Chapter 1:

First Day of School

Sammy's Dream [Shorts]

This is the first day of school for Sammy and she is having no luck making friends. Sammy walks up to a boy she wonders if they can be friends "Hi I am Sammy, but you can call me Sam." the boy turns around but he doesn't say nothing he just stares at her. "Ah hello you must be the girl I am suppose to show around" Sammy just questions her self and thinks "But, what, huh, so he is the one who signed up to help me? Huh,but, he way to cute I can't?" Then Stella walks up "Hello you must be new I am Stella and the boy is Suko, but also don't let his charm get the best of you" Suko looks at Stella "Wow so rude, but true..girls like you that are new always fall for my charm...but for you since you are a cutie I will let it go this time." The lunch bell rings and they all walk to the cafeteria together Sammy wants to ask to sit with them but she just goes ahead and then she just asks "Hey uh Suko, Stella can I sit with you guys?" Stella and Suko say together "Sure we always sit in the same spot... follow us"