Chapter 6:

Chapter 6: A Wolf and Their Sheep

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It was the silence that made the girl quake and shiver in the wooden chair. She had been bound and gagged to the point that escape was impossible. Her messy blond hair had been tied into a pair of cute pigtails against her will. The clothing the girl had been stripped away from her until she was in nothing but a simple black pair of underwear that had a hint of crimson red accent. All the most sensitive areas of her skin had been exposed from her voluminous breast and thin waist down to her flawless legs and petite bare feet. While the blindfold prevented the girl from seeing what was around her, she could hear the sounds of a person walking around the room. Although she was unsure if it was a man or a woman, it was clear they were fiddling with something on a nearby table.

The girl could hear the footsteps of heavy boots getting closer to her. Each echo of the rubber soles against the stone made her anxiety and fear increase. Her heart began to beat faster than it had ever done before. She could hear the person stop in front of her and in a moment, she was blinded by the dim-light that hung overhead. Closing and opening her eyes for a moment, she processed exactly where she was and what was happening to her. In front of her, she could see the figure that had captured her. It was hard for her to describe the figure that she saw before her eyes. The figure appeared almost shadow-like appearing not in the form of a human but a plume of black misty smoke that gave a small form its shape. She could see that the figure held no identifying feature as to what gender they were. Their eyes were as crimson red as the blood of humans while their clothes were plain and simple. The girl quickly took a moment to understand her surroundings. It was a simple large room with little in the way of belongings.

In the back of the room she could see the wooden table the person was at before making their way over to her. While she wasn’t able to see much, she noticed their were a few glass jars that were filled with things she wish she hadn’t seen. Her body shook with fear from the thoughts of what was going to happen to her.

“W-What do you want with me?”

The figure didn’t speak.

“P-Please… if it’s money I can can get you that.”

While the girl continued to beg and plea, she watched as the figure before her slowly traced their fingers down her body. The light enticing movements made her squirm and try to free herself from the zip-ties that bound her hands. Once the figure had teased her body from head to toe, it made its way back over to the table. Watching the figure grab one of the jars and a metal device she was unsure of made the girl’s heart fluctuate rapidly. She knew exactly what was in the jar.

The light brown brown skin and the way the creatures crawled, they were unmistakable to anyone. Many saw the creatures as gross and disgusting that just the thought of seeing one would drive even almost anyone into a state of panic. The way they squirmed in the jar made the girl want to expel her lunch that she had about six hours before she was kidnapped. Even though the girl knew what she was looking at, she had to ask.

“W-What is that?”

Although the figure didn’t speak, he held up the jar to the girl’s face so she could see exactly what fear lied ahead of her. Even though the jar only held three of the creatures, she wondered what the figure planed to do with her. Looking at the other device in the figure’s hand, the girl was unsure as to what she was looking at until she realised what was happening. The figure placed the device on the girl’s head and allowed the clamps to latch onto each of the four corners of the girl’s mouth. Tightening a screw at the back of the device forced the clamps apart – in turn, forcing the girl’s mouth open. Unable to close her mouth, the girl’s heart began to pound heavily. While she didn’t want to think about what was to happen, she knew what the figure was about to do.

Pulling two more small clamps from their pocket, the figure forced open the girl’s jaw and placed one of the clamps against the root of her back teeth. Turning the screw forced the girl’s to open and expose her throat. While the figure continued to get the other clamp into place, the girl struggled to free herself. Tears rolled down from her eyes and cheeks. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve what was about to happen but she knew she didn’t want it to happen. Struggling against the bondage of the zip-ties, she continued to try and free herself. The figure continued to take his time, ensuring the clamp was in place. Once everything was set, the figure looked over the girl once again. She was an enchanting beauty who had a flawless body on par with a model. Her hair was clean and free of oil while her face was without any blemishes. The visualise enticement of her breast made many question if they were real or simply fake – others were jealous and only wished her ill-will and spiteful words of malicious. Her bellybutton that poked inwards was a treasure to many who followed her on her social media. They were many who loved the girl and enjoyed the cheerful aura she presented when out and about. Her giggle was the enchantment of a siren’s song when she was tickled in one of her many sensitive spots.

