourth moon) – Yarahkha (Fifth moon) – Yarahsit (Sixth moon) – Yarahsab (Seventh moon) – Yarahma (Eighth moon) – Yarahti (Ninth moon) – Yarahsha (Tenth moon) – Yarahehd (Eleventh moon) – Yarahtna (Twelfth moon) – Yarahkir (Last moon)