Chapter 8:

Oh Shit

The Wizard's Virginity

The first thing I became aware of was a rhythmic throbbing. ‘Ba-bump. Ba-bump. Ba-bump.’ It moved with the regularity of a heartbeat, and I groggily tried to place it. It was definitely inside my body. It wasn’t in my chest, where I expected it to be, but lower. Past my kidney, my stomach, my intestines. It was my crotch. My penis was pulsating violently, as though it was head-banging to some particularly brutal death metal.

I moved my right hand to touch it, an instinct borne from encountering this situation most mornings. I couldn’t. My right hand wouldn’t move. Neither would my left. Neither would either of my legs.

With some effort, I opened my eyes, finding that my eyelids were one of the few body parts I could move. As I adjusted to the light, I made out that I was still in Ms Matthews’ classroom. Some time had passed, however, as it was now dark outside, and the school was silent. The classroom’s fluorescent lights were on, and by their eerie glow I could see that I was in the middle of the room, tied to a chair. All the tables and other chairs had been moved to the edges of the room, so that I was alone in the empty space left behind.

Well, not quite alone.

“Did you have a nice sleep, Jamesu-san?” The soft, Japanese-accented voice came from close behind me. I could feel Reiko’s breath on the back of my neck, and it made my penis convulse even more forcefully. I was putting on quite a show through my trousers, and Reiko appeared to notice. “Do you like it when I am close to you? How about this?”

She softly blew into my ear, and the throbbing got quicker. This was far beyond any type of arousal I had felt before. I couldn’t understand why I was feeling this way, in a situation that was so surreal and disturbing. The size and rigidity of my boner right now would have put any of my usual erections to shame. I felt sure that if this kept up, my penis would explode. I let out an involuntary moan, but tried to turn it into a question.

“Ahh… Wha… What’s happening to me?”

“You are just excited, that is all.” Reiko’s mouth was still by my ear, and I shuddered against my restraints. “Do not be embarrassed. This is normal for a teenage boy.”

“This is definitely not normal!” I shouted back. “Why have you tied me up?!”

“Because I want something from you, Jamesu-san…” Reiko stepped away from my ear, and moved around in front of me.

There was something different about her. At a surface level, she looked the same, still in her Japanese school uniform, her hair neatly falling in front of her right shoulder, and a smile on her face. In my groggy state, it took a while before I could place it. As she moved in front of me, I realised: it was her movements. The way she moved wasn’t the cutesy, innocent schoolgirl I had spent the last week with. The one who tugged at my sleeves and tilted her head to one side when asking a question. Instead, her movements were very deliberate, and controlled. Almost robotic.

It reminded me, strangely, of the actor Steven Segal. There was a film from the early 90s called Under Siege, wherein Steven Segal single-handedly kills a load of terrorists on a battleship, telling them, “I’m just a cook”, shortly before snapping their necks. It was one of mine and Dan’s favourites, mainly because of the scene where a naked woman jumps out of a giant cake…

The way Reiko walked was similar to Steven Segal in that film. Silently, deliberately, not a wasted movement. And giving a sense of always being on alert, like a trained martial artist poised to strike at any second. I could imagine Reiko telling me, “I just make bento”, and then twisting my head with a fatal crack.

“I want…” she continued, now face-to-face with me. “Your virginity.”

What? “What?” What? WHAT? WHAT?!

At least one of those must have been out loud, as Reiko replied. “We have been together for five days now. But you have not tried to have sex with me. I cannot wait any longer.”

“Um, Reiko…” I tried my best to speak in a regular tone, but the fear at being restrained in a chair, and the disturbingly intense pulsing of my penis, made it difficult. “I may be old-fashioned, but I think it’s normal to wait more than a week to have sex with someone.”

“No,” Reiko shook her head, a single movement to the left and then to the right, exerting only the minimum effort required to demonstrate her disagreement. “Normal men could not resist me this long.”

Reiko was attractive. She was very attractive, in fact, at least when she wasn’t holding me captive. Even so, I didn’t think she was so attractive that an average man would be compelled to immediately have sex with her. I thought about how to word this delicately, so as not to antagonise this girl who had me restrained in an empty school for reasons unknown.

“Why… Why were you so sure that I would have sex with you?”