The girl’s thighs and legs were a cornerstone in her profession as a model. She did many photo shoots in various cosplay outfits of which many involved her showing her thighs and legs, as well as her often not wearing shoes to cash in on the large shadow fanbase who enjoyed the lower part of her body. While she was used to people wanting her body and to do some acts that bordered on safe and playful down to disturbing and sickening, this was the first that someone had decided to actually kidnap her for their pleasures. Had this been a kidnapping where the person simply wanted to tease her body, she would have been able to bare it but when the figure grabbed the jar, the girl could not stop herself from releasing all her fears. The figure showed no sign of pleasure or remorse as he kicked the girl down onto her back. Sitting on top of the girl, the figure unsealed the jar.

“No, no, no… Please, no…”

The girl continued to beg until she no longer could. Within an instance, the figure inserted the open jar into her mouth. It was now that girl’s eyes widened as she struggled to stop the wiggling of the tiny legs in her mouth. They crawled around to the point the girl could not hold back the feeling in the pit of her stomach. Losing the contents of her lunch upwards, the girl could taste the creatures entering into the back of her throat. The wiggling of the creatures made her body convulse again as her breakfast engulfed the creatures, only stirring their insatiable hunger. Down her throat and into the deep abyss of her insides, the creatures ate the remains of the food that regurgitated until they were inside the stomach. The girl could taste the sickening aftertaste of the creatures within her mouth. Her body wanted to release the last of its contents but failed to do so. There was nothing left of the girl as she faced the fear within her. Now, the only thing within was pain.

As the creatures ate away at small parts of her stomach wall she felt the pain surging through her gut. There was nothing the girl could do, she could only cry while the pain continued to course throughout her stomach. The slow and pain death of being eaten from the inside-out was not kind to the girl. She had died at the hands of sadistic psychopath at the young age of nineteen with a fate that ended in a gruesome scene. Yet the figure that inflicted the unspeakable act held no sense of guilt. It simply sighed and allowed the creatures to emerge from the dead girl’s mouth and spilled out onto the floor. Untying the girl from the chair, the figure threw her off to the side of the room. The young and upcoming idol no longer had life in her body, the limp reality of a dead corpse.


Wolfy awoke to the horrors of what had ran through his mind. A sickening nightmare that hasted his breathing and made his body flood into a cold sweat. Sitting up quickly, he tried to process everything around him. The nightmare felt too real that he had to wonder if he was about to lose his lunch. He gripped the sheets of his bed and took a second to try and calm his nerves.


Runa sat up next to Wolfy with a worried looking on her face. She knew that she didn’t need to ask but something made her ask anyway.

“What’s wrong?”

Wolfy could fell the his stomach turning as his throat convulsed in an attempt to throw up the virtual food and drink he had.

“It’s nothing, I just… want my sister,” Wolfy said as he laid back into the softness of the bed.

Runa carefully and gently straddled Wolfy’s hips while she made sure to ease his anxiety as best she knew how. She smiled with a cheerful expression and laid her head against his chest. Interlocking her fingers with his, she closed her eyes.

“I’m not your sister but you can talk to me in her place.”

“I just need a hug.”

Embracing him gently, Runa looked up to Wolfy and kissed his cheek.

“Would you settle for a kiss?” Runa asked in a teasing manner.

Wolfy allowed himself to breathe in and out once and closed his eyes. He felt the warmth of Runa’s body against his, the soft touch of her hands lightly stroking his hand, the gentle kiss of her breath against his neck. It was all to calm him down and quell the horrors of his own mind that raced without stopping. She could hear the thumping of his heartbeat starting to return to a steady rhythm.

“You’re okay, Wolfy.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“Shh. Just close your eyes and relax. I’m here.”

