Chapter 1:

Rowen: End of a King (pt.1)

Never Follow A Cat Into Another World

It was finally over.

Rowen watched as black blood dripped from the tip of her sword onto the dark earth. A few feet away lay a corpse; Its body barely recognizable. 

The man’s lifeless eyes stared up into the starless night. His obsidian crown was gripped tightly in Rowen’s sword-free hand. It had taken five years, but her fight was finally over.

Rowen knew she should feel elated, but instead all she felt was numb. Exhaustion poured from every pour from her body, and her body trembled barely staying up right. Perhaps… Perhaps now she would be allowed to rest.

“You did it!” A joyous voice sounded, and a girl with bright red hair tackled her from the side.

Rowen’s weakened body stumbled from the impact, and they both began to fall. Their course was set straight for the demon king’s body. But before they could make impact, a pair of strong arms wrapped around them stopping their horrible descent.

“Careful, Bliss.” A disheveled knight in imperial armor admonished as he placed them both back down on their feet. “Lady Rowen is still recovering.”

Bliss ducked her head. “Right...Right…Sorry, Rowen.”

“It’s alright.” Rowen replied, while sending the knight a look of thanks. “ I know you are just excited.”

“ Exactly!” Bliss’s head popped back up, and she turned to the knight in disbelief. “ How can you not be excited, Gallant? You are a knight who played a key role in finally defeating the demon king! This will be a tale told for thousands of years!”

Rowen couldn’t help but smile at Bliss’s enthusiasm. Bliss had been the youngest of those chosen for this mission, and her mana level outmatched any mages or magicians in all four kingdoms. She was always bursting with energy. No matter how long the battle. That was some Rowen could really use right now.

Gallant smiled and ruffled Bliss’s hair. “ You are right. This is cause for celebration.”

Rowen’s smile grew at their interaction. Gallant was equally as talented as Bliss, maybe more so. Not that he ever showed his true powers off. Most people knew him as the tallest Swordmaster, and the second commander of the Imperial Knights, and he liked it that way. Not to mention, he was the heir to the renowned Frost Household. But most importantly, Gallant was her best friend, and some one she could always trust. He had saved her life on numerous occasions over the last five years.

“Stop it! I’m not a kid.” Bliss fumed, brushing Gallant’s hand away. “ Let’s hurry up and go home already. I’ll need to wash for at least two hours to get all this demon blood off me.”

She stomped away leaving Rowen and Gallant in the dust. They stood still watching her go, and then slowly their smiles faded off their faces.