Reiko laughed, a short, loud bark, completely different to her previous girlish giggles. She then stepped closer, took a deep breath in, and breathed out into my face. My nostrils were filled with the now familiar orange scent, and I felt the pace of my penis’s throbbing get even faster. I had always thought it was perfume, or perhaps just the naturally sweet smell of pretty Japanese girl. I now realised it was the smell of her actual breath.

“When I breathe on you, it makes your penis hard. It is… Afuro-dee-zee-ack?”

“Your breath is an aphrodisiac? But how?”

“My breath can be many things. It can make you want me. It can make you sleep.”

I thought back to the kiss, and how immediately afterwards I had fallen unconscious.

Reiko continued. “It can even cut you.”

On the word ‘cut’, Reiko moved her hand to her mouth, and flicked her thumb and forefinger, as though throwing a tiny dart. I felt a sharp pain on my cheek, followed by a trickle of blood dripping down my face. I had already been scared at being tied to a chair. Now I was terrified.

Reiko stepped back. “But my breath was not enough. My acting was not enough. I had to do more.”

I felt a stinging pain in my heart when she mentioned ‘acting’. Of course, by that point, it was already clear that she wasn’t the cute, lonely transfer student who saw me as a kindred spirit. Still, the casual confirmation that it had all been fake, that the apparent feelings she had for me were an act, hurt.

“What do you mean by ‘more’?” I asked.

“The cookies. I made them with my wet breath. My…” She thought for a moment, apparently trying to remember the correct word. “My saliva. To make them more powerful.”

I’m sure someone like Lawrence would have been thrilled at the idea of ingesting Reiko’s spit, but to me, it was disgusting. I felt myself starting to gag as I remembered how I wolfed down the cookies on the way to History. I then remembered how odd I had been feeling throughout the lesson. How I felt incredibly aroused at the mere thought of Reiko, despite sitting nowhere near her. How I had rushed to the toilets right as the bell rang, desperate to relieve my sexual urges. The current state of my penis now made much more sense.

“Then why did you knock me out and tie me up? I was already very… excited. I don’t think I could have resisted you.”

Reiko raised one eyebrow, as though slightly surprised. “Oh, really? Everybody told me you were a pervert. The girls in class. That Cameron boy. He said you were a ‘creep’. But you never touched me, even when I was alone with you so many times. I gave you many opportunities. I could not wait anymore. I had to be more… Forceful.”

There was another question that I had to ask, even though I feared I already knew the answer.

“Reiko… Why do you want to have sex with me?”

That laugh again, the single bark that sounded like it didn’t come from a teenage girl, but from a jaded woman who had lived a long and brutal life. “Did your father tell you nothing? I want your powers.”

“My powers?”

“Yes. I will have sex with you, and I will take your magic.”

“But… I don’t have any magic!”

“You do. Even if you do not realise it. And I will take it before the others.”

“Others? What others?”

Reiko’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I am tired of your questions.”

With one sudden movement, she was crouched down by my crotch, kneeling on the floor. She slowly ran her hand up my leg. There was no warmth in her touch, no sense of gentleness or affection, but in my body’s current state, it was still more than I could bear.

“Please… Stop…”

“Your penis does not want me to stop.”

I couldn’t argue with that. My erection was so solid against my trousers that I thought it may just burst through the fabric. As much as my brain wanted her to leave me alone, whatever she had done to me meant that my body wanted something very different.

I made one final effort to object. “That’s only because you drugged me!” I gained more confidence, and began to shout. “Let me go! Stop this!”

Reiko slapped my face with the back of her hand, with such force that my head snapped to the left. I could almost immediately feel my cheek begin to swell.

“Do what I say, and I will not hurt you. When you give me what I want, I will release you. You can return to your lonely life.”

This was it. Her hand returned to my thigh, and continued its inevitable journey upwards. I had protested as much as I could, but there was nothing more I could do. My long-cherished virginity would be taken by Reiko. Not in the way I had imagined it, in some intimate love scene, but by force. Magic was apparently real, and I would never get the chance to experience it.

Just as Reiko’s hand reached my penis, it went dark. At first I thought I was being knocked out again, and was frustrated. If Reiko was going to have sex with me, I at least wanted to be concious to experience it. Then my eyes adjusted, and I realised I could still see. I was awake. But somebody had turned out the lights.

