Chapter 19:

New Class

Being A Mage Is Boring, So I Created A Class For Myself

Chaos Year 3, Day 110, 12:21 am.

Being on the run for the past 5 hours, this little bit of rest now seemed too long for some reason. I was supposed to be tired and welcome the relaxation, but the healing mechanism of the game cleared away all the fatigue along with its HP healing. So instead, I got bored. And when I get bored, I annoy others. It's a weird habit of mine.

"Shinji," I called out.

"Ya?" He responded.

"You look like an idiot in that armor."

"The fuck did you say?!" Yelled out Shinji, jumping onto his feet.

Apparently, he loved his armor. So he got ticked off every time I made fun of the armor. He obtained it recently after winning a gambling tournament hosted by a Chaos player. The money he won gambling, all went to the host's pocket. Instead, he received the armor.

The armor itself was fine. But it looked funny when Shinji wore it because it was made for players with way larger builds than him. Now his head appeared too small compared to the rest of his body.

"Ryoki-kun said you look stupid in that armor," Hikari replied instead of me, walking out of the lake area.

"Ugh!" Shinji couldn't snap back at Hikari for obvious reasons.

"You girls are done?" Boss asked, looking up from his system window for the first time in a while.

"Yeah," Annette-san replied, entering the tunnel.

Pika, instead of coming out, peeked at us, sticking out her head.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"N-nothing!" Pika blushed and hid behind the wall immediately.

"Come on, Pika, Don't be shy." Annette-san encouraged her. "You look really good in that outfit."

"Yes," Hikari added. "Don't worry. If anyone ogles at you, their eyes will blow up. Everyone here knows I can pinpoint my arrows."


Pika again peeked. Then taking a deep breath she came out. I gaped my mouth watching her.

She wore a maid outfit. Moreover, It was quite revealing, making her look sexy. I could even see her cleavage.

"I lent her the skin since her outfit was torn apart by a certain someone." Annette-san glanced at me with a smirk. "I had only this one left."

Good job, Annette-san. You are the best.

Pika kept squirming, her fingers fiddling with her hair. Her face was bright red, even her ears. Looking up at me, she asked, "H-how do I look?"

Pika knew that I loved cosplays, and I would die to watch a cat girl wearing a maid dress. So, I got a bit confused about what she meant.

How did she become so brave, asking me how her cosplay turned out? Maybe I can take it a step further…

"Hmm…" placing my hand over my chin, I took a deep thinking stance. Staring at her, I asked, "Can you do the cat pose?"

"Eh?" Pika was startled but proceeded to do it anyway. "L-like this?"

She lifted her arms near her shoulders and folded her fingers to make them look like paws.

"Ooh!" My eyes twinkled and my heart almost stopped from the excitement.

I think my real self inside the VR Capsule is now spurting blood from the nose.

"Perfect! It matches you so well." I said, gawking at her.

But the bliss didn't last long. I sensed Hikari's murderous aura directed at me. It seemed as if she was emitting dark miasma.

Quickly shifting my gaze, I said, "L-let's go take the bath guys."

"Yeah," Boss added. "We don't have much time left."

Then the four of us entered the lake area. Again the magnificent beauty of nature welcomed us. However, the lake view couldn't amaze me this time, since I was still dazed by Pika's new look.

Taking off the clothes except for the shorts, I jumped into the lake. The water was warm and soothing. Washing our clothes and body, finally, we got rid of the slime and the disgusting smell. It really made a difference, as everyone's mood automatically freshened up.

It's as if there's a special effect in this water. It feels so good.

Shinji and Boss started a swimming race. Lynx basked under the shaft of sunlight, laying on a huge glowing rock. And I floated around the lake, spreading my arms and legs.

After a while, out of nowhere, a system interface with a system message appeared before me.

[The first player to create a new subclass has emerged in Chaos.]

Eh? You can create classes?

"Did you see that guys?" Lynx asked.

"Yeah." Shinji and Boss replied together.

"So, it's a world message," I mumbled.

Right then, Riri appeared in a system window, with her face looking all excited and surprised.

She shouted, "Master, your subclass has changed just now!"

"What?!" I yelled out. "Open the Menu, quick."

Another System interface appeared before me. When I entered the Player Profile section, my eyes widened, as I stared at the blue screen.


User Name: Rio002

Current Pseudonym: Dracarys

Race: Human

Gender: ♂

Level: 250

Class: Mage

Subclass: Pseudo Magus


Tea Party (squad member)

Cephia City Adventurers Guild (veteran guild member)

Cephia City (resident)

(see more)


[System Shocker]

[Chaos Champion]

[Player of the Tournament (3rd Chaos SvS Tournament)]

"What's wrong?" Boss asked, swimming closer.

"I-it's me!" My voice cracked. "I am the one who created a class."

"Seriously?!" Shinji's mouth gaped. "Dude, that's huge!"

"Yeah, My class is now Pseudo Magus," I said. "It makes sense. My playstyle is completely different now, more like a split-second burst damage assassin. But my skills are all mage spells. So, technically I'm still a mage."

Then getting out of the lake, I dashed toward the tunnel entrance. I was too excited about this new change. So naturally, I wanted to reveal it to my other squad mates.

"Hey, guys, you got that system…"


Before I could finish, Pika's abrupt scream interrupted me. She hid her face behind her palms.

I frowned in confusion. Do I seem that scary now, with a new class that I created myself?

"What is wrong with you?!" Hikari yelled at me, with her cheeks blushing. Taking out her bow, she took her stance to shoot. "Why on earth are you naked?"


I looked down. There was no need to call me naked. I still had my shorts on. But that didn't seem to make much difference for them.

Hikari didn't wait for my answer. She let go of her fingers and the arrow zoomed at me.


"Teleport," I mumbled.

The skill took me inside the lake area, out of the girls' field of view. The arrow swooped through the area where my head was just a moment ago. Boom~ Hitting somewhere it exploded, which could easily blow away my head.

"Damnit, Riri," I shouted. "Why the fuck you didn't put my outfit on?"

"Hehe…" Riri however giggled. "Revenge for being rude to me earlier."

My eyebrows twitched and my lips curled. But instead of yelling further, I let out a sigh and said, "Just put it on now."

Then fully clothed I entered the tunnel again.

"Geez, I could have died back then." I scowled at Hikari.

"You should have died." She said, staring at me with contempt in her eyes.

I sighed and explained how my class changed.

The other three guys also joined us soon after. Pika helped us dry our clothes with her wind element. With a refreshed mind and body, we began our journey again.

"So when are you gonna tell us about this new class and playstyle of yours?" Lynx asked.

"Yeah, we need to know. Otherwise, we can't properly function as a team," Boss added.

"Hmm, alright. Let me explain."