Wolfy wrapped his arms around Runa’s petite waist and held her close. He refused to let go while she gently played with his hair. He could feel a calmness throughout his body in the same way when he would hug his sister. His mind stopped, his heart slowed and he could feel – at least for a moment – his body relaxing.

“You starting to feel better?”

“Yeah, thank you for this. It does make me feel better.”

“Good. Now, shall we see how your sister is doing?”

Runa smile and sat up, ensuring she was still straddling Wolfy’s hips. She waved her hand to the right and pulled up a menu. After navigating a few menus, she pulled up footage of where Mariya and the rest of her party was. He could see them running away from the monster that not even he understood. The place itself stood in a composed way out of the eyes of most strangers. It was isolated and seemed to forgo many luxuries of anything from the city. The outside seemed to be made of wood from the surrounding forest and with slight variations of coloured wood layered upon each other.

Inside the house, the floors had been a highly polished parquet, individual blocks lovingly placed and sanded to a smooth finish before the varnish was brushed on with fine bristles. The wooden walls stood firm, the window frames strong, glass triple glazed and whole. Overall, the building seemed common of a witches hut in most video games.

Wolfy watched everything unfold from the comfort of his bed while Runa snuggled up beside him. Opening up another menu, Wolfy navigated and made a Nyanster appear before him. Popping the top, he downed a bit of the drink and handed it over to Runa.

“This is pointless. I can’t know where we are.”

Hikari sighed and took Aria’s hand.

“All I can get from this is that we either are in an unexplored area or we just broke into a CBT area.”

“CBT? Cock and Ball Torture?”

Runa giggled at Wolfy’s statement while the two of them continued to watch the events on the screen.


Aria tilted her head slightly.

“You mean a Closed Beta Area?”

Wolfy looked over to Runa.

“Or that… totally that.”

“I guess we know where your mind is, Wolfy,” Runa said with a cute giggle.

Downing half of the energy drink, Runa handed it back to Wolfy.

“I’m not into that. Now, if you were a femboy, I’m okay with doing that to you,” Wolfy teased as his traced a finger gently down Runa’s partially exposed stomach.

Runa giggled at the feeling of Wolfy’s finger tracing even lower. She squirmed slightly and gripped onto his shirt gently. Resting her head against his shoulder, she held him close.

“You know, you could change my appearance if you wanted to. Even restrict me from doing certain things or wearing different types of clothes,” Runa said with a wink.


Wolfy became lost in thought while staring at the screen. He watched everything unfold until his mind returned to a state of constant thinking.

“Then how about we go to an actual café?” Lieselotte conjectured.

Wolfy thought about what Lieselotte had said and remembered the underwater city of Aystaria that he had built. While it was set to release to the public, the only inhabitants were the non-player characters. He recalled the café that he had created in the city. It was the only café in the city but it was one of grand gesture. The appearance was of a grand design that sat in the centre of the city. With the visual aspect of a large noble manor, the café was able to hold many players due to the fact it had six floors in total. Each floor was relatively similar in their appearance with small alterations between them. They all contained a serving area with high-end tables and chairs, a kitchen and a red door that led into a backroom. One of the gimmicks behind the café was the six different head maids that served on the six floors. On the first floor was Nekomaya, the cat-girl maid who was able to enchant players with a unique ability that Wolfy had given her. She had long pink hair that was tied with a black ribbon into a long flowing braid. Her eyes were a silver platinum that sparkled under a light and allured any man or woman that looked into them. On the bottom of the left side of her lip could be seen a studded piercing with the end shaped as a cat’s paw while on her left ear could be seen a noticeable gauged earring that was in the shape of a ball of yarn.

