Chapter 16:

The Naked Mole-rat King

Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

Chaos Year 3, Day 110, 12:37 am.

The Naked Mole-rat King bashed onto the arena ground, wreaking havoc around the whole 20-meter area, turning the place into a huge crater.

When the monster dropped to the ground, it created a huge shockwave upon impact.

We were already on the fly by my skill earlier, but this wave threw us even further.

Whoa! Just that shockwave dropped my HP to 15k? Fuck, if I was just a second late, we would've been done for.


I safely touched the ground using my teleportation skill with a smirk on my face.

Whew. And that perfects my escape plan…

However, it was not so smooth sailing for others, since they could not avoid the aftereffects.


Pinkpika landed beside me face first, with her round ass sticking out, along with her tail flailing around.

That light pink fur on her long tail matched her shoulder-cut hair. It also fitted her name, which had Pink in it.

Annette-san and Lynx were thrown away in different directions. Lynx, who supposedly dived in to save all of us, also got blasted away by my skill. They both crashed on the rock-solid ground pretty hard.

But the four of us at least didn't get caught up in the destruction the mole king brought upon the arena. Hikari and Shinji also managed to escape the initial ruination.

Boss however took on the entire process all by himself without even his mighty shield. Earlier he transformed his shield into the great sword, which apparently wouldn't transform back to its shield form until the time limit ended.

Drilling the sword into the ground, Boss held onto it. He tried his best to stand straight, gripping the hilt tightly.


Pinkpika's loud scream startled me, almost making me jump out. Then it startled me yet again when I swiveled my head to the left,

Pika was on her feet, fidgeting and squirming in front of me. Her pink-white short frock and thigh-high socks were all ragged, even torn in some areas.

"D-don't look, Senpai!" Her voice quivered, as both her cheeks turned bright red. "Uwaa! I don't have any other outfit."

Ah, fuck! I forgot about that. When a player deals damage to another player, it can actually wreck their outfits. But it shouldn't be that easy though.

Teardrops welled up at the corner of her ruby eyes, as they glinted like gems. Pika repeatedly tried to cover the holes in her outfit with her slender hands and tail. But not enough.

Around her right hip, the frock was fully torn apart, exposing bits of her white panty. And just above the panty on her back, there was the base of her tail, almost blending with her rosy skin.

Damn! That's pretty lewd. The only thing missing right now is the gel spread all over her body, right?

Just about then, out of nowhere a blob of gooey substance dropped over Pinkpika.


Pika cried out as the sticky gel-like substance covered her entire body, making the smooth surface of her body glisten. Her thin dress became see-through, exposing her underwear, as she was completely wet by the liquid dripping all over her body. And her bare skin where her clothes were ripped apart, looked so squishy and erotic.

What the hell? Wish-accepting system? Is this my new ability? Can I make people shoot beams from their eyes too now?

"Senpai…" She looked up at me.

I quickly looked away, embarrassed, getting caught gawking at her.

"S-such unfortunate events, eh? Haha haha ha…"

My awkward laugh most probably worsened the situation. But nothing else came from her side. I again peeped at her to assess her mood.

I expected her to be angry with a sullen look or pouting or something.

But instead, she looked like an embarrassed maiden, hugging herself, trying to hide her chest area. Catching my eye, she looked away, blushing all over her cheeks. Even her ears were bright red. And her tiny frame slightly trembled.

My eyes widened as my heart skipped a beat.

What is this situation? What's going on?

My heartbeat kept getting faster and louder, as I watched Pika showing an expression I never saw before.

The dazed look on my face was soon wiped away, as a rumbling explosion rang in my ears.

I glanced around searching for the source of the explosion and found it soon enough. Not so surprisingly there was the mole king, with steam blowing off his head, as it appeared a bit bummed out.

The monster growled glaring in a certain direction. I shifted my gaze following its eyes and found Hikari, standing there all dry and glorified.

So she and I are the only people not slimed yet.

Apparently, all the others fell victim to the gooey liquid. It seemed like the mole king's work since its whole body was covered with the same substance.

Ugh! That totally ruined it.

My hidden urge to peek at Pika disappeared instantly. I didn't even feel like taking a glance at Annette-san's busty body, which most probably turned into a great feast for the eyes by now.

Anyway, I should join Hikari. But before that…

"Riri," I spoke out. "Take off my armor skin. And open the inventory."

"Alright." She confirmed, from the system interface.

Right away, the long coat I wore and also the shirt beneath disappeared. Instead, a dark blue dyed leather outfit appeared on my body, replacing my usual clothes. It had a steel breastplate and other light defensive qualities. This game had a system where players could wear other outfits generally known as "skins", which would overlap the existing equipment.

The inventory also showed up in a system window as I commanded. At the last slot, there was my unequipped skin bundle. A black long coat, gray shirt, and pants.

But before that, I should act like a proper gentleman. She is my kawaii kohai after all.

