Chapter 35:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

*Knock* *Knock*

"Are you awake, Roy?" Mio says


"Come downstairs for breakfast" Mio says

"Okayy!" Roy replies

Roy then goes downstairs. He sees everyone waiting at the dining table.

"Good Morning." Roy greets them

"Good Morning." Everyone greets him back

After greeting each other they start eating their foods.



"Before we get started, let's introduce ourselves to each other. I don't think you guys know each other that well." Jin says

"Yeah." Renjii says

"Let's start with you, Jin." Mio says

"I still can't believe you are The Supreme King's son." Roy says

"Well, I am his adopted son." Jin replies.


"My village, Cinque, was completely devastated by a dungeon epidemic twenty years ago when I was six years old. An 'S' rank dungeon appeared, and monsters began to emerge from it. They slaughtered... everyone." Jin says

"You don't have to tell us if you are not comfortable." Renjii says

"No, I'm perfectly alright. Before anyone could rush to our aid, everything had already ended. I was the only one who was still alive. When my old man arrived, he discovered me partially alive on the street. Then he took me to his palace, where he healed me and asked about what had happened in my village." Jin says

"So, that's how you guys met." Roy says

"I don't recall much, but the old man claims I was so traumatized that I couldn't speak for a week and refused to eat. That's all there is to say about myself. Now, Mio, tell us a little bit about yourself." Jin says


Everyone is looking at Mio

"There isn't much to say about myself, either. I was born into a noble family. The Nomura Family."

Mio then looks at Jin and says "Do you know Fuji Nomura?"

After thinking for a while, he says "Oh, yes, I recall! During the reign of the 21st immortal king, he was the General of 'Azalea.' He was killed in the Accel Gate War."

"Yes, he is my ancestor." Mio says

"Accel Gate War? What's that?" Roy asks curiously

"Accel Gate War was the first war in human history, as far as I know. But I am not sure tho, you guys can go to a library and read some books about this stuff." – Jin

"The first war!" Roy mumbles

"A gate emerged out of nowhere when the 21st Supreme King was ruling. Hundreds of thousands of monsters rushed through that gate. Goblins, Zombies, Orcas, Nymphs, Chimeras, Basilisks, Gorgons, and Leprechauns are just a few examples. But it was their Leader and High-Ranking Generals that were the most intriguing. They resembled humans but were much larger and more muscular."

"Humanity was devastated! But in the end, their Leader surrendered and fled from the war. And the interesting is that currently, we don't have anyone who can fight against them." Jin says while smiling

"How is that exciting?!" The trio says

"We do have one person… but he is not with us." Jin says

"What does that mean?"

"Well, he doesn't like our rules. He lives in his own kingdom with his own rules." Jin explains

"Who is he?" Roy asks

"I don't know." Jin replies

"Then where is his kingdom?" Roy asks

"I don't know. But let me say this, He is the most wanted person in the whole world. We recently reclaimed an island that he had previously ruled." Jin replies

"Does that mean he is stronger than the current Supreme King?" Roy asks

"Probably." Jin replies

"…" Everyone is shocked. They don't know what to say.

"Enough about history, let's hear Renjii's story now." Jin says

"About me? Let's see, I am from Palacearia. My father is a merchant. My brother was a Knight. I think he was a Sergeant rank Knight. He would only return home to see us on rare occasions. However, he has been missing for four years. One of the reasons I wanted to be a Knight was because of this." Renjii says

"Do you know where he is now?" Roy asks

"No…" Renjii replies in a low voice

"Tell me your brother's name. I will look into it." Jin asks

"His name is Akio Kazuyuki." Renjii replies

"Ok, now, Roy tell us something about you" Jin asks

"Everyone told their full story, so I guess I should do the same."

"Ahem. My name is Roy Yagami. I don't know anything about my parents. I grew up with my Grandpa (Soichiro Yagami), my Master (Atsushi Sho), and my master's grandchild called Saika Sho. But my Grandpa died when I was 7. After that, my Master took care of me. And that's about it." Roy says

"…" Jin is speechless after hearing his Grandpa's and Master's name

"You are the grandchild of Soichiro Yagami…? And you were trained under Atsushi Sho…?" Jin asks

"Yeah." Roy replies

"So, your Grandfather is Soichiro Yagami and you were trained under Atsushi Sho. You're basically the grandson of The Phantom Duo." Jin says

"…You can say that." Roy replies


"Okay, let's end things here. I have important work tomorrow." Jin says and walks out of the room.

They then all go to their own room and sleep.



The next morning,

"So you finally came?"

"Yes… Am I the only one who came late today?" Jin asks as he enters the room

"Yeah, now come and sit down." Hirohito says

"I heard your son is going to be the General after you, is it true?" Jin asks Hirohito

"I don't know" Hirohito replies


The door opens and Sanji enters the room.

Everyone inside the room stands up.

"So, everybody is here" Sanji says

"Yes sir!"

"Sit down." Sanji says

"Then we shall start our meeting?" Sanji says

"Yes sir…"

A man gets up from his seat. His purple hair was long and brushed across his shoulder. He stands roughly 188 cm tall and he is wearing a suit.

"Sir, we recently discovered an abandoned island that was home to a variety of wild animals and antiques. We discovered that there are hundreds of artifacts as a result of our current search. In the center of the island, we established a campsite. The island is half the size of Aiokibara. Three villages with residents were also discovered. We dispatched a group of 70 Sergeants and 8 Chief Sergeant level Knights to investigate the situation. We also offered to take the citizens with us, but they refused to leave the area. This is why, for their safety, we left 50 veterans in each village."

"Then, what should we do with the island? Any suggestions?" Sanji says

Immediately Jin stands up and says, "My suggestion is to send all the current rookies to the island. There they can search the island for artifacts. And while searching the island for artifacts they can fight with beasts there." Jin explains his idea

"I can discuss the small details later." Jin says

"Very well. Any other suggestions?" Sanji asks


"Then we will go with Jin's idea." Sanji says

All of them agree.

Jin then explains every little detail of his idea.

To Be Continued…