Her maid outfit was typical of many maids in Japan but sexualised to a degree that was obvious. She wore a pair of white over-the-knee socks that revealed the perfect ratio of zettai ryouiki, ensuring that she was designed with just enough skin showing around her thighs to pander to the many lover of thighs and stockings. Alongside her appeal to those that loved thighs, she was also created to never wear shoes in order to sexually arouse the hidden foot fetishes often seen in men. In short, she was crafted as the NPC that would entice a major portion of players in the game to spend their currency on the pointless act of eating in order to see an in-game character. Of course, the real income was the real-game currency exchange where players could use their real-world money to have any of their desires fulfilled within the game. After paying up a whole sixty-nine dollars, the game would allow the player to enter the room beyond the red door which led into the backroom. For one whole minute, the player was allowed to do whatever they wished to the non-player character and at the end of it, the player was able to gain a special picture of their choice that was unique and signed for them. It would be this feature that would gain the money needed to earn a profit according to Wolfy and Runa’s plan. This feature would only be available at the café but if it did well, Wolfy figured he would add it to special areas and dungeons.

The other maids of the café each had their own themes and styles. On the second floor was Inumaya, the dog maid, the third floor Usagimaya, the rabbit maid, the forth floor Kumamaya, the bear maid the fifth floor was Kitsunemaya, the fox maid and finally the sixth floor Ookamimaya, the wolf maid. While each of these maids were on their own floor, in the main lobby before entering into the café was a small reception area for players to pay to enter the maid café – at the cost of 100 gold pieces – that was overseen by Kotorimaya, the bird maid.

Alongside their unique art designs and personalities, each maid had an interesting fetish and feature that made each of them standout among many of the other NPCs in the game. Nekomaya was treasured for her small petite feet and having a foot fetish, Inumaya was well-endowed with thighs of wonderful proportions that would arouse all lovers who enjoyed thighs and her fetish for licking legs, Usagimaya was endowed with perfectly sized breast and enjoyed being submissive to players with a fetish for being tied down, Kumamaya had a rear-end that would make a player do a double-take and her fetish for dominating others.

The other two maids, Kitsunemaya and Ookamimaya, were different from the other maids in their fetishes. Kitsunemaya was young, so young in fact she could be mistaken for an elementary schoolgirl. But of course she was well-over the age of eighteen – with her true age only being known to the administers of the game. She also carried around a stuff wolf plushie with her due to her agalmatophilia. Ookamimaya on the other hand was similar in build to Kitsunemaya but carried around a fox plushie and was aroused by the fetish of knismolagnia. The two of them were actually siblings and despite Ookamimaya’s extremely feminine appearance, it was written in the biological data that he was Kitsunemaya’s little brother.

Unlike all the other maids however, Kotorimaya was a mystery to players. While all the maids had their programming hard coded with incredibly small variations for how they would act, Kotorimaya had a personality that was set to change every single day. Wolfy and Runa ensured that the code was set to a large variable range of values that would determine how she acted using defined personalities from people all around the world. Of course, Wolfy took no credit for the programming as Runa was the only person skilled enough to create such a complex series of data and ensure it worked – Wolfy merely came up with the idea.


Runa looked to Wolfy with a worried expression on her face. It was clear that she cared about him and wanted to help him however she could. Even though she didn’t know him as a human, she did understand his thoughts and made sure to take into account everything that had happened in his life. Nearly most of his life was a negative mess. He was, by standards of the world, a mistake who should have simply died in order to not waste space. Everything in his life had dipped into the negatives to the point he was not worth saving. Yet, even though that mountain of negative values and data, Runa could see the one positive that effected Wolfy’s life. It was something so simple but so powerful that it kept him alive – if only just barely. She could see that his little sister was only positive value pertaining to a shift in his overall self. Mariya was the only other family he had and the only one he confided in when his mind would slowly begin to breakdown. Although she was happy that he would unveil his problems to her, she too had limits. The more he disclosed to her, the more she worried. Runa could not fault Mariya for not wanting to be read-up on every situation that went through her older brother’s mind, after all she was only human. There was only so much Mariya could handle before she too needed a break and this often led to Wolfy debating about what to do. She could see through all his thoughts that Wolfy confided with his sister to point that he would worry himself about if he was being to open with her and making her worry too much. Yet, that wasn’t the only thing Runa could see.

