Chapter 13:

The Revengeance

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

The biker was headed towards them, slowly but quickly closing in.

Elusia and the detective moved fast.

They took out their weapons and readied themselves.

“Crap, I guess they’re still after me.”

“Is that one of the things from the highway? Are they going to keep chasing after us until we’re dead?!”

Elusia shrugged.

“Who knows. I didn’t expect them to go this far though.”

The pair peeked over the stall to get a look. The biker was still walking towards them.

Finally it stopped a few stalls over.

It slowly looked around, before smashing the stall next to it.

“H-hey! Stop that!”

The owner of the stall walked up to it and tried to stop it from wrecking his place of buisness by firing a shot at it with his gun..

“O-obstruction detected. Re-removing.”




The biker slammed his fist into the man’s chest and it burst right through to his back.

It lifted the man into the air with it’s arm still inside and gripped the wound with its other hand.

“No Stop! Aaaahhgg-“

The biker ripped the man in two.

His bisected body flopped to the ground.

The biker then picked up the man’s gun that had dropped during his struggle.

“O-obstruction terminated. Updating c-combat c-capabilities.”

Fleshy tendrils burst out of the biker’s hand and pulled the gun into his body.

His body squirmed around, making disgusting squelching noises, before finally stopping.

He pointed his finger at the stall next to him.


There was a large explosion as a large chunk of the stall blew up.

The biker’s hand was now fused with metal with openings on each finger.

Elusia and the detective watched in horror as it continued to walk closer towards their hiding spot, blasting anything in it’s way.

“What the hell is that thing! TOX can you scan it?!”

“Scanning in progress.”

TOX slowly floated up from the stall and let out a small light from its eye.

“Complete. Fascinating. The creature seems to be a combination of organic materials fused with highly advanced technology. I have no records of anything like it in the database and it seems to be emitting a unknown source of energy radiation. It is also apparently capable of assimilation with other organic or technological materials.”

“Shit! How do we kill it?!”

“Unknown. It appears to be operating using a biotech exoskeleton to control it’s biological and technological aspects, but I cannot locate a specific power source from where the energy should be radiating from. It however does seem to possess a transmission device in its head.”

“Will destroying that stop it? Who’s controlling this thing?”

“Unknown. I am attempting to track it’s signal, but it’s not going well. It seems to be heavily encrypted, even beyond my capabilities. I believe that destroying the transmission device would be the best course of action in this case.”

“Got it. Aim high.”

The detective prepped his gun and checked the energy level.

“Shit. I forgot to recharge.”

“Damn. How many shots you got left old man?”

“I’m not old, ok?! About 2 more before it goes kaput.”

“Crap, that’s not a lot. I’ll try to draw it’s attention first while you aim.”

“Fine. Well, worse case scenario, I still have one more thing that I could use to destroy it’s head.”

“Hmm? What’s that?”

“TOX. He’s a multipurpose assistant remember? I can get him to transform into a weapon to kill that thing.”

“That sound awesome! Why don’t you do that right now?”

“He has a limited energy supply. If I use it for things like this too much, it might cause him to stop working altogether, forever.”

An unfortunate design defect. I have sent numerous complaints to my developers, but they ended up blocking my account for quote en quote ‘harassment’.”

“Well that sucks.”

Although, I suppose spamming their emails with porn bots as retaliation was going a bit too far.”

“That’s the reason they discontinued his entire line. The newer models were made without personalization chips. That made them lose a lot of functions though.”


“Anyways, let’s focus on getting rid of this thing right now.”

The two peeked over the side of the stall. The biker was still slowly getting nearer, but was stopping at each stall to fire its weapon to destroy them.

“Why the hell is it doing that?”

“I guess it doesn’t know where we are, exactly.”

“It seems that it’s optical receivers have been heavily damaged. It is most likely trying to locate you by scanning for minuscule traces of your DNA, which you have left all over the marketplace while committing your numerous acts of thievery. That combined with the numerous amount of people around, are confusing it’s sensory receivers. It has no choice but to carefully scan each stall to track your trail.”

“Damn. I guess it’s a good thing I stole all that stuff, huh?”

Elusia felt vindicated.

“The hell it was. Remember about 5 minutes ago, when we were about to be killed by that crazy corn guy!? How much stuff did you fucking steal?! This asshole is taking forever to get over here!”

“About one of everything.”

“Put it all back! How did you even fit that all in there?! Do you have a dimensional pocket or something?! Are you a villager?!…(sigh) Anyway just get ready to go.”

