Chapter 36:

Certain Death?!

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Roy, Renjii, and Mio are exercising on the training ground. While they are training they hear someone laughing.

"Who's there?" Renjii says

The person laughing says, "Why do you guys even bother training?"

"Why are you here?" Roy and Renjii say with an annoyed face

"Hey, Isobe!" Mio says with a smile

"Why are you so happy to see him?" Renjii says with an annoyed look

Isobe jumps down from the tree and says, "If you want I can help you get stronger."

"No thanks." Roy and Renjii deny his request without wasting a single second

"You guys are so weak. How did you even manage to join the Knights?"

"I think it's a good idea to get some help from him. He's strong after all." Mio says

"NO WAY" Roy and Renjii yell

"Let's have a duel. If any one of you can hit me, then I will do anything you say. How about that?" Isobe says

"Anything…" Roy and Renjii say with a Sinister Grin

"Yeah, anything!"

"I will fight you first then." Roy says

"Wait, Roy." Renjii stops Roy

Renjii starts whispering in Roy's ear, "Let's have Mio fight him first. That way we can analyze his movements."

"That's a great idea." Roy says with a grin

"Mio, you go and fight him first." Roy says with an assertive tone

"Why me? You guys fight."

"Please…" Renjii says

"Fine." Mio

"So you're the one I'm going to be facing first" Isobe says

"Are you ready?" Isobe says with a creepy smile.

Mio nods her head.

[Sand Magic: Sand wall]

She slams Isobe with sand walls without wasting a single second. But then she hears from behind her, "You are slow."

She tries to strike him with her elbow, but he easily catches it. She tries to kick Isobe, but he easily avoids it. She manages to remove herself from his grasp in the process.

Meanwhile, Roy and Renjii are thinking of a way to beat Isobe.

'How can we beat Isobe?'

Mio puts her full force to hit Isobe as fast and as hard as she can. But Isobe destroys the walls that Mio makes to hit him with.

"This is not enough. I can't keep up with this guy."

Mio looks at Isobe's eyes but she suddenly falls to the ground.

Isobe starts walking and says "Let's see if you can stand up"

Mio is confused. In the blink of an eye, the atmosphere around Mio changes.

"What…is happening, it feels like someone is pushing me down" Moments after saying that Mio becomes unconscious

"Is that all you got?" Isobe says while laughing

"What just happened…"Renjii says

Roy steps up

"I'll fight you next." Roy says

"Be careful. He is strong!" Renjii warns Roy

"Don't worry, I have a plan" Roy says while smirking

"Plan?" Renjii gets confused

Roy says something in Renjii's ear and steps up in the training ground.

"Alright old man, get ready to face me" Roy says

Isobe mumbles, "Did he just say old man" with a annoying face

Both of their gazes are fixed on each other. Roy draws his sword and charges right at Isobe. Isobe dodges to the left and steps back as Roy tries to penetrate his midriff.

"Here you go, [Sword Technique: Mana Slash] a mana wave goes toward Isobe but he dodges it. He starts to slowly back away but he gets cornered.

"Not yet.

[Fire Magic: Flame ball]"

Roy throws a fireball to Isobe but he dodges it easily

Roy begins to sprint towards Isobe. When Isobe glances to the left, he notices a swarm of sharp rocks that resemble nails shooting toward him. While the rocks are flying toward him, Roy seizes the opportunity to use his sword to attack Isobe.

Roy slashes Isobe but Isobe vanishes and Roy hits the wall.

"Where-Where did he go?" Roy says and looks back

Isobe appears behind Renjii. Isobe then picks up Renjii "Wh-what are you doing?!"

Isobe throws Renjii in the air toward Roy.

"Oh shi-"


Renjii lands on top of Roy

"Hey what was that for?!" Renjii yells with an angry expression

"You two come at me at once." Isobe

Roy and Renjii are standing side by side. They're prepared with enraged expressions. Isobe is standing on one of the broken rocks, which Roy had shattered.

"Here you go"

[Telekinesis: Float]

Renjii uses his telekinesis to float the stone that Isobe is standing on.

Roy comes from behind,

[Fire Magic: Fire Punch]

Roy attacks Isobe. This time he gets Isobe for good. His punch hit him on the spot. Roy and Renjii get excited.

"Hey, Isobe? Jin and others are waiting for you. Stop playing around" They suddenly hear a voice from behind.

A big fat guy wearing a blue suit, he has a black mustache. He is around 5.8 feet tall.

"See you boys later." Isobe appears in front of them and says

"Huh?! How are you here?!" Roy says

"The three of them have to come as well. Jin ordered to bring them." The big fat guy says

"Oh, come on weaklings let's go." Isobe says to the Trio

They started walking towards Jin's office.

"So, what does he wanna talk about?" Isobe asks the fat guy

"I think he wants to send you to an island or something." The fat guy replies

"An island?" Isobe says



*Knock* *Knock*

"Come in"

They see Jin is having some sort of meeting

"Let me begin by introducing everyone. These people are called Akiko Fujiki, Hiro Shimono, and Ayana Taketatsu. Kensho Ono is the name of the man standing next to you. All of them have the rank of Chief Sergeant."

"Nice to meet you, I am Mio. He is Renjii and he is Roy." Mio introduces The Trio

"Why are we all here today?" Isobe asks

"Take a sit first. You guys too." Jin says

Everyone sits down. Roy is standing up because there are no free chairs available.

"Wait, let me call someone to bring you a chair." Jin says

"It's fine. I will just stand." Roy replies

"So, why are we here?" Isobe asks again

"We are planning to send you guys to an Isolated Island…" Jin says

Jin then explains to everyone about his plan to send them to an island.



Roy is lying on his bed trying to fall asleep. After a few minutes of laying down, he finally falls asleep.

He then wakes up in his subconsciousness.

He is near the entrance of the room and in front of him is the same young girl from before sitting on a throne.

"Welcome back!"


"Not gonna say anything?"

"I don't know…what to say…"

"Hmm…" The young girl puts her index finger on her cheek and starts thinking.

"You can talk about the dungeon you went to."

"…How do you know about that?" Roy asks while a drop of sweat drips down his forehead

"I have my ways…" The young girl says with a mischievous smile

Roy's body visibly shivers

The young girl stops smiling and stares at Roy with killing intent in her eyes.

Roy gets chills just by looking at her. But suddenly the left side of his chest starts to glow.

The young girl vanishes from the throne and appears before Roy with her hands near Roy's throat.


To Be Continued…

⁅ ZonePedia ⁆

Name: Hiro Shimono || Magic: Unknown

Name: Ayana Taketatsu || Magic: Unknown

Name: Kensho Ono || Magic: Unknown

Name: Akiko Fujiki || Magic: Unknown