Runa saw the fear that Wolfy held inside his thoughts. He was afraid of not only losing his little sister to the abyss of death, he was afraid of her just abandoning him. It was a thought that likely did not even exist. After all, she had put up with him all those years, why would it change? Still, it was a worry continued to pop up in Wolfy’s mind. What if he became so annoying that his own sister left him? He was afraid of himself deep down because he knew that his sister would never truly abandon him. She cared deeply for her brother and wanted the best for him – even if he didn’t understand what he wanted. Even if his other two older sisters abandoned him, she wasn’t going to.

“Wolfy, your sister will never leave you.”

“Knowing what you know, Runa, would you abandon me if you were my sister?”

Runa giggled and crawled on top of Wolfy. Straddling his hips and planting her hands on his chest, she smiled with a cheerful expression akin to a cheerleader.

“That’s a stupid question. I’d never leave you and your sister never will either. So, stop overthinking, okay?”

Wolfy took a moment to breath.

“Thanks, Runa.”

With a smile, Runa kissed his cheek.

“You’re welcome.”

Runa continued to stay where she was and opened up the menu, grabbing another Nyanster.

“You know, I’m surprised that you allow me to be on top of you like this. From what I’ve seen, you don’t allow anyone on top of you or to touch anywhere near the right side of your stomach,” Runa said as she lifted up Wolfy’s shirt.

On the right side where his appendix was, could be seen a scar that was visibly noticeable. It was an area that brought with it, the post-traumatic stress of events that Wolfy did not care to remember. Being a sadist, he did not like to have anyone in the dominating position but another reason was due to his trauma. There was only an extremely small handful of people that he allowed on top of him, his sister was one of the people he trusted.

“Well, if I didn’t trust you then you wouldn’t be there to begin with,” Wolfy said as he closed his eyes and placed his hands behind his head.

“So, what’s the plan? It looks like your sister left the area. Are we going to investigate that monster ourselves?”

“That’s the plan.”

Wolfy took the can of Nyanster that Runa had been sipping on and downed the rest of it in one swig while Runa got off of him. Stepping onto the floor, she took a second to stretch and ensured she had another Nyanster in hand. Getting out of bed, Wolfy took a second to change into a more presentable outfit. Navigating the menu quickly, he changed into a black crop top with a white wolf emblem on the left side with a black short miniskirt that showed off his bare legs and thighs. Falling loosely off his shoulders was a thulian coloured jacket accented with vertical black stripes on the outer sleeves. He decided against shoes or socks and noticed Runa was braiding a small section of his hair.

“There, now you look even cuter,” Runa said with a smile.

“Do I?”

“Mhm. I want you even more now,” Runa teased.

“Guess we can take care of that later. If you’re ready, let’s go.”

Opening the administer menu, Wolfy navigated until he reached the map with the identification number of the area. In that instance, a faint blue hue of light engulfed him and within seconds he was transported to the area where the strange monsters were. At his side was Runa who was already navigating the menu to get an in-depth analysis on the monster they were looking at. The creature was black with no form of light passing through its slimy body. In game ascetics, it seemed like nothing more than a large cubed slime that was able to move at a slow pace. Yet, this monster that didn’t appear in the game logs or any other data like a normal in-game monster.

“So, think you can kill whatever that thing is, Runa?”

“Hopefully. Let’s find out.”

Rushing forward with her leading foot, Runa held out her left hand off to the side. Materialising from thin air was a short blade that was equivalent to what a ninja used as a main weapon – shorter than a katana but longer than a dagger. Leaping into the air that would defy the normal laws of physics, she sliced open the monster cleanly through the middle. Yet, she was shocked by what she saw. The blade had cut the monster but had also disintegrated as if touching the creature’s body was destroying the world and any objects around it. Alongside the blade being broken, the creature split into two slimes and continued to destroy the data of the landscape as it touched things.

