Chapter 1:

The Group

The End Of An Era

In last 10 years, human technology has evolved massively, humans have created all kinds of robots that have helped them a lot. But everything changed when they started creating fighting robots to create wars. The big countries have taken over the small ones and eradicated almost all of them. Robots seeing this decided to eradicate the human race forever but they knew that humans can destroy them all if they do something against them so they thought of creating their own robots for the destruction of the human race and they did and it happened. However a group from a village in Romania were prepared for it and they survived. Now they are preparing to take over the world back.Bookmark here

The group consists of 10 people 3 women and 7 men, the leader is a 41 year old man his name is Stefan the others are called David, Aris, Alex, Titus, Agamemnon, Basil, Amora, Eda and Suzy.Bookmark here

Stefan: folks! If we want to take the world back, we need robot equipmentBookmark here

Titus: but Stefan, that means going outBookmark here

Stefan: listen to me! It is a very big risk, some of us may not be here anymore but it will be worth itBookmark here

The whole group shouts: yes, we make them dust!Bookmark here

Stefan: here's how we do it, two teams of 3 men each. David, Alex and Agamemnon you are a team, I, Aris and Basil are the second team.Bookmark here

Titus: and I? Bookmark here

Stefan: you are still young your time will comeBookmark here

Amora: and what do we do?Bookmark here

Stefan: you, prepare the workshop, we have a lot of work to doBookmark here

David: ok let's goBookmark here

Stefan: ok, team 1 go west we go east. And don't forget if you come across a robot run as fast as you canBookmark here

Agamemnon: ok! let's do it!Bookmark here

After about 5 km, team 1 found areas where robots fought with the army. They saw only destruction, destroyed houses, destroyed robots, tanks and many others like many corpses. They were shocked and began to tremble with fear.Bookmark here

Agamemnon: do not be intimidated, do not forget our purpose!Bookmark here

Alex: he is right! After all, this battle took place a long time ago.Bookmark here

They searched but nothing, all the robots were almost destroyed and the equipment in them.Bookmark here

After a few meters they immediately found a robot without a hand and legs but with very good equipment. But what they didn't know was that the robot was still working, and when David approached the robot, the robot recognized him and attacked him in a split second.Bookmark here

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