"Accept my trade request," I said, still keeping my eyes in a different direction.

The request system interface should have appeared in front of Pika already.

However, the response came a bit late.

"But I…" She hesitated.

Watching me take my outfit off, she realized I was going to offer them to her. Normally she wouldn't think twice and do whatever I told her to. But the situation now was a bit complicated.

To cut her unnecessary dilly-dallying short, I scowled, turning back at her. "You wanna walk around like that?"

"N-no!" Pika replied immediately, flustered quite a bit. And then she accepted the request.

I lent her the whole skin bundle. She then wore the outfit which was unsurprisingly way too oversized for her.

She didn't even need to wear pants. Since my shirt almost reached her knees and the edge of the long coat dragged along the ground, even though she stood fully straight.

Half the sleeves of my coat hung down as she tried to clean and tidy up her hair.

Yep, a certified loli catgirl.

I could not help but smile, as the cuteness overflowed my heart.

But gawking any longer could come off as creepy. So I left the place shortly, striding toward the field boss.


Another explosion shook the ground, as the mole boss took a few steps back getting hit on the face again. Unable to keep its balance, the monster stumbled down on its back.

Damn! Looks like she used her Moon Dance.

Boss and Shinji slowly approached the monster, careful about their legs slipping while walking. On the other hand, Lynx struggled to take his invisible form. The gel stuck on his entire body, revealing him every time he tried to conceal himself.

Tch! They won't be much of a help.

"Pika!" I shouted out. "Put up a wind barrier around that ugly shit. I have a plan."

As we slowly closed in, I explained my plan to my squadmates. Luckily the enemy was just a dumb monster, who wouldn't understand us planning the whole thing out loud. It just casually got up to its feet.

By then Pinkpika finished her chanting.

"Wind Barrier!"

Alright! The monster should be momentarily confused right now.

After that, Hikari's voice rang out, "Flash Missile!"

A wide light beam shot toward the mole king. It easily pierced through the wind barrier.

"Chriii~!" The deafening cry reverberated around the arena.

Nice! Now it's my turn.


In an instant, I teleported myself behind the enemy. It was facing toward Hikari, just as I planned.

The beam came from that direction after all. After getting burned mercilessly by that beam, the monster switched to the defensive, fearing the unknown.

And I broke through that defense with little to no effort. Snapping my fingers, I murmured, "Tesla Shock."

Bzzz~ As expected, the monster got stunned.

The snap of my fingers was the queue call for Lynx.

Lynx's skills usually dealt massive damage, but they had a long skill time duration and thus created a large opening for monsters to strike Lynx down. With his concealing ability disabled now, he could not use the element of surprise anymore.

But thanks to my skill, the monster was now entirely paralyzed.

Wasting no time, Lynx immediately broke through the barrier and spelled out his skill.

"Thousand Petals Blade Storm."

In a matter of a second, countless blade strikes slashed the mole king.

"Chriiiiii~" It screeched as hot blood spurted around from all over its body.

Ugh! If only it wasn't a naked mole-rat covered in slimy stuff, I wouldn't be so disgusted right now.

But I had no other choice. My face twisted and my lips crooked, as I put my hand over its skin.

"Electromagnetic Blast!"


The monster's screech got muted by the explosion sound.

Soon Boss and Shinji also joined in as the Wind Barrier dissipated away. The mole king finally went into rage mode, as it kept whipping around its limbs, along with its sharp nails.

Two of them exchanged blows with the monster while I was too busy just dodging them.

Geez! Need to train my swordsmanship more.

Pika and Hikari also supported us with their ranged attacks from time to time. Soon the monster's HP depleted down to 3%.

Alright! Let's finish this with a bang.

"Teleport." Dodging the plunging arm swing, I teleported near its head and placed my left hand over the mole king's forehead.

Its red bloody eyes glowed, glaring back at me. However, instead of fear, I felt ecstasy.

Die bitch!

"Ion Discharge!"

For a single moment, the whole arena glowed dark purple. The electric element flowed crazy, condensing around my hand. Then…

Sizzzz! Crackle!

A Purple Lighting current scribbled all over the mole king's body multiple times. The monster couldn't even scream as it got shocked, burned, and stunned all at the same time.

Its Hp bar immediately dropped down to zero.

[You have defeated the field boss, Naked Mole-rat King!]

"Hah!" I grinned ear to ear, as my eyes glinted with excitement.

"Yeahhh!" Others also celebrated the win.

Both the monster and I dropped down to the ground. But I stood up all glorified and the mole king laid dead beneath me.

But instead of disappearing with the effect of the shattering lights, its body started swelling, as various parts of it bulged up.

"What the hell?" I mumbled.

"Guys! I saw this before." Hikari shouted out. "It's gonna self-destruct."



[Your Teleport skill is on cooldown.]


"Volt charge!" I screamed.

A lightning-fast dash took me 12 meters away, but it wasn't enough.

Blast! Splat!

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