With haste, Runa jumped back to Wolfy’s side and opened up the menu, along with another one that showed the data for her sword. Scanning through the code quickly, she could see that her sword in the menu was effected with a status affect that wasn’t apart of the game. The code was also acting strange. On the line of code that dictated what the status of the weapon’s durability was, she could see that the few lines of code were in various unicode characters indicating there was an error in the letters. Looking closer at the code, she realised that the blocks of characters were actually symbols that almost resembled an ancient language that she was not familiar with.


Without a second to think, Runa watched as one of the slimes jumped at her. Moving with haste, Wolfy had rushed to her aid and pushed her out of the way before tumbling off into the dirt. Once they had stopped, Runa found herself on top of Wolfy, her head laying against his chest.

“Are you all right?” Wolfy asked.

“Thank to you,” Runa said with a smile.

Standing to her feet, Runa helped Wolfy up and looked over her blade.

“I’m starting to think these things destroy data and corrupt the code of whatever they touch.”

Wolfy quickly navigated the menus and selected the group of two slimes that were within his range of sight. Using the admin menu, he pressed one of the options to paralyse the monsters. These special commands were only available to the admin and could be used to stop players, monsters, wrap to levels, instantly kill an NPC or even create and destroy objects. All of the commands worked, yet there was a problem.

“So, uh, Wolfy…”

“Yeah… They are still moving.”

“Something tells me that these are creatures we can’t win against.”

Wolfy thought about the best course of action. Since he was unable to destroy the creatures before him, the best option was to seal off the area and hope that when the game launched, no one would enter the area or the creatures wouldn’t get out. Before he could commit his plan to action, he realised one of the slimes was turning a golden colour.

“Wolfy, look out!”

Runa quickly grabbed Wolfy as the slime fired off a small orb of its body at him. While she had protected him, she could feel the slime engulf part of her left ear before falling to the ground with Wolfy.

“Damn it!”

Wolfy navigated the menus with haste and sealed off the area before teleporting into a random map. In that moment, he and Runa were teleported into a new area. Taking a second to look around, he could see it was an area that wasn’t scheduled to be released for some time.

“Are you okay, Runa?”

“I’m… fine, I think.”

Runa opened up her code and looked over every line carefully.

“Looks like the code that determines my appearance was the only thing effected, namely the code for my left ear. So, I’m okay but it doesn’t look like it can be repaired.”

“So, it’s like real life? If you lose an arm to one of those things it doesn’t grow back.”

“That’s what it seems like. Anyway, it looks like you teleported use to the new map.”

Wolfy nodded and opened the menu revealing the map.

“Phantasia Academy. A map that is set to be like a fantasy school academy.”

Runa giggled.

“Should I change into a schoolgirl outfit for you?”

“I think we should focus. We need a plan to destroy those things.”

The room that Wolfy and Runa had been transported to was similar to a nurse’s office seen in many Japanese schools from various animations. Wolfy laid down on one of the white beds and closed his eyes. Runa smiled and prepared a Nyanster for him before straddling his hips like she had done before.

“Check my sister’s status and info for me, please.”

Runa opened the can with one hand and used her other to open up the various menus. Taking a swig of the drink before handing it Wolfy, she looked over Mariya’s stats and code for her character. For a moment, she was surprised at what she was seeing.


Wolfy opened one eye and grabbed the can from Runa.


“Look at this.”

Pointing to the code, Wolfy tilted his head.

“What… the… hell…”

“I know, I don’t know how this happened but…”

Opening up the menu with haste, Wolfy looked over his sister’s status menu and the code, along with his own.


“Do you think it’s an error?” Runa asked.

“Only one way to find out.”

Wolfy tried to gift any item to his sister. While he didn’t like to interfere with players and their characters, he needed to test something. As he tried to confirm the trade, he was greeted with a small dialogue box.

« System Error: 69 »

“Excuse me…”


“Yeah… I know. There are two administers in this game.”

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