Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 (Back to home)

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

“Sir, the ankh holder has escaped. He had known about the project,”

A Taterian commander ran into the meeting hall and said to the general. The general's face turned red, “What the..” he yelled. The commander said, "He's seemed to be stronger and had got the powers from the ankh, sir,"

Everyone in the hall remained silent. The General lowered his voice and said,

“Has the mutant activated?”

“Yes, sir,”

one of the commanders stood up and said. The General stood still for a moment. He had sacrificed many decades for this plan. He couldn't let it ruin. Finally, the General made his decision and said, “At any rate, we are going to protect the mutant. We won't let him destroy it. Send more troops to base 336,"

Base 336 was the base where Project Mutant did. It was a fortifying structure with dense metal walls. The Mutant was kept in the middle of the base.

The mutant Project was a plan of the Taterians to make a powerful creature that would be used as a weapon. At first, it was planned to create the mutant with the power of the ankh. That was why Taterians had been searching for the ankh for a decade. But, after Zeya got the power of the Ankh, they had to change their plans. They kidnapped Zeya and used his powers to create the mutant. Now, the mutant had been created and activated. It was ready for the battle.

At the security room of the base, two staff spotted a teenage boy near the gate. One of them stood up and said, "He's here!!!" A red alarm broke out, and the soldiers from the base took their positions. The soldiers near the gates were ready for their battle. But suddenly, they all fell to the ground.

Although most of his powers got absorbed, Zeya was still powerful because his mental powers had just awoken. Zeya had determined to destroy the mutant as he understood that the Taterians would use it as a weapon. He didn't want to see his powers make a killing machine.

As soon as Zeya got inside the base, he met with a troop of Taterian soldiers. He used his mind powers to attack them. The soldiers were lifted into the air and crushed to nearby walls. Some began to shoot themselves at non-fatal places.

Zeya got inside the lab room where the Mutant was kept. The soldiers couldn't control him. It was kept in a large metal box at the center. The Taterian doctors in the room ran outside but Zeya stopped one of them and ordered him to open the box of the mutant. The doctor couldn't resist his control. He typed some passwords at the box’s door.

"Bamm!!" the metal door of the box crushed on the floor. Zeya was ready to destroy what was inside. But when he saw the mutant, he was surprised. It was a human baby, an innocent-looking baby. Zeya got confused because the Taterian kept it inside a metal box. But soon, he began to realize the reason.

The baby suddenly turned into a mass of black slimes. Its shape changed into a massive black creature that looked like a human. It has neither face nor gender. Zeya quickly punched the creature with his fist. His fist pierced the creature's chest but the slimes filled the pierced wound and healed it. The creature attacked him back with its hands. The creature's hands can be turned into any form, swords, hammers, axes, whatever. It can also attack insanely fast. Zeya had to dodge the creature's attacks by flying. He pierced the creature’s body with his fist but, the slimes filled the pierced wound as usual.

It was hard to fight this creature. But all of a sudden, Zeya got a quick idea. He went nearer to the creature and tried to control its mind. If the creature can attack, it might also have a mind, he thought. So, he tried to focus and used his mind power. He had to stand still. Abruptly, the creature tried to attack him with its sharp claw but Zeya couldn't move as he was focusing his mind. His eyes were closed and he didn't let the attack ruin his focus.

The sharp claw stopped just in front of Zeya's chest. Soon, the creature began to neutralize. Zeya opened his eyes and touched the creature's hand. The creature didn't attack him at all, he had fully controlled it. Zeya ordered it to change into a form, he wanted to see most. The creature changed its form to Lora.

Zeya had some tears in his eyes when he saw Lora again. He didn't want to kill the creature anymore. Instead, he decided to take it with him. So, he ordered it to change into a slime form and to follow him. The creature did. At that time, more soldiers were coming to the base so Zeya had to leave it.

There were some emergency spacecraft on the base. Zeya boarded one of them and also took the creature into the ship.

But when he was in space, Zeya didn't know where to go after all these things. He didn't want to go back to Planet Gamma. Finally, Zeya made his decision. He headed the ship towards his home, earth...

The End of Season 1.