Chapter 10:

Think and do

Sharply Cold at Zone


“Who’s this guy!” One guy said after I blocked his punch.

In the alleyway next to the Fun Center, I found Matsuda-kun and Noah arguing with some sketchy people that looked way older than them. When this person started to attack them I intercepted.

This blow was hard enough to knock someone out, so I did the right thing to stop them from hitting my classmates. In the heat of the moment, my classmates didn’t expect me to be there. Let alone blocking this punch.

“N-Nage-kun!?” Noah said full of awe.

I looked down at this one guy in front of me, then changed my stare at their leader in the back, “Sorry for the inconvenience these two friends of mine did to you, any chance you can forget about it? Please.” I said while not showing any kind of emotion.

Then Matsuda-kun lost it, “Nage it’s this guy's fault!” While pointing to the other guy with the scars. “This guy was mocking Noah so I told them to stop and they continued to laugh at us!”

It doesn’t matter how it started, all it mattered was that Matsuda-kun was stupid enough to confront this stupid group. The best way to deal with this kind of people who have a ‘got nothing to lose’ type. Is to ignore them, just don't bother with them, and walk away. Why should you deal with these low-level-headed people?

“That doesn’t matter, Matsuda-kun. If I had to blame someone I would blame you.”

Their leader looked at me flabbergasted, he didn’t expect me to blame one of my own. “Fine, get outta here…” he said while he looked away meaning we were unpleasing to the eye.

I took them both with me while walking out of the alleyway. We almost reached the end but then suddenly I noticed a high kick coming from the corner of my eye. It was the kick from the more aggressive individual.

I pushed them both forward while it made me being pushed back with just enough distance to dodge the kick.

Noah tripped and fell because of my push, I quickly kneeled to help him get up again.

“I thought we didn’t have a problem?” I asked.

“With me, you don’t. But it’s not the same for him.” Their leader responded.

I saw this guy putting on brass knuckles.

How did I end up here again… —If I just ignored my classmates this would never have happened in the first place. Normally I would never do that, I don’t care what happens to people around me.

I intervened and now I have to fight with a guy who is almost 3 times the size of me. I have never fought with someone for real. In my days with my martial arts class, we only sparred, so this was something completely different.

He then closed the distance between us and tried to grab me, at the last moment I threw sand at his face which made him not able to see.

“AHH— WHAT DID THIS BASTARD DO!!” The male rhino look like screamed while touching his eyes.

I lowered my gravity point and swept him under his feet, I stood above him and reached down to grab him by the collar.

It felt different, it was like I didn’t know myself.

He slightly opened his right eye, to look at me. Tears around that eye started to appear, it quickly became red because of all the dirt that was inside.

I started punching with my right fist while holding him with my left hand. I didn’t look him in the eyes, as it wasn’t anything personal.

The remaining 2 people in his group just stood and watched while I was changing his appearance.

I saw him losing consciousness, so I stopped and got away from him. While looking back I saw both my classmates full of disbelief looking at me.

“How did you do that!” Matsuda-kun said.

I ignored that question and walked past them, this made them look at each other and figured that they should follow me out of the alleyway.

“I didn’t know you could fight like that! You are amazing!” Matsuda-kun said while he and Noah walked next to me.

“Indeed, that fighting technique…— Do you attend some kind of fighting class? And how did you make him blind?” Noah asked.

I ignored every question.

If your opponent is bigger than you and you can up your chances of beating him by playing a little dirty you should always take it.

At the moment where I kneeled to help Noah back up, I took a hand full of sand.

I knew that if I made him temporarily blind by throwing dirt in his eyes, I had a better chance of beating him. I always look at my opponent's hands, to see if they hold something harmful.

I stopped for a moment and turned to look directly at them, “don’t do stuff that will lead to bad stuff, the best way for you two to deal with them was to ignore them. They looked very suspicious and dangerous, they could’ve harmed you two guys.”

This made them think a little, and I think they understood what I meant. This was a dangerous situation, it could’ve ended badly.

I turned around and continued to walk towards my home, “Think twice before you act.” I said while waving them goodbye.

“Thank you!” They screamed as they figured that I had saved their lives.


The following day I entered the classroom in a calm way. Misaki-sensei hurried inside to start homeroom.

“Everyone take your seats! I have some news,” she said.

“Is it about voting for the most popular boy and girl?” Nura-san said

When everyone in class heard about the voting event their excitement blew up in class and the teacher needed to calm everyone down again, “Yes but please be quiet everyone, let me tell you all the details first.”

Is this really such a big deal.

“As you could have seen by the posters that started appearing all around school tomorrow we will vote for the most popular boy and most popular girl, being the popular duo you can get some privileges in school. I will show you all the known privileges on board now.” She said while pointing at the classroom board.

All the below were shown on the school board.

- You get access to the student council room.

- Change your own or someone else’s seat in your classroom once a month.

- If you have a failing grade you can try again to pass, up to a total of 3 times.

- Eat for free in the cafeteria. (You can only order for yourself)

- Get the ceremony bell.

- Get the school’s phone app. (It contains all the information of the students that are enrolled in the Academy)

Free meals for the whole time you get chosen as the popular student? That’s really good, you can save a lot of money. But the bottom one I found the most interesting, the fact that a student can get access to private information is a scary thought.

“These are the ‘known’ privileges, if one of you will be chosen then you will get to know the hidden privileges,” Misaki-sensei said while looking at the class.

There are more privileges that the other students can’t and may not know about.

“For now, just think about who you all will be voting for, and remember you can’t vote for yourself.”

After that homeroom ended and she started the class.