Chapter 0:

The Prologue


How did my life turn out like this. I still wonder why they chose me, out of all those 7 billion people. I know some martial arts or something, but I'm not much of a bigger fighter back then. (Proceeds to think what happened that day). 

Ah shit, I guess I've died. Now what? I'm being sent to hell? What is happening to me? And why do I feel, so raw. (Bright light flashes). I then witnessed something, that the people refer as "God". I was an atheist, but who would have thought that God really existed. They welcomed me with a pleasant smile on their face, which gave me comfort. 

They were whispering something among themselves, but I couldn't hear, nor speak, nor any of my senses worked, but I felt their presence, and their silhouette, bright as a burning star. One of them came forward to me and said "I shall wish you luck, do your best Aion!!". 

Back then I thought he was wishing me luck to lead a new life and live peacefully, but I never imagined they have sent me for this purpose. They've really sent me to hell.