Chapter 1:

Mischievous Fairy

Grey and the Shape-Shifter

Around 5 in the afternoon, I got off work at a local convenience store. My class ends at 2 PM, and my work starts just fifteen minutes after class. I am an 18-year-old orphan, who is living off of my $7 daily wage. I have no parents or someone I could call a family to depend on, and most of the time I struggle to make ends meet. That is the reason why it never crossed my mind to look for a girlfriend or even a pet to live with me because I can barely keep myself alive, and I couldn't afford gifts or another mouth to feed regardless of how cheap it might be. But once, when I was walking on my way home after work, a cat saved me from death...

"Get out of the way!" 

I can barely hear the noises around while I was walking along the sidewalk because of the loud music on my earphone. I didn't know about my almost death until I saw the blinding light from a motorcycle approaching. I wasn't even able to blink and realize the danger. I couldn't move even though the scene seemed to be happening in slow motion. 

My whole body froze.

"Get out of the way!" a faint noise managed to pass through the loud music and reached my ears, and right upon realizing the situation, 


A cat jumped right at the driver's face, which had him outbalanced before he could even hit me. His motorcycle missed me at a 45-degree angle, and only then I am able to let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. 


The cat get up and sat beside the driver. He got a minor wound because of what happened, but his motorcycle got a little damaged. 

My eyes darted to the black cat with blue and green eyes who yawned and then looked at me. I didn't know if it was only my imagination, but I think I saw it wink before running to me. 

"Meow," then it stopped right at my feet while looking up at me. 

Unconsciously, I brought the cat home. It doesn't have a nametag, so I assumed it was a stray cat. I tried to feed her with my leftover food since that is the only thing available in my tiny apartment, but the cat just ignored it and walked to my bed instead. 

I sighed. "I didn't know that stray cats could be this picky," I commented as I tossed the leftover food away and began hunting for food in my pantry. 

"I'm not picky. It's just that the food no longer looks appetizing," 

"It's left-over food. Of course, it wouldn't look appetizing--" I couldn't finish what I was saying when I realized I was the only one here. And when I turned around to face the cat, I almost fell when I saw a girl lying comfortably on my bed instead of a black-furred creature. 

"Who are you?!" 

She opened one of her eyes and looked at me for three seconds before closing them again and saying. "I'm a fairy who just saved your life. How dare you feed me leftover food?"

Grey and the Shape-Shifter

Grey and the Shape-Shifter