Chapter 4:


After 400 years I finally met you

Nighttime has been the playground for monsters since the beginning of time itself, but every year it becomes more difficult for them to have fun as they used to. Light bulbs, neon lights, night owls, night shifts and similar reasons have taken the darkness and transformed it into a human territory. Even so, some have got used to this lifestyle and hide in plain sight.Bookmark here

“No, no. Parties have changed a lot, believe me. You can’t wear that dress, sorry” Valentine, who is now wearing a pair of black leggings with a big jean jacket and a scarf, extends her arm and stops Hana.Bookmark here

“What? But it’s my favorite polkadot dress, I even tied my hair to wear the cocktail hat” Hana, who is wearing a black dress, touches the veil of her hat so her friend could see.Bookmark here

“Mm.. yeah…Again, it’s not that kind of party. It’s my fault I should’ve explained better, I’m going with you, and help you change. I think you still have that orange blouse” Bookmark here

The vampire chooses a pair of jeans and a big orange blouse for her friend, then helps her undress and unties her hair. When Hana tries the clothes on, she looks at the mirror and says “Your taste is exquisite as usual. But if I’m only using this, then I’ll need to use some heat magic on myself or I’ll freeze”Bookmark here

SLASHBookmark here

Without noticing, Valentine is on her knees and using her sharp nails to rip parts of Hana’s jeans.Bookmark here


“Keep it down, or those annoying officers will be back. I’m updating your attire”Bookmark here

“More like destroying it. Is it really how people wear them these days? What will they think of next?” Hana touches her face in a sign of pain after seeing the state of her pants.Bookmark here

A couple of minutes later they were both walking down the street in the commercial area’s direction. Hana was surprised at the sight, so many colors produced by neon lights, and people walking unbothered by them.Bookmark here

“So, when did Mahoumura become so lively?” Hana asks, still looking in every direction.Bookmark here

“Right, that name has disappeared. After all, we aren’t a village anymore” Valentine says, she touches her chin and thinks for a moment “We are now a district, since the 70s more or less. Mahougaoka is the name, it was a really big park but in the 90s it was transformed into two big areas, one residential and the other commercial'' She smiles for a moment. “The plan was for it to be 100% commercial, but that would have put our house at risk. So a little hypnosis here, a little there and when you least expected it, a neighborhood association against the change was formed and here we are now”Bookmark here

“You sure know how to pull some strings, huh?”Bookmark here

“I’ve evolved, it would have been easier to kill anyone interfering but that would have brought unwanted attention. Since I now want a peaceful life, then I don’t kill anymore” She pauses for a moment “Well, most of the time”Bookmark here

“So you still do it every now and then?”Bookmark here

“Let’s say that sometimes people disappear at parties”Bookmark here

“Don’t you prefer to hunt instead of having blood delivered?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but blood is so dirty nowadays. People consume alcohol and other substances that affect their bloodstreams and then I drink that. I mean, it’s not bad from time to time but I prefer the blood of someone with a healthy diet.Bookmark here

“Hello, ladies lovely night. Do you understand me?” A man in a leather jacket and dyed blond hair approaches smiling, behind him walks another man with black hair “What are two cute foreigners doing around here? Want to hang out?” That last part is said in a weird English accent. Bookmark here

“We are fine thank you” Valentine forces a smile and starts walking. Bookmark here

Hana begins to move behind her but then the blond haired man grabs her by the left wrist as he exclaims “Hey! No need to be rude”Bookmark here

“Yeah, we are being kind, just want to talk” The other man steps in.Bookmark here

“Is just that women like you aren’t seen here often, quite an exotic sight” The blond man continues to grab Hana’s wrist even after she gently shaked it, but those words made her look directly into his eyes.Bookmark here

“Is that so?” She says in a deep tone. Valentine has turned around and is watching the scene, the eyes of both women meet and Hana just winks and continues saying “Since you are so kind, can you release me please?”Bookmark here

“Only if you promise to go out with us, I’ll assure you that you will have fun. It will be a shame for the world that two gorgeous women would spent this lovely night alone”Bookmark here

“Oh? So you have a way with words” Small sparkles start appearing in her eyes “Wouldn’t be interesting if you get binded by them?” She points with her right hand’s index finger and a tiny ball of light moves like a bullet and hits the man’s throat, small writings made of light go around like forming a collar and then disappear.Bookmark here

The man releases her and grabs his pharynx while coughing, the other man approaches worried and says “Bro, are you ok?”Bookmark here

Don’t worry everything is alright, seems that we don’t have luck tonightBookmark here

“Eh?” The black haired man and Valentine react with confusion when hearing him talk, it sounds now more like a melody or a play in a theater.Bookmark here