Reiko suddenly jumped backwards away from me, and a small figure launched themselves into the space Reiko had just occupied, narrowly missing her. They were wearing all black, including a hood which obscured their face. Their slight build and nimble movements were not too different from Reiko’s, and I guessed they were probably female - although in the darkness it was impossible to tell.

Reiko’s hand went to her mouth, and she repeated the same motion as when she had cut my cheek, where she looked like she was throwing invisible darts. The figure silently somersaulted through the air, trying to avoid the formless projectiles. I assumed they were doing well, until I heard a grunt, followed by a splashing sound of liquid hitting the floor. I saw a dark puddle start to form. Blood.

The fight moved to behind me. I shifted my chair, trying to rotate it so I could see what was happening. This was not easily done with all my limbs restrained, and I instead fell to the ground with a thud. I could now see even less. The speed at which Reiko and her opponent were moving would have made them hard to follow in the light, but in the dark, and with my eyes at floor level, I had only the vaguest idea of what was happening.

Much to my dismay, it seemed that Reiko had the upper hand. The hooded figure’s movements had gotten slightly slower, from what I could tell, whilst Reiko’s movements were unchanged. I caught a glimpse of Reiko’s face, her pale skin reflected in the small amount of moonlight coming in through the classroom window. She was smiling widely. I realised that she was enjoying this fight.

The small figure slowed even more, and I was sure this was about to be the end. They stumbled to the floor, and Reiko used it as an opportunity to leap forward, hand already at her mouth, ready for the death strike. Suddenly the figure thrust both their legs into the air, directly at Reiko’s head. Their stumble had been a feint! An excuse to put their hands on the ground, to then launch this backwards counterattack with all their strength.

This was the first hit that had made contact with Reiko, but it was enough. The force of the kick was incredible, and Reiko’s body was launched through the air, smashing into some of the tables at one side of the room. She let out a horrible scream, and slowly pulled herself up. I thought that she was about to retaliate, and found myself scared of getting caught in the crossfire. Instead, I heard a window smash, presumably after having one of Reiko’s breath darts thrown at it. Reiko then half-ran, half-stumbled to the window, jumped through it, and disappeared into the night.

The hooded figure stood in front of me, facing the window and watching Reiko go. I felt compelled to speak.

“Thanks… For saving me.”

My rescuer was still, and said nothing. Then a thought struck me. Reiko had mentioned “others”. Others who, presumably, wanted my powers.

What if this hooded person was not here to save me, but to try to take my alleged powers for themselves? What if the fight I just witnessed wasn’t a rescue attempt, but two predators fighting over who got to eat the prey?

The figure, their face still obscured in the darkness, walked behind me. I was tied to the chair, overturned on the floor, in about as helpless a position as one could be in. I listened to their footsteps get closer to my back, wondering what was going to happen, but powerless to change it.

I heard a slight rustling, and then, a ‘snip’. I felt the ropes around my wrists fall away. I immediately felt a small hand grab my right wrist, and press something into my palm. Something heavy, and… plastic? I brought my now-freed hands around in front of me, and saw that I had been given some large scissors.

I didn’t waste any time in bending down to my legs, and cutting away my restraints there. Finally freed from the chair, I got to my feet. I was not badly hurt. A small cut on my left cheek, and what would likely become a large bruise on my right. And a sore shoulder from falling to the floor while tied to the chair.

Still holding the scissors, subtly repositioning my grip on them in case I needed to use them as a weapon, I turned to face the hooded figure. They were gone.

I went to the light switch, and turned the fluorescent lights back on. The classroom was in chaos. There were overturned tables and chairs, the smashed window through which Reiko had exited, and splatters of red across the walls and floor. Judging by the amount of blood, my mysterious saviour must have suffered a lot of damage in trying to rescue me. I felt grateful, but given their sudden disappearance, I still had my doubts about their intentions.

I was alone. Other than my breathing, and the distant sound of traffic from outside, it was silent. Peaceful. I almost wondered if I had imagined the events of the last few minutes.

Only the blood and destruction that surrounded me, and the continued throbbing of my penis, convinced me that what I had just experienced was actually real.