Chapter 1:

Where every good story starts

The Evolution of the Human Mind

It's a gray, monochromatic Tuesday. The sky is like a painting except it's not actually the painting, it's just the old water that was used to clean the brushes. A bright crimson is smeared across the pavement of a back road in a small town. The red adds a pop of color to the gloomy landscape. A man named Aren is the paint and an average sales-woman named Hana is the Picasso behind the painting. The master behind the masterpiece.Bookmark here

Earlier that day.Bookmark here

"This is a beautiful car Lani. Truly wonderful. I mean, if I had the money right now, I would trade my car in for this one. The velvety leather of the seats- it's a luxurious experience that back in the old days, only the rich and powerful could afford. Now no offense Lani but neither of us seem to be in a position of any real power or wealth. I mean look at me, I'm a car sales-woman. And you. You are a uh-"Bookmark here

"School teacher."Bookmark here

"A School teacher! Right right right right right."Bookmark here

"Preschool actually. My first year too. "Bookmark here

"Ah preschool! That's so cute. Love those kids. Love em."Bookmark here

"Yup, they can be a handful though. You know kids."Bookmark here

"Ha ha yes of course. Now- if my memory is working correctly, you said it was your first year teaching?Bookmark here

"That's correcto mucho yes. That means "very correct" in Espanol."Bookmark here

"I love it... I just have a bit of a though provoker for you... just stop me if this is invading a bit too much but, teacher salaries are not great, especially not first year ones. I mean I don't want this to sound rude but, how are you planning on paying for a car?"Bookmark here

"I was really just hoping to find one cheap enough. The school is too far from my apartment to walk. My legs are so sore and strained that it's painful to do anything."Bookmark here

"I feel you Lani and you really seem like such a sweet girl. I actually like you a lot. Lemme tell you this Lani, how would you feel if I gave you an extra year for your payments with no extra interest? "Bookmark here

"No extra interest?"Bookmark here

"Not at all. The only extra interest I want in from you in this deal. What do ya say?"Bookmark here

"I say... "Si! Bueno!" That means "Yes! Good!" in Espanol. Ha Ha"Bookmark here

"Oh my, Lani, you are such a hoot. Welp, now that we are done here I'm just gonna have you sign at the front desk to seal the deal. This lovely car is yours for life, I truly hope you enjoy it."Bookmark here

"Gracias! That means "Thank you " in Espanol."Bookmark here

"Hahaha it's no problem. Have a wonderful day!"Bookmark here

Hana our talented sales-woman smiles and laughs and waves and has a merry old time until Lani our customer makes it up to the sales desk.Bookmark here

Hana's face immediately relaxes into a tired and annoyed type of look as soon as she is out of her buyer's peripheral. Bookmark here

"Stupid Bitch."Bookmark here

She looks at the clock and realizes she can go home. She grabs her headphones, wishes everyone goodbyes and good evenings and heads out the door. She notices of how washed out and uninspired the sky looks. Stupid as it sounds, she couldn't help but to relate to that feeling for just a moment. Too annoyed to deal with highway traffic today, Hana turns the key to star the car.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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