What is this? What happened? I don’t understand, usually it's simple to make someone follow my command” He covers his mouth with both hands, ponders for a moment and says “Is this a mockery? How am I talking in rhyme? If I want to express myself in another way, am I doomed to use only pantomime?” He covers again, sweat can be seen in his forehead. Bookmark here

His friend approaches asking if he is ok, worried but at the same time kinda amused with the events, then turns around and yells “WHAT DID YOU DO TO H…” but there was no one there.Bookmark here

Hana and Valentine saw the chance and took it, they were now two streets away laughing.Bookmark here

“Some things never change huh?” Hana smiles.Bookmark here

“Sadly. I was thinking about how to feed on them, but you attacked. So you saved a couple of lives today, good work”Bookmark here

“Gross, don’t put trash in your mouth”Bookmark here

“We are here!” Valentine extends her arms in the direction of a big torii in the middle of the street, at one side is located a three storey building with signs shining in neon colors that read Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. “This is such a great place, if you want something we’ll put it on my tab. Oh! A little bit of advice, don’t ask for the Bloody Mary… Is not a ghost, and definitely is not blood, learnt that the hard way. Hey Yamato!” She runs in the direction of a tall buff guy who holds the line at the entrance.Bookmark here

“Hey Valentine! Good to see you! Step right in” Yamato smiles and opens a door that has a sign that says staff only.Bookmark here

“Thanks, love you. She’s with me, don’t work too hard, ok?” Valentine points at Hana and they both enter the place with the door closing behind them.Bookmark here

The place is already lively, loud pop music is sounding around the place, people are dancing with smiles on their faces. Valentine grabs her friend’s hand and walks her to the dancefloor located on the second floor, then easily starts moving with the rhythm, she smiles and her fangs can be seen.Bookmark here

Hana is not familiar with this kind of music or the proper way to move with it, she tries her best to imitate Valentine’s movements but is not really good at it she just moves her arms from one side to another but from her hip to her feet is totally frozen.Bookmark here

“Yeah, you got it, just loosen up a bit” The music is loud but the voice of the vampire can be heard if someone tries to concentrate “Almost like the good old Rock and Roll”.Bookmark here

Valentine grabs Hana’s hands and moves them by pushing and pulling, then releases her right hand, points to her eye and then her feet. Hana imitates the movement of the legs as best as she could do, is not really good but her friend doesn’t say anything bad about it, just keeps dancing and enjoying the moment. Bookmark here

The night goes on, more than 20 different songs have been played, each one has been a new experience for the witch. She loves music, has a good collection of records, but every song she loves is over seventy years old. Modern music feels so different, so refreshing in her soul.Bookmark here

“Do you want to drink something?” Valentine asks.Bookmark here

“Water is fine”Bookmark here

“Ok, want to come with me or will you keep practicing your moves?”Bookmark here

“I…” She wants to go with her friend but the rhythm is starting to move her body on its own. Then a popular song starts playing and almost everyone in the place screams just with the first notes, Hana gets surprised and smiles trying to process. Then finally answers “I will keep moving with this music, come and get me when you bring the water please”Bookmark here

“Roger that” Valentine leaves.Bookmark here

Hana closes her eyes, and moves while hearing the song. She feels like floating, and almost as if she could sense the movement of the lights moving around here. The song is still playing, she moves her body from one side to another and then…Bookmark here

THUDBookmark here

She collides with someone, opening her eyes she can only observe how a body is falling on their back to the floor. Instinctively she extends her hand and grabs the arm of this person, then pulls against her. The body of a man is in her arms now, some people on the dancefloor that saw the sequence, start clapping. Bookmark here

“Sorry” Says the man in a soft voice, he is around seven centimeters smaller than Hana. “I just got in the way” He moves his face up to look at her.Bookmark here

“You are super cold” Is what Hana says before realizing that he is captive in her arms, with clumsy movements she releases him “My fault, are you ok? Did I hurt… you?” She recognizes his face, the makeup, the lip gloss, the earring “Ah! You are the guy from this afternoon!”Bookmark here

“Do I know you? You have a familiar aura, but your face is not familiar, sorry”Bookmark here

“You were kind to me earlier…” In the blink of an eye, Hana remembers that she had her old body at that moment “I mean, you … were kind to my grandma this afternoon, thanks”Bookmark here

“Grandma?” He examines her face “Oh! I recall helping an old lady, but… She told me that she doesn’t have any kids or grandkids”Bookmark here

“Ah! see… we had a fight, and that’s why she left home, so maybe was still mad at me. I was worried about her and saw you helping her, thanks” She lies as a total professional and is only able to think <Could he really believe that? What have I done?>Bookmark here

