Chapter 1:


Hope of Flame Heaven

In middle of the air, birds' voices spread through out. White clouds floating, and winds freeze the atmosphere. Scene of a village is so peaceful that can make anyone feel relieved.

And under that clear blue sky, a young boy is walking along a street. Sometimes, he whistles and sounds surround the whole space near there. The boy probably seems to be happy now. His expression is so good, even laughing to himself now and then.

"Very good...", whispers the boy. " Today, my childhood dream will be coming true... After that test, I will become a Guardian..."

Because of concentrating on his own happiness too much, the boy doesn't realized that: A mysterious human sight approaching near him now. It moves quickly, rushes as if being chased by something dangerous. In a few seconds later, the shadow just realizes that there's one guy standing in its way.

"Get out! Hey you, get out of the road!"

The boy, however, seems not to hear what the strange sight shouts, then he just keeps walking and whistling.

Yes, the precognition of the mysterious person comes true...


After a sound of hitting between the two persons, they fly out of each other. The boy backs down to the ground while the stranger topples out of the road. It seems not too much hurt, but enough to feel soreness.

"What the heck are you doing!", the boy cries when trying to stand up again. "Don't you have eyes, do you?!"

However, he just shuts his mouth up because of realizing who the one colliding with him is...

That is a girl, a really beautiful girl. She has a blond hair, a slime body and snow-whited skin. She wearing a Gothic dress, most likely the ones belong to the feudal Western countries long ago.

"Oops... It hurts...", she moaning.

"Err...? Is that you?", His voice faded as he begins to recognize the identity of that girl. "Prairie?"

"Huh, who calls my name? Who...", the girl stops asking when she has a look at the boy standing before her.

"Ehhh...?", both of them shouts at once.

"There you are!", two persons seem to be so excited when seeing each other. Just after ten seconds since the colliding.

Hope of Flame Heaven