Elusia gave him the thumbs up and got ready to put the plan in action. She took out a couple spell cards from her pocket and gripped her bat.

The biker was almost right next to them.

Elusia dashed out onto the street.

“Hey flesh face! Over here.”

She quickly threw a blast card right at it. There was a large explosion as the biker was thrown back into another stall.

“Now, shoot it!”

The detective shot out of the stall he was covering under and aimed his blaster straight at the bikers head.


The biker reflexively blocked the shots with his hand and fired back with his other one.

“Damn it!”

The detective dives out of the way. A bullet grazes his arm as he ducks back into cover.

“TOX I need a weapon!”

“Yes sir.”

TOX started to shift its form rapidly.

“How much longer!”

“30 seconds remaining.”

Elusia knew she had to do something quick or else they were all screwed. She quickly took out an ice shard card and tossed it at the biker.

The biker shoots it out of the air with his hand gun and slowly crawls back onto his feet.

“Su-Subject located. C-Commencing erasure.”

It dashed towards Elusia in a breakneck pace, it’s limbs contorting in strange ways.


Elusia blocks the incoming biker with her bat.


The metal let’s out a shrill noise as it collides with the metallic hands of the fleshy abomination, clawing at her.


Elusia diverts the attack and lands a strong kick into the bikers chest.

“Just die already!”

Elusia takes a mighty swing towards the bikers head as he stumbles backwards towards the detective.

“TOX, you done yet!”


TOX shifts into a form reminiscent of a large black revolver with glowing red accents and flies into the detective’s hand.

“Elusia keep it still!”

“Got it!”

She takes out a stasis card and thrusts it directly into the biker.


Elusia leaps to the side and keeps her head down.

The detective takes aim and pulls the trigger.


A large blast of noise echoes throughout the street as massive pulse of energy is fired from TOX.

The biker’s head and most of it’s upper body is blown clean off, disintegrated by the blast.


The detective is on the ground, having fallen back due to the recoil. He takes a series of long breaths before taking stock of the situation.

The biker’s body was in a deformed heap on the ground in front of him and Elusia was on the ground next to it, steadily getting herself back up.

“Is it…dead? For real this time?”

She gives the body a good kick. 

No response. It’s just a corpse.

“Analysis of the creature shows no signs of activity. Though whever it was ever even alive in the first place is a completely different debate.”

The detective slowly pulls himself back on his feet..

“TOX, how’s your energy supply?”

“I am currently at 80% charge. No problems detected sir.”


He checks his arm. There is a small tear in the metal and small sparks- can be seen flying out.

“Shit. I’m gonna need some repairs.”

He tests his functions by slowly flexing it up and down.

“Well it’s not too bad I guess. Hey you!”

The detective looks at the stall owner who has been hiding behind him the whole time.


“You deal with cybernetic upgrades all the time right? Fix this up will ya.”

“Y-yes sir!”

The merchant, who was scared shitless, unhesitatingly obeyed and started getting his tools ready.

Elusia walked up to the detective with a frown.

“So what do we do now? Our ride is gone and we still have no clue where we need go to find the supernatural creature that murdered those people.”

The detective pulls up a stool that miraculously survived the attack and takes a seat.

“Well I guess we keep looking.”


“Actually…there is another thing we can do.”

“Hmm? What?”

“Well you said the temple sent your sister and some others to find this thing and get rid of it right?”

“Well, ya.”

“Why don’t we just track them instead? They probably figured out way more than what we know and are tracking it down right now.”

“Oh, I see! Why didn’t you think of this earlier! We could’ve saved a whole bunch of time.”

“That’s what I should be asking you! Whatever. Do you have any idea where they are?”

“Hmm…no, but I think I know how to figure it out.”

Elusia rummaged through her pockets for something. Finally she pulled out a small device.

“This is the navigation device I took from the temple. It’s a bit busted from my fight on the highway though. Can you use this to find them?”


“Scanning. I have analyzed the device and am attempting to recreate its broadcast signal. Got it. A matching signal with the same frequency is nearby.”

Elusia grinned.

“Awesome! Now all we have to do is follow them and wait until they find the thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, just wait a second will ya. I’m still getting fixed up.”

The detective laid his arm onto the stall while the owner patched up the wound.

“And how are we supposed freaking to get to them? My car’s scrap.”

“We’ll just take that”

Elusia pointed towards the hover bike.

Soon the pair (and the robot) set off to find the other disciples.

None of them noticing that the corpse of a certain abomination was slowly twitching towards more raw materials.