“Oh, that makes sense, you really look alike”Bookmark here

<He did!>Bookmark here

“Am I bothering?” None noticed the presence of Valentine until that moment when the song ended and there was a brief moment of silence. She is standing and holding a glass of water.Bookmark here

“Oh no, no, no. I just bumped this gentleman and I kinda helped him to get up”Bookmark here

“Pierre is fine, and is just as she said”Bookmark here

“Pierre? I thought you had a more japanese name” Hana is surprised with the name.Bookmark here

“Ah, French family” He shrugs and smiles.Bookmark here

Valentine follows with her eyes “Ok, I’ll be over there when you want your water.” She points to a table in a dark corner of the bar “I found a handsome prey… FRIEND, yes” She smiles and leaves.Bookmark here

“Ok, I’ll be leaving then…” Hana smiles, the moment of silence is interrupted by a voice coming from the speakers.Bookmark here


Wop bop a loo bop a lop bom bomBookmark here

A song with a strong energy starts playing, Hana’s smile is so big that she shows all of her white teeth.Bookmark here

“I LOVE THAT SONG!” She and Pierre scream at the same time. Hana notice’s that the man is also smiling.Bookmark here

“Should we boogie?” She extends her arm to Pierre “I already warmed up”Bookmark here

“It would be a pleasure” He takes her hand.Bookmark here

Her dancing skills improved considerably, nothing like a familiar song to make you really dance with your soul. Pierre also moves really well, but follows Hana’s lead almost as if he could read each dance step before she executes it. Bookmark here

The tribute songs play for half an hour, then changes to remix versions of them or the same songs but sung by other artists unfamiliar to Hana. Some people are impressed with the dance moves of the two of them and decide to surround them and start clapping, others try to imitate the moves and soon the dance floor is full of couples dancing.Bookmark here

“ALRIGHT! I WAS GOING TO CUT IT HERE, BUT SINCE YOU ENJOY IT, WHO WANTS A ROCK AND ROLL NIGHT!?” Again the voice on the speakers sounds, people give a positive response by screaming.Bookmark here

One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rockBookmark here

A new song starts, Hana recognizes it and continues dancing. The party extends for around another two hours, the first 7 songs are familiar, the next 4 not so much but have the same feeling, the songs that came after are good but new for Hana and her dancing moves start to get sloppy.Bookmark here

“Everything ok?” Pierre asks.Bookmark here

“Yes, I… just need to drink that glass of water”Bookmark here

She walks in her friend’s direction and Pierre follows. Valentine has a hypnotized young man smiling and sitting at her side. Hana scolds with her eyes.Bookmark here

“I’ll try to restrain myself” Valentine explains.Bookmark here

They sit and talk the rest of the night. Pierre is totally impressed with the way Hana dances, she elogiates his way of dancing too. They talk about singers, about instruments, music, and other subjects until Valentine’s phone vibrates. She checks it and it is almost 4am.Bookmark here

“I must leave before the sun comes up” Valentine says.Bookmark here

“Ok, I should leave too. Hope we can see each other again.” Pierre gets up “I’ll catch a ride outside, have a good night” He moves his hand and moves to an exit that leads downstairs.Bookmark here

“You look worried and haven’t taken your eyes off him. Just go and help him, I’ll be right here” Valentine winks “Just don’t take too long”.Bookmark here

Hana blushes “I don’t, uh” She says, but a little shy gets up and follows Pierre’s path.Bookmark here

After crossing the door, she sees Pierre standing on the stairs while texting on a flip phone.Bookmark here

“Hey! Thanks for tonight, I had fun” He says as soon as he sees her.Bookmark here

“I, uh, just wanted to make sure you were safe, taking a taxi alone could be dangerous” She rubs her arm.Bookmark here

“Oh, someone will come and pick me up” He starts to go up, to have a better chat.Bookmark here

Hana blushes again, his skin at the light of the moon shines like a pearl, with a closer look she finds him somewhat attractive. Without noticing, small purple and dark sparkles start appearing in her eyes. Pierre is almost at the last step, so he grabs the old stair railing, but as soon as he does, the rust on it breaks and he loses his balance and falls backwards.Bookmark here

“You need me, you’ll never be happy with someone else” That deep voice sounds faint in the back of her head.Bookmark here

It happens so fast, Hana extends her hand and tries to grab him but is not able to. He falls down the concrete stairs rolling. At the end of these stairs there is a wall before a new pair of stairs continues down in the opposite direction. Pierre crashes directly to the wall.Bookmark here

CRACKBookmark here

A loud noise sounds, Pierre stops moving and Hana can see how his neck is oddly bent.Bookmark here

“AAAAAHHH!” Her scream is loud, but the music playing inside is louder